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  1. ^The twist has to be long other wise the rotation of the train would be too fast, causing high laterals on the riders.
  2. ^I like to say "Don't judge a coaster by its blue prints", but both get the message across...
  3. You know, now that the lift is done (I don't believe anybody has brought this up yet), I hope this doesn't turn into the Tacoma Narrows Bridge of roller coasters. The single beam for support all the way up the lift looks like it will catch the wind a lot. We shall wait and see I guess.
  4. 100 years after the Titanic sank, another big cruise ship sinks. My mind is blown.
  5. How exactly will this be a roller coaster? There is no room for upstop wheels to keep the train from flying off (as seen in several close ups of the drop). I'm right with you australianalex. Also, am I the only one who thinks this ride is an eye sore?
  6. ^I could have some strong ejector air. Look at I305, the supports are pretty far apart on the first and second air time hill. The only reason these look so far apart is because the hill here is much shorter.
  7. Is it just me, or does the camel back look like an actual parabolic arch. It doesn't really look like the ones on Behemoth, with a pointed top to assure air time. This one looks pretty constant.
  8. Was it one drop or did it have have several drops like TOT?
  9. Technically speaking, won't this be the first Wingrider to open in the U.S.? And not X-Flight. This ride's track work is nearly done, and X-Flight doesn't even have supports up yet.
  10. I was reading the forum on SFNEonline.org and one suggestion was that the ride would be from SFOG. He said they sold it to Brazil but it has been in Georgia for two years.
  11. ^I'm not sure if they have but I've heard that too. I've also heard that they are changing the motor or something and upgrading it (something like that) so it will be less of a maintainance nightmare.
  12. And it spins. GCG hurts you thighs and ribs. The drops are also pretty rough compared to what they could be.
  13. ^^I wasn't trying to convince you at all. I was just saying that boomerang rides give more closely related experiences than an SLC and Batman clone.
  14. But SLC's and Batman clones give two completely different rides. SLC's are rough and shaky, but fun to ride (IMO), and Batman clones are some of the smoothest rides on the planet, they are intense and fast paced. I don't that having two inverted rides is a big deal. Cedar Point has Raptor and Wicked Twister.
  15. I think this is an all time fail for SFI. SFMM had the coaster crown with 18 coaster. Now they are going down to 17. Six Flags New England just so happens to be my home park. They are taking out Shipwreck Falls and putting it in that spot, which just so happens to be next to Flashback, a standard Vekoma Boomerang. I've heard they are doing things to the ride to improve it's reliability and lower it's maintainance cost. I also hope that they remove Flashback sometime soon after this.
  16. You don't want the Bizarro restraints on this new ride. They're really not that comfortable. They don't go near your waist so they are stapled on your thighs. Thinner restraints, like on El Toro would be much better. Bizarro's are too chunky.
  17. Someone might have already aknowledged or asked this but, why are there shields on the outside seats like on Superman?
  18. I just left Cedar Point this morning. I must say, these pictures do the ride justice. They are amazing!
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