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  1. Just noticed that this year's Christmastown event for Tampa is included with regular daytime admission and annual passes, it is not a separate hard ticketed event. Williamsburg is still a hard ticket event where passholders have to buy a separate admission ticket. Also the website says the park will close either 8pm or 9pm. Earlier than the previous two year's events. Wonder if the park will have as much to offer this year?


  2. The Villains Unleashed event this Saturday, schedule was posted on WDW Magic and listed below.



    I'm actually excited to go to this. I'm not usually a big character meet & greet person, but I am looking forward to seeing Constantine (bad guy Kermit) from Muppets Most Wanted, the Witch from Snow White, Br'er Fox & Bear and the Angelina Jolie version of Maleficent. Still hope they will limit the amount of tickets they sell like they do for MNSSHP and MVMCP. Granted the Magic Kingdom park is a lot bigger than the studios and has more space and attractions for crowds to dispense. So no matter what it will be a busy night. I'm sure they learned a lot from last year's non-hard ticket Villains event, I heard it was pretty chaotic.


    Anyone else going?


    From WDWMagic:


    Villains Unleashed will take place for the first time on August 23 2014 at Disney's Hollywood Studios from 8pm to 1am.


    For the first time ever, more than 50 Disney villains will take over Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Villains Unleashed on Aug. 23, 2014. This new one-night-only party will kick off at 8 p.m. and run through 1 a.m.


    As a record number of Disney Villains come out of the shadows and take over the theme park, guests will encounter some of their favorite villains such as Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Darth Vader and the Evil Queen. They will experience a special fireworks show, dance parties and villainous food, drink and merchandise.


    Villains Unleashed Schedule


    Event Hours


    Villains Unleashed begins at 8pm, with event tickets allowing entry from 5pm. If you are already in the park, you can obtain event passes at the Epic Theater and Soundstage One.




    From 3pm, the secondary entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios will be closed. After 3pm the only entry will be via the main entrance on World Drive.



    Hades Hangout - Sorcerer Hat Stage

    8pm to 1am

    Event Start - Sorcerer Hat Stage


    Oogie Boogie's Freaky Funhouse Show - Theater of the Stars

    8:30pm, 9:30pm, 10:30pm and 11:30pm

    "Guardians of the Galaxy" Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party - Stage 5 Animation Courtyard

    8pm to 12:45am

    Fantasmic! with special pre-show - 10pm show time, pre show starts at 9:35pm.

    Villainy in the Sky Fireworks - 12:45am

    Character Meet and Greets


    Darth Maul - Star Tours area

    Boba Fett - Near Backlot Express

    Darth Vader - Star Tours event stage area

    Stormtroopers - Star Tours area

    Emperor Palpatine and Royal Guards - Outside SciFi Drive In

    Cruella de Vil - Streets of America

    Dr Facilier - Streets of America

    Jafar - Streets of America

    Bowler Hat Guy - Streets of America

    Constatine - Near MuppetVision

    Shan Yu - Streets of America

    The Queen - Streets of America

    Captain Gantu - Streets of America

    Dr Hamsterviel - Streets of America

    Barbossa (until 11:30pm) - Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow

    Maleficient (until 11:30pm - Animation Courtyard

    The Witch - Sunset Blvd

    Roaming Characters


    From 8:30pm to 1am


    Hades Hangout


    Captain Hook

    Mr Smee

    Queen of Hearts

    Big Bad Wolf

    Goevernor Ratcliffe

    Streets of America



    Judge Claude Frollo

    Lady Tremaine



    Prince John

    Sherrif of Nottingham

    J Worthington Foulfellow



    Star Tours area



    Zam Wesell

    Aurra Sing

    Tusken Raiders

    Asajj Ventress


    Jango Fett


    Gamorrean Guard

    Epic Stunt Theater area





    Br'er Fox

    Br'er Bear



    The Great Movie Ride - Until 11:15pm

    Star Tours

    Muppet Vision 3D

    Voyage of the Little Mermaid

    Tower of Terror

    Rock n RollerCoaster

    Toy Story Mania - Until 11:30pm

    Food and Drink


    Club Evil - Hollywood Brown Derby



    Studio Prop Shop opposite Honey I shrunk the Audience Playground and throughout the park

    More Information


    The celebration of wonderful wickedness will include:


    Villainous Encounters: Interact with Disney villains roaming the park, performing on stage, dancing with guests and making mischief around every corner.


    Fantasmic! Pre-Show: Behold the wickedness as villains takeover Fantasmic! for a deviously fun pre-show.


    ‘Villainy in the Sky Fireworks: Villains unleash their powers into the night sky for a specially-themed fireworks display.


    Oogie Boogie’s Variety Show: Boogie down to Theater of The Stars to see Mr. Oogie Boogie host a special variety show crawling with entertainment.


    Hades Hangout and Dance Party: Hang out with the ruler of the underworld and dance the night away with his party crew the house band Bernie Briquette with Brimstone, DJ Igg Nite and the Underworld Dancers.


    “Star Wars” Villain Zone: Witness the power of the dark side as some of the most feared villains in the Galactic Empire patrol Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


    ‘Ex-Scream’ Makeovers: ‘Show your Villain Side’ and get your face painted to look just like your favorite Disney villain.


    Attractions: Revel in the fun of up to 10 favorite attractions such as The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. Beware of villains lurking around.


    Villainous Food, Drink and Merchandise: Enjoy special mischievous treats and remember the night for years to come with villain-themed merchandise.

    A limited number of tickets for Villains Unleashed are available now at DisneyVillainsParty.com, or call 407-939-1933.

  3. Just got a Disney Annual Passholder email advertising a special hard ticket event at Disney's Hollywood Studios. "Unleash The Villains" August 23rd, 8pm-1am. See below for the events offerings.


    I'm thinking by making this a hard ticket event it should make crowd controls a lot better than last year's limited time magic Friday the 13th event that was included with the daytime admission. Passholders and DVC members can pre-order tickets by calling 407-939-1933. Tickets go on sale to the general public June 9th.


    "As night falls on August 23, over 50 of the most notorious Disney villains will emerge from their lairs and unleash fun all over Disney's Hollywood Studios® until the 13th hour! And, because you are a Passholder, we wanted you to be one of the first to "show your Disney villain side" and get tickets for this special one-night-only event!


    Over 50 villains in one Park

    For one night only, over 50 Disney villains will come together to roam the streets of Disney's Hollywood Studios®, put on scary fun performances, and party until the 13th hour.


    Villainy in the Skies

    The villains will unleash their powers into the night sky for a special themed fireworks display. Don't forget to pick up your limited-edition Glow with the Show Ears to complete the experience.


    Oogie Boogie Variety Show

    Guests can oogie-boogie down to Theatre of the Stars to see Mr. Oogie Boogie host a special variety show crawling with entertainment.


    Hades Hangout and Dance Party

    Rub shoulders with the ruler of the Underworld and dance the night away with his party crew—DJ Igg Nite, the Underworld Dancers and more.


    Star Wars™ Villain Zone

    Guests can unleash their dark side in a special zone filled with some of the most feared villains in the Galactic Empire.


    "Ex-Scream" Makeovers

    "Show your Disney villain side" and get your face painted to look just like one of your favorite Disney villains!


    Villainous food, drink and merchandise

    Enjoy mischievous treats and remember the night of villainy for years to come with villain-themed merchandise (not included with price of ticket).


    Extended Attraction Hours

    Up to 10 Disney's Hollywood Studios® attractions will be running until 1 a.m. Beware the villains who may be lurking around some of your favorite attractions."


  4. After almost 20 years of operation, the Fantasy of Flight attraction in Polk County, FL will close on April 6th. Anyone that has traveled between Tampa and Orlando on I-4 will probably remember the plane parked by the interstate with the parachute guy hanging from the plane.


    Here is a cool trip report Erik and Misty did recently of their visit to Fantasy of Flight. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54416&hilit=fantasy+of+flight&start=1100


    I might have to check this place out before it closes. We don't have too many old-school type of road-side Florida attractions anymore.


    The owners say that they may re-open as a bigger and better attraction in the future. I guess time will tell.


    Article regarding the closing:


  5. Does anyone have an estimate of when Falcon's Fury will be open? I'll be visiting for the first time in the middle of March. I know that once the foundation is done, tower rides go up pretty fast, but I'm sure there'll be tons of testing.


    If past major BGT attraction openings are any indication, I would think that the park will keep to their usual Memorial Day weekend new attraction opening timeline. This way all of the revamped land would be complete and can open together.

  6. The one thing that has not been referenced at all in the midst of all of the Pantopia development is what will happen with the Timbuktu Theater. It was once home to a dolphin show, and later converted into a 4D Theater where it debuted R.L. Stine's The Haunted Lighthouse. After running for one year, the show was discontinued to make way for an alternating schedule of Leslie Nielson and Eric Idle's Pirates 4D and Sesame Street Lights Camera Imagination.


    The theater closed quietly a few months ago and it has been reported a few times on Twitter that the sounds of heavy work have been heard going on inside.


    Maybe possibly convert the theater to a new animal/pet show. Critter Castaways in the Bird Gardens has been running for a long time and is currently housed in the park's oldest show venue. Seems like moving this type of show inside a climate controlled environment like what they did with The Stanleyville Theater could work or how the Pet's Ahoy Show is housed at Sea World Orlando.

  7. Surprised no one has mentioned this yet....


    While *I* personally think it's great, does anyone else think it's sort of weird they are adding a drop tower for their re-opening year? Seems to me that's just asking for the press to bring up the accident. And that's only because the press are dumb and would be looking for a headline...


    Found this interesting point under the FAQ section of the website. Seems like they are trying to be covered when someone brings it up. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, as this would remind people of the accident. http://www.kentuckykingdom.com/park-info/faqs/


  8. In one of the illustrations, I saw what looked like a boat ride attraction. Jray21 stated in a recent post

    Glad to see the river being used again.
    Last time I was at the park it was 2006 and I don't remember any river attraction ( I was more concentrated on Everest that year), so I'm asking jray21 and anyone else about this River at Animal Kingdom. Regardless if it was before my visit or came after my visit and ran for a short time, then I'm glad that this "River" will be running again and not left to decay into obscurity.


    Radio Disney River Cruise was the park's boat transportation that made 2 stops around Discovery Island. These ran the first couple of years of the park, I think until around 2000ish? These boats acted as a transportation shuttle between 2 areas of the park like the Friendship boats at Epcot. Problem was guests waited in extremely long lines for what many thought would be a themed river attraction. So most guests were disappointed. There were 2 loading docks, one in the front of Discovery Island and the 2nd in Asia near the Flights of Wonder Bird Show. Other than the exotic foliage of The Tree of Life and Discovery Island, there was not a lot to look at theming wise, with the exception of an animatronic dino in the water near Dino Land USA and a fire-breathing animatronic Dragon in a cave between Camp Minnie Micky and Africa.


    My guess is, I don't believe the concept rendering is a revival of the River Cruise. I think this possibly could be an indoor dark boat ride in the Avatar Land. I think that would be the best controlled environment to show off the nighttime world of Pandora. Just my guess.

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