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  1. Well, that's kind of a bummer. I guess it's better than nothing though.
  2. I visited the park last weekend and found that the Hyatt Place(located right across the street from the entrance) was the best option. They have a trolley that runs back and forth from the hotel to the park 7 days out of the week. I'm not too sure about the combo ticket w/ meal because I noticed the prices seemed the same if you didn't have a combo ticket.....any SFoT locals know about better options?
  3. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing! Does anyone know where the 112* overbank is going to be? It looks like, to me, that it will be placed after the double-up.
  4. ^^^ I feel the same way! After riding the parachute tower at SFOT this past weekend, I'm sad to see this ride leaving!
  5. Titan - Those helix's are just crazy! Batman: The Ride - The whole ride is intense...I gray out every time. Boardwalk Bullet (1st night) - We didn't think it would open because it was storming pretty bad, but we still wanted to go see if they would. When we got there it was still raining but they were running it! The ride was really insane when it first opened. Taz's Texas Tornado - The drop and first 2 loops were so intense the few times I was able to ride it. Those accordion like-OTSR would crunch down on you during those loops!
  6. Looks awesome! Is it just me or does that non-inverting loop look different than the one on HRRR at Universal?
  7. Houston definitely needs a theme park! Hopefully that Earthquest Adventure Theme Park works out...
  8. This is my first Trip Report...so take it easy on me My friend and I decided to venture off to Dallas for the weekend and hit up SFOT. I reserved our Flash Pass online and when I went to pick it up the staff actually told me that the park would not be crowded and there would probably be no need for the Flash Pass. They also mentioned that I could go ahead and get a refund since the park was pretty much dead. Maybe the 105* heat (gotta love TX) was keeping people away. Also, Flashback was closed for the day...anyone know why? Onto the rides - Runaway Mountain - 1X - no wait - When we arrived to the empty station(this seemed to be the theme for the day) my friend mentioned how it reminded him of Mayan Mindbender at Astroworld. I completely forgot about that crazy drop in the middle of the ride and that caught us both by surprise. Nice family coaster but none of the effects seemed to be working. Last time I rode this, about 5 years ago, I remember music and little things like those red bat eyes on the lift. 6/10 Mr. Freeze - 3x - no wait - I forgot how much I loved this coaster! I'm not a fan of the new Superman colors though...I prefer the old colors. 8/10 Batman - 1x - 1 train wait - Such an intense little ride. I almost blacked out on both of the loops. 7/10 Superman - 1x - no wait - Nice pop of air at the top. Didn't this ride use to do the combo program? Only 2 towers were running. 7/10 Titan - 4x - 5 min wait for the front - no wait for the rest of the train - I rode this once when it first opened and man.... I forgot how crazy this ride was. That airtime hill is one of my favorite parts of any coaster. That first helix was too intense for me and the train completely stops on the MCBR really abruptly. You could hear everyone yell out when it slammed into the MCBR. Nice ride but you definitely have to take breaks in between rides. 9/10 Side-note: The staff was horrible on this ride. I noticed at least 2 different groups waiting by the exit gate with their flash pass visible and the staff completely ignored them and did not tell them that the flash pass entrance was located somewhere else. El Asseradero Log Flume - 1x - 2 min wait - We needed to cool off because the heat was starting to get to us. Only one of the flumes was open. Nice relaxing log flume and we didn't get too wet. 6/10 La Vibora - 1x - 1 train wait - Cool concept but those turns into the brakes are killer. 5/10 Runaway Mine Train - 1x - no wait - I've always really enjoyed this coaster. The ending always catches me by surprise! 6/10 Texas Chute Out - 1x - no wait - I've never been on this before and saw that there was no wait. Nice breeze at the top! 5/10 Judge Roy Scream - 2x - no wait - Nice little outback coaster. Although I think this ride really needs to get re-tracked. It was shuffling all over the place. I love how it's across a lake and separate from the park. 6/10 Robots of Mars - 1x - no wait - Ummm.....WTF happened and why is this even here? This was the worst simulator/film I have ever been on. I'm sure the silence and confused looks of the other riders at the end said it all. 2/10 Roaring Rapids - 1x - no wait - We saw there was no line for this and thought we would cool off again. Yeah...lemme just say that the rapids seemed to be against me that day because I got SOAKED! 7/10 Oil Derrick Observation Tower - 1x - 2 min wait - We decided to take a break and check out the park from above and see what we wanted to ride next. Nice view from the top! 6/10 Shockwave - 1x - 1 train wait - I completely forgot about this ride until we saw it from the Oil Derrick. My friend mentioned it reminded him of a "bigger Viper at Astroworld". I also forgot how many pops of air you get on those drops! Those loops were pretty intense too. Awesome ride! 8/10 Onto the pics! This is how the park looked for the day...absolutely no one here! This drop is going to be pure bliss! I see you Titan! I almost completely blacked out on that helix the last time we rode. A kid behind me was complaining on the ride about his head hurting on this part as well. No lines! I really loved this area of the park. The HUGE line....haha Me on top of the Oil Derrick. Loved Shockwave! We would of kept riding it since there was no line, but it was just getting too hot outside. Decided to call it a day!
  9. Went to the park yesterday (22nd). The park was completely dead! The longest we waited was 5 minutes for the front of Titan.
  10. I'll be at SFOT this Sunday....I'll take pics of the progress! update - Our hotel room overlooks the park and I must say...the drop looks INSANE!
  11. Oh wow...that will definitely help me out! Thank you so much!
  12. Thanks for the replies! I've been looking around for good custom scenery but honestly have no idea on where to find them. Where exactly can I get the GW workbench...or whatever its called lol.
  13. Hey Everyone! This is my first time posting a park on here. I worked on this park a couple of years ago but have recently rediscovered it and wanted some opinions on it. I used the rides from Amazing Earl and the add-on UCES. Should I continue improving/building this park? The major rides include: Boulder Rock Rapids - Intamin Rapids Renegade Mining Co. - Custom Built Mine-Train Kamikaze - Intamin Impulse Blazin' Bandit - B&M Dive Steel Mustang - Intamin Mega-Lite SCR13.bmp Overview SCR3.bmp Boulder Rock Rapids SCR4.bmp Renegade Mining Co. SCR14.bmp Blazin' Bandit SCR5.bmp Steel Mustang
  14. Cool pictures. I live in Houston and have been thinking about taking a road-trip up there. Would you recommend a trip to Magic Springs?
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