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  1. I understand what it's for, it just doesn't seem like it would have too much use that late into the circuit with so little track afterwards. Right, in terms of operation, a MCBR is only useful with a 3 train operation. It's always appeared to me that the train is never sent out of the station until the train in front has cleared the MCBR, this might just be because they are still loading passengers, but if that's the case then it doesn't matter which of those is the reason. Then with so little track after it, that 1st train is going to stack behind the 3rd for most of the time it's being loaded, So in theory (in my mind anyways) There would only be 10-15 seconds of time that 3rd train is filling (the time it takes to get from the MCBR to the final brakes).


    I've heard the other wing riders load slower than the typical B&M, likely do to having to regulate guests loading and exiting on 2 sides of the train at the same time. This ride is longer in length, but it is the only wing rider that will have a MCBR.


    Better safe than sorry. Suppose train 1 is in the station, train 2 is going up the hill, and train 3 is on the course. Train 2 is about half way up the lift hill when train 3 passes the MCBR. Without it train 2 would have to stop on the lift hill until train 3 hits the final brakes. It's just more effective to have an MCBR than rush to get the trains out of the station so there isn't stacking.

  2. Your right. Hopefully that helix has some decent forces. Regardless that's a pretty short section after the MCBR, makes you wonder why it really even needs one.


    It's to ensure there can be 3 trains on the track at once. A train can only clear the lift hill if the train infront of it has cleared a brake section so if there were a roll back after the brake, the trains won't crash.

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