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  1. A girl in my class was participating in Day of Silence. I got her to speak twice
  2. Dear drivers, Your turn signal is useless unless you switch it on BEFORE the turn, not DURING.
  3. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/jason-russell-san-diego-invisible-children-kony-2012-142970255.html
  4. Remember that nothing is as simple or easy as the movies make it. Also, you are not a social activist or a better human being by sharing the movie. It really isn't as simple as arresting Kony. Not to say he shouldn't be arrested, but I sincerely encourage people to read more about the issue and learn more about it, other than just watching a piece of propaganda, whose sole purpose is to convince you of something and give the group money.
  5. Real Radio 104.1 in Central Florida (weekday mornings and weekends)
  6. Various theme park memorabilia from theme parks and thrift stores (sometimes some unusual ones, like the Epcot Center soundtrack on vinyl, a pocket knife that says "Sea World" on it, old style salt and pepper shakers from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, etc). More specifically, I collect Halloween Horror Nights shirts and hope to get one from every year (even though I never even bothered to go to any HHN ). I found 9 of them at thrift stores and flea markets, but I also bought 2 of them on ebay I have tons more, but these are the only ones that stand out. In order- 1992, 1996, 1997, 1999, 1999 (same one), 2001, 2002, 2004, 2004 (different style), 2006, and 2010.
  7. Roy Rogers. The burgers are disgusting.
  8. It's kinda sad that he died, but it's too bad that he will be known as a coach who did little to prevent a crime
  9. I don't get how my school allows the Black Cultures Club to advertise on the announcements, put up posters, and even rent a limo for its sponsors to drive them to Red Tails. But the GSA isn't even allowed to put up posters. Double standards, man.
  10. Just The Amazing Spider Man and The Lorax I'm afraid I wasn't a big fan of The Dark Knight, so Rises isn't on my list
  11. The only thing more fascinating than the human species's ability to learn is its disinclination to do so.
  12. I'm just curious to what people think about this. From what I've read, this seems incredibly wrong and should be vetoed at all costs. http://www.aclu.org/blog/national-security/behind-closed-doors-congress-trying-force-indefinite-detention-bill-americans
  13. No. Anyway, I used to like Sgt. Frog when I was 14 (the manga was hilarious, and the Japanese Anime with English subtitles is better than the horrible fandubs at the time IMO). I grew out if it.
  14. It's also like those people who post something, and when certain people reply to it, the poster is all THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS GO AWAY. Well, when they post something for the whole world to see, it becomes everybody's business
  15. And I thought that the ricers in the USA were ridiculous. Japan is just...what http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQptfdSCdhs
  16. I just got my voter's registration card in the mail I'm officially a registered Republican!
  17. I got accepted to USF with an $8000 scholarship. Cool.
  18. You guys are obviously unaware of the show's "colt following" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh4w6epyrB4
  19. Today at an estate sale, I bought a Sea World pocket knife ...I'm guessing it's a vintage souvenir? lol
  20. Yesterday in homeroom, we watched a suicide prevention video. I think the reason that I don't get suicide prevention is because the time that some people spend wondering what things would be like if they weren't there I spend wondering what it would be like if I was a bear.
  21. Not officially on TV yet, but I saw the pilot to Adult Swim's Black Dynamite on their website, and it has to be the funniest animated series that I've ever seen. Finally, something I like on TV that isn't a reality show about making profits.
  22. TruTV should be renamed to "People Acting Unruly Channel" or "The Channel With, Like, 5 Different Shows About Repossessing"
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