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  1. Still never visiting Seaworld after watching that documentary. Nothing can make up for the lies they have told their trainers and the public. They seem like they're only trying to save their asses. Killer Whales do not belong in captivity no matter what so called "special care" they're receiving.
  2. Batman at WCB was amazing. The fog and lights made the ride PERFECT! Let's just hope Fright Fest does the same.
  3. Personally, It doesn't feel like anything special. You're mainly upside down for less than a second. Once your mind realizes your upside down, its over. You have NOTHING to be worried about. Just enjoy the ride
  4. This ride looks like a beast! Looks like some good airtime at the top of non inverting loop. Looks like I'm making a trip up here next summer. So excited
  5. Haunt should be good this year! So excited to go opening weekend. Can't believe October's almost here!
  6. So it's pretty much confirmed, there's no new maze for this haunt season?
  7. Okay, Im confused, can someone explain to me what "Talent" is? is it a maze, show? Oh and sjsharkattack10, i love your username
  8. i don't know if this is the MOST notable, but when Invertigo at Great America got stuck for 3+ hours in 2009. Nobody was seriously injured, but Invertigo became SBNO for the remainder of the season and most of the season after.
  9. Robb, When are you going to ride it?! I'm looking forward to your review on it!
  10. There is also some b-roll in that link above. Am I the only one that likes pre-shows? I'm glad the have two, but I hope it's more efficient than Apocalypse's was.
  11. I have two. I rode Tatsu 9 times in a row when it was raining during WCB. It was freezing cold outside and I felt sick to my stomach. But I'll never forget it! Also just recently, on Grizzly at CGA, my friends and I yelled "OSAMA's DEAD"!! and the whole train started clapping and screaming!
  12. My longest wait was for X2, first month after it opened. We ran to it right when the park opened, the line was already out to the entrance of it. They didn't let people on until 11:15. It was HOT! Got on after 2 hours. Well worth it though.
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