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  1. ^ LOL... I love that voice. His voice is hilarious... the lady's voice (used on American Eagle and others) is all too sincere.
  2. See, I don't think the new fangled Zamperla mice (with the indivdual lap bars) spin much, if at all, especially when compared with the older ones that spin like crazy. The new ones are more painful than anything else (especially during the 'spinning' when all you're really doing is facing a different direction).
  3. Hmm... isn't Sony Japanese also? So if they're Sony fanboys, rub that in their face. My experience with other's thoughts about the Wii has been interesting. Most people seem to think it's really cool, however, there are a bunch of the violent game lovers who hate the idea of it. Whatever.
  4. ^ It's a little bright for my taste, but it looks great on you!
  5. Wow! What a cool experience! I'm looking forward to more of this--thanks for posting it!
  6. Looks like a cool addition! My experience with (what was then) Camp Snoopy was great. Minimal lines, fun rides, and good staff. I was pleasantly suprised. Hopefully this will make it even better.
  7. ET Hat time... Best theme park purchase... ever.
  8. It's highly unlikely you will be able to find what you are looking for. Also, it will most likely be illegal as sheet music is protected by copyright (and music publishers are very strict about their copyrights). I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more assistance. The best thing you could do is to go to your local music store.
  9. EPCOT Why? Ellen's Energy Adventure makes it the best park ever.
  10. That Crazy Mouse looks like a smaller version of the standard spinning Reverchon/Zamperla mouse. Does anyone know if this is true?
  11. I hit about every single yellow light while driving today.
  12. Click 9/10 Great film. Its message is prominant, clear, and strong. However, it still has fun while showing its great theme of living life to its fullest. Movies as powerful as this one are hard to come by. Excellent!
  13. I got a rain check from Super Target for a really nice Casio digital camera-- $138 rather than $200. It's a very small camera, 6 megapixels, and it has a rechargable battery. I'm looking forward to getting it! The stores were really insane, however. Target seemed to handle their stores extremely well, even in face of these massive crowds.
  14. I avoid going out on Black Friday. The roads are hellish, the stores are hellish, and the people are hellish. Black Friday = Hell on Earth However, if there is some really good deal, I will venture out. But it has to be really good. However, I will try and find it for the sale price on the internet first.
  15. This is such a dumb argument... Shockwave and GASM are the most similar. In fact, they are nearly identical expect for the fact that GASM is a tad taller and has trims after the first loop. Viper is the 'refined' design of Shockwave/GASM. There are actually quite a few differences, although it is somewhat similar.
  16. I was lucky enough to have gotten a completely smooth ride on Shockwave. As SFGAm Shock Wave said, the back row was completely smooth on Shockwave. It was a great ride. Intense, crazy, smooth, and fun. The only bad part of the ride was the mid-course brake that was poorly designed. I am sad that it had to leave, but I still appreciate the fact that Superman replaced Shockwave and not Whizzer. Whizzer is a timeless classic and the only one of its kind left in the nation. There are many Arrow multiloopers still out there. I miss Shockwave, but Superman is quite fun and a much better match for the park. If only Whizzer, Shockwave, and Superman could have all co-existed in the park...
  17. I love the lady yelling at Joey as he's rappelling... so great...
  18. Did you guys play the Mario Kart arcade game? It's quite awesome--it takes your picture and places it in the frame of your character. The graphics are awesome, and it's all of the Mario Party fun upped a few levels. At least you guys weren't on this Carnival Cruise. This would suck the big one. http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/11/19/ship.sick.ap/index.html "FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (AP) -- A thorough scrubbing of the Carnival Liberty began Sunday as the ship docked after a virus sickened nearly 700 passengers on a trans-Atlantic cruise. Fourteen guests and five crew remained ill and in isolation when the ship arrived at Port Everglades, according to a statement released by Carnival Cruise Lines, a brand of Carnival Corp. Some passengers were escorted off the ship in wheelchairs by crew wearing blue gloves. Preliminary tests identified the source of the outbreak as the highly contagious norovirus, which had struck several guests just before they boarded the cruise November 3 in Rome, Carnival officials said. More than 530 guests and 140 crew reported to the ship's infirmary with similar symptoms during the 16-day voyage." (This is a cut of the article... the entire article is in the link above.)
  19. ^ I wasn't comparing Space Mountain FL/CA. I was simply saying that I thought Space Mountain was the best coaster at Disney World, not the entire Disney chain of parks.
  20. Space Mountain is the best Disney World coaster. Yes, it does lack a crapload of effects, and I agree with that. If they could somehow refurbish it without changing the track layout, it would be great! Because a ride like Space Mountain sincerely needs a good soundtrack. And Dark Dark Dinosaur is a personal favorite of mine. Our entire group loved it. Fast-paced, intense, and a bunch of fun.
  21. Casino Royale: 10/10 This Bond breaks the mold. And it amazes all who see it. Intense, gritty, violent, thematic... this film has it all. Daniel Craig plays a badass Bond, and I believe the series has been revitalized by this 'real world' Bond. There is so much emotion and passion in Casino Royale... you were emotionally involved for the entire film.
  22. That American Eagle model is beautiful. Six Flags has taken great care of this park and you can still see some things from the 'olden' Marriot days. Six Flags Great America is far more similar to the old Great America than Paramount's Great America. SFGAm has many of the original rides that opened with the park.
  23. My god... I get so sick of this feux-American pride that it about makes me want to puke. This is not American pride. In fact, Americans should be humiliated that this is happening. What happened to the 'American' ideal of being a free country? Obviously that has been tossed out of the window. I thought America was supposed to be a 'melting pot' of cultures. I suppose some must think that all change is wrong and bad. Because some people simply don't want to make an effort to change. They want everyone to be white Christians. But that is never going to happen. So deal with it, let all be REAL people and not some 'animal' lower than you on the food chain. And, whatever you do, don't strip them of their pride of their country. I can only pray that this doesn't happen elsewhere.
  24. Ride operators do not control trim brakes. Computers programmed by engineers and mechanics control trim brakes. You can't just flip a switch to turn off trims--it's much more complex than that.
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