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  1. What do you mean you followed the clues? That WAS a clue, and I knew from it they were going there On this trip, and would obviously hit USS also. And I said it days before you. Plus, got the Love Boat clue.





    I followed TODAY'S clues. I know they are on Air Asia . One of the flights shown was Bandung. So I looked up Bandung and saw that Trans Studio was there. So my guess is that if they were going anywhere in Malaysia they would be going there. Then I went to the Park Index where I found the trip report and the quote from Robb. But I could be wrong.


    Let's not fight about this. It's only game. Figuring out those other clues especially the Love Boat was awesome. If anything getting Love Boat (a clue I made 2 good but wrong guesses) about made me up my game and look harder at the clues given.

  2. Yes we get all these pictures show you are or were waiting for a plane at Narita Airport in Japan. Tatsu is a restaurant in terminal 1and Japanese Mcdonalds is also in terminal 1 and anyone who has had it knows it is better then normal sex.


    But where are you heading? My guess and I'm going to bite on the Love Boat with two guesses.


    The first one, the obvious one is Hong Kong. The Love Boat did go to Hong Kong. The Picture of Queen Elizabeth also supports this since Britain once controlled Hong Kong. It has also has been called the Gateway to China or Asia hence the Gateway computer.


    My second guess is Taiwan. There is a program for College students called The Overseas Compatriot Youth Formosa Study Tour to Taiwan it is nick named The Love Boat. Also one the cities in the magazine on page five is Taipei.

  3. The first set is obviously taken at MCO not much help there since you live in Orlando. I think you initially took Delta flight 1618 to Atlanta. You also posted a picture of the McDonalds from Concourse E in ATL Airport.



    ATl McDonalds


    Again not too much help since almost every Delta flight changes in Atlanta. Where could you be going? Some suggested Mall of America and there is a flight to Minneapolis at 10:30 But you did that on a previous Where in the World are Robb & Elissa and your too clever to go to the same place twice. Also you said you were cold suggesting that you were already flying meaning a departure between 9-10. I there is an interesting flight to San Jose Costa Rica that left from ATL terminal E around that time. And the picture of the plant could refer to the Costa Rican rain forest. Perhaps going to visit Parque de Diversiones maybe even hired to film one of their rides. Could this be the prior commitment Elissa turned down Anderson Cooper for?

  4. :omg:


    Theme Park Hell


    truly exists!



    "CURSE YOU Mt.FUJI - God/dess/s of Lineups!"


    (all bad-lipsynching, of c-ourse...)


    I agree Bill this is an evil evil park.


    This new ride is cool and all. But is it really worth the 3 hour wait in a long hot and no doubt dirty line?


    Your better off spending an extra day at Disney!!!!! At least there it's clean and with Fastpass you get ride everything you want.

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