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  1. How many rides can SF add Gotham theming to? Its getting old. I am not a big fan of Scream either. It was a cookie cutter built for the number.
  2. ^Why are people still talking about the same thing over and over? We all know the answer to this question. I dont know anyone that would still consider it a wood coaster.
  3. OMG Please tell me Magic Mountain is going to add fire and sound effects to all their rides and rename them after movies coming out. That would be awesome!
  4. ^Your no different than them. I see the same kind of people here as I do there. BTW- There are as many Six Flags fanboys as there are CP and KD.
  5. Why? People there are no different than those in here. I think you should find something better to do than worry about another website.
  6. I agree with this guy. Hypers aren't gimmicks. Floorless coasters are as gimmicky as it gets....pointless!
  7. Im helping to organize a bachelor party for a friend. He is a big CP fan and mentioned taking a group there. We are about 3 hours away and plan on getting room in Sandusky. CP would be in the morning and afternoon but would like to find a good place for adults to get a few drinks after. I found a few different bars and pubs but not sure about them. I know Kelleys Island and Put-in-bay is close and is an option. I would appreciate any suggestions, if anyone has any:)
  8. Okay buddy. lol Anyway, being a big fan of SFOT, I hope TG turns out to be a great ride. This is one of the most interesting projects to watch.
  9. ^ Were you lucky enough to get a ride before the enclosure? I was living in california back then so I never got a chance to see DT before. If so can you tell me what is was like? Did you like it better then? Its a short ride but still kinda fun, in my opinion.
  10. ^LMAO Its your opinion that Magnum isnt very good and how does he know TG is going to be better? Pretty bold statement.
  11. Texas Giant will be better than Magnum. LOL!!! I can't believe you know this already. You must have psychic abilities.
  12. ^lmao No way that little trim break saves that much time and keeps trains from stacking. Just my humble opinion.
  13. Wow, great report...This zoo looks absolutely amazing! This is one of the most interesting reports I have seen in a while. Thank you
  14. I don't really get this comparison. Anyway, I think the ride looks fantastic:) I agree with the person that said these curves look sexy.
  15. Last year I hit 300 with Piraten! It didn't open till way later but I wanted it to be 300 so I waited! It was worth the wait to be #300:)
  16. ^I hate to contradict an opinion but I thought Viper was one of the smoothest Arrows I have ridden. One of my favorites on the mountain.
  17. ^ I dont get it Anyway, guys talking about small boys in tights is a little weird.
  18. ^No problem. Thanks for the insight. I do think I heard of a few other changes that were going to be made. Something like a 90 degree banked turn, along with a few other elements. I dont live so close to SFOT so im sure you have a much better idea on how the ride will turn out. I like what I see so far though Thanks to all for the updates and photos. This is a fun project to watch.
  19. Thanks for pointed that out to us. Your so smart to have theorized that they would have gone with a double up. Please keep us updated with any other theories, ideas, or simply your thoughts that you may have. Thanks again.
  20. El Toro and one last ride on GASM is the only reasons I would choose SFGADV. For an overall fun day and less crowds I would pick Dorney.
  21. In general, I think Cedar Fair takes great care of all their big parks. They have also avoided the annoying advertising that other companies do to their parks. Such as, covering coaster trains with ads.
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