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  1. Yep. Nail meet coffin. I'm going to guess that the park will close after the 2012 season, and the 49er's will begin to set up shop after that. I'm also going to guess that in addition to a new 49er's stadium, they'll also turn the land into some sort of entertainment plaza, and that at least the waterpark will stay. As for Cedar Fair, they couldn't have asked for a better ending to that nightmare
  2. Ugh...please stop. There is nothing more outdated than old CP vs SFMM crap. Especially now that most of us are well traveled enough to know neither park is what I would consider the best.
  3. ^ Well Ghostrider, Silver Bullet and even Windseeker all opened late in the year, so the odds of something as large as a giga coaster opening later are actually pretty good.
  4. ^ Eh I wouldn't be so sure about that anymore. People said they were anti-Intamin, then came GL out of nowhere. People wondered if they would ever build another drop tower, well not only are they going to, but their going to put it on the Superman tower, something people also said would never happen. I wouldn't count out airtime at SFMM any longer, especially with the strong rumors of a Colossus make over coming.
  5. A neutered I305 at Kings Dominion still manages to crap all over any coaster operating currently at SFMM. And even a "stapled" ride on El Toro, beats the crap out of any other ride in the country. So those two things aren't even close to being good reasons NOT to bring a Giga to SFMM.
  6. Well one thing is for sure, Knotts is due for some sort of large coaster addition. If not next year, then the next. That's the biggest reason I believe where there is smoke there's fire with this persistent rumor.
  7. Intamin= more intensity and stronger airtime B&M= Fun, reliable people eaters, still with more airtime than we've experienced on the west coast. Win/Win
  8. Bad location. This park would be awesome if it were a little farther north.
  9. I'm really interested in seeing how this ride turns out. I know it's a smallish family coaster, but I'm thinking the theming elements will be terriffic, and the ride itself looks like it has a couple of awesome airtime moments. Plus it will have that nifty restraint system which IMO is the best on the market currently.
  10. I think Maverick is the best steel coaster in the US, and it's not even close. This ride has everything anybody could ever ask for in the steel coaster. The only flaw IMO, is the restraint system which does bang your neck a few times. If this ride had a lap bar only system(or the great restraints the Mack launchers have), it would be the perfect coaster. I pray we get something like it here on the west coast some day.
  11. I imagine we'll see the return of the "high terrain versus low terrain" debate that split fans when Tatsu was announced. Put me in the category that likes flying over the trees as opposed to among them. I do agree that at least on paper, the SFGam ride looks more interesting, but I have to say these wing riders as a whole look FAR more interesting and fun than the flying coaster, even though Tatsu is my favorite modern B&M looping coaster up to now. Wow, how many times did I twist and turn on that one!
  12. Great Job! The coaster looks spectacular. Like the "Tatsu" of wingriders. I love these peak above the terrain coasters, and very few parks can do those. Can't wait to ride it.
  13. This is going to be epic. Already planning two coaster trips next year. One to Hershey, and the other to Dolly!
  14. what planet do you live on they gave them to us because they're so worn, not because of any color scheme. and its also a cool little gift. also, CGA WONT ANNOUNCE ANYTHING FOR 2012, Maybe 2013, but not not 2012 That's not what I heard.
  15. ^ Nope, big misconception. Lap bar versus OTSR is recommended by the manufacturer, and decided by the park chain. The only time the state will get involved is if there is an accident or injuries.
  16. Skyrush, X-Flight and Superman. Good, unique experiences. For awhile I thought the only good coasters were going to be overseas.
  17. I think SFMM could have easily taken a year off after this year's additions. Instead we get the world's tallest freefall. Insane.
  18. I just can't see this getting over 500pph. A 2 minute cycle (including load/unload time) give you 240 per side and a 3 minute cycle only 160 per side. For comparison a 3 minute cycle on KI's gyro drop would give you about 800pph. This just concerns me at SFMM. Throw in the fact you are now (likely) going to have to shut down one of your "new" coasters you just advertised and I just think they would have been better off getting a normal gyro drop that seats 40-50 people. Obviously this would likely cost more and you probably wouldn't be able to get it at 400 feet, but capacity would be much much better. Now don't get me wrong, it's good they are getting a new non coaster ride. Except this is now a complete tower ride that will hold 4 ride options instead of two. All 400ft or more. I'll take it! My only concern would be reliability issues. You know there will be a few...if we're lucky.
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