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  1. They were running two trains for part of the day on Batwing on Saturday and Monday. Saturday they ran two out of one station for a while and Monday they were running out of both stations. And yes, everything was basically running two trains. JJ, S:ROS, Wild One, Roar, Apocalypse. I wonder if the train will re-open this year?
  2. Demon looks like a great ride. Hopefully we will see more inverting flats in other Six Flags parks in the near future! I'm curious of the full ride program or what this type of "top spin" attraction is capable of. I would love a program like Talocan! .....but that is wishful thinking! How is the ride program on Tomb Raider Machine at Movieland? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkq34YmWX28
  3. I assume you will be heading to the park for opening. Take a bus that will get you there before 10:30 that way you have time to walk to the front gate. (Not to far but you looking at a 10 minute walk) from the entry way to the front gate. You will likely be riding with a bunch of Six Flags employees who also use the bus to get to work. Remember this 10 minute walk when you are leaving so that you give yourself plenty of time to not miss your bus. I guess if you do you can always take a cab to the largo town center metro stop. All the rides will likely be a walk on at opening.
  4. Ahhhh... well then yeah if the vibrating seats on Mach Tower weren't anything special then I guess the effect is not missed. The ride actually dropped faster than it appears in videos. It was ok for a drop tower ... I'll give it that.. but those seats were not comfortable... and the harness pinched my arms... I could hold my arms up like i would on other drop rides. Thanks for clearing up that King Ludwig did not spit on me.... I was about to hold a grudge against him. I was like how is he going to invite me into his home and then spit on me for leaving LOL! I can't wait to ride Griffon again... when i rode Verbolten I kept getting the Wolf story line.
  5. Went to BGW this past Sunday. My first time back to the park in 15 years! I had a blast! Rode my first Dive Coaster, Griffon.... and I am a fan! The operators were great. They were excited and interacted with us. The forces and power in the drops were awesome. I didn't have high expectations for Verbolten... but it definitely gave me overall the best experience. It is just full of laughs, giggles, and good times. I enjoyed the theme and I was too busy having fun to worry about the unfinished look of the building. Ride looked great. It was the only ride to jolt me a little however that concern subsided quickly. Mach Tower ran all day. The seats were uncomfortable to me... the view was great but I thought I read the ride carriage was supposed to vibrate and play music. Neither happened. Apollos Chariot was great! Definitely still one my favorite B&M hypers, if not my favorite (still deciding). Not happy that the operator never said enjoy your ride or engaged us riders. He didn't say anything actually ... just dispatched the train without any added hype or excitement. Alpengeist was full of nostalgia for me... and this was the ride that turned me from a chicken into an all out fearless coaster riders back in the 90s. I forgot how snappy and fast the cobra roll was. I loved all of it! The Operator at this ride was on the phone the entire time and likewise didn't really care to engage us riders. Just kept on in her conversation on the phone and dispatched. I have to give BGW total praise and kudos for maintaining Lochness the way they have. The ride was smooth as butter. It shows that BGW is doing something right that most parks are doing wrong. Nessie runs great! Curse of Darkastle was.... just... OK. The ride fell short somewhere for me. Maybe it was because I couldn't get into the theme due the fact that the attendants and operators were being un professional on the speaker and killing the pre show. Also, I am still trying to figure out if I was spit on at the end of the ride. The final scene made it appear as if the dude spits on you. Ughh! A girl was crying her eyes out as we exited the ride... I think she felt offended by being spit on as well lol I think overall, I was just shocked at all how quiet all the coasters seemed. The coasters didn't drown out conversations or the ambient music. I love plethora of trees... it really helps keep you invested in the surrounding theme of each country. Definitely still the most beautiful park in my opinion. Having journeyed over by Apollos Chariot... I can say that another coaster in that area is definitely welcomed in my opinion. I have no problem with them adding a Premier clone. More coasters are fine with me. Plus it gives something else thrilling to do in that section of the park. I absolutely loved the wine tastings, the beer, and the ride on the Ferry. I have to personally say the captains on the ferries were an absolute joy to interact with. They were awesome and really added to the day. In general, I think I think it was the operations outside of the rides that really solidified this visit.,... From the parking lot trams, food and beverage vendors, to the retail vendors. The workers on the midway seemed very enthusiastic and more than willing to help... Whereas the ride operations (aside from Griffon, Verbolten, Mach Tower, and the Ferries) seemed to care less about engaging guest and more focused on the chatter among themselves, on the phone, or just didn't care). I look forward to visiting again.. *Sings*: "Auf Wiedersehennnnnnnnnnnnnn"
  6. I've seen it take a while to dispatch Batwing... but its definitely not a consistent thing... and when I've seen it... usually it is because of something is causing a delay (i.e. people pulling down the lap bar after being told not to, or someone deciding that they want to get off, or dealing with people who are trying to near un secured items on and then having to place them in the bins).
  7. I think a Splash Battle type ride themed to thanksgiving and the pilgrims will fare well in this area as a replacement.
  8. So awesome... so glad to have you here at TPR... and what an awesome way to find your way to TPR!
  9. Everytime I look at the construction photos... I can't help but think ... Tilt Coaster
  10. This ride looks incredible. I love the lights on the train... The transitions are relentless and are very well laid out! There's not a dull moment on this coaster. Kudos on the design team on this ride on both the layout and aesthetics!
  11. Such is why I hope KD continues with restoring the nostalgia... I think this new ride tech going into Wonder Mountain at CW would be a great fit for Volcano. I'm sure there is room to put a dark ride back into the mountain.
  12. This looks awesome! I am glad its a wooden coaster from RMC that doesn't feel short. It seems like the perfect length! So at 57 m does this mean this is going to be the world's tallest wooden coaster? Goliath will still be the steepest drop on a wooden coaster, correct?
  13. Goliath (SFNE) will have the new trains this season. The park didn't get enough time to test the ride with the new trains last season (rumored to be because of the hastily decision to remove Catapult)... I believe they started the testing once the park was already open and still had a lot to troubleshoot... it was getting into the full time operating season so they must've decided to postpone the new trains for this season. From everything I have been following on SFNEonline, the new trains will be on the ride this season. Back to the idea of a revamp/re-theme I could see that as a possibility. Battlestar Gallactica sounds cool but I honestly know nothing about the theme or its following. I think they would have better luck incorporating the Space Fantasy (from USJ) theme into this ride or even giving it a Back to the Future theme or even Terminator! (Red side could be the resistance, the blue side could be the cyborg aka SkyNet)... they of course would then need to incorporate fire effects lol!
  14. The article claims to know the reason why the ride was closed... how would the they know (claiming it was the ride seat post that was cracking)... I would think USS would get a different manufacturer to re-do the trains than to spend all the money to take down the ride. I think Premier would've been a great candidate since they recently made new trains for Goliath (another Vekoma coaster).
  15. It would be great to have another coaster in IOA... wonder if an indoor kong themed coaster would be a possibility. Originally, I thought the Jurassic Park expansion was going to be an amber mine coaster using the Gravity Group splinter concept based on rumors. The latest things I read now make it sound similar to Kong 360 3D... but that building looks huge (unless there are going to be multiple theaters within it).
  16. It would make sense that the lift is the next to go up (even though the dive loop is not finished).... There's a lot of work that has to be done on the lift (like installing the chain, motor, sensors, speakers, and getting all the wiring done) that doesn't have to be done on the dive loop (aside from sensors, if any).
  17. A few months ago Rob was very excited about the new 4d - free spin prototype from S&S. Could this be the first park to install one! If not, Then I can only imagine that this is finally a NEW Vekoma Tilt Coaster (since vertical max was built back in 2002) this could be the first one to be built in over a decade! I am really learning towards my second guess.
  18. ^ Perhaps similar to what they did in the gatekeeper plaza area... when they put up that tent structure
  19. Is that a tent-like structure in the former action zone circle?
  20. WOW! Great For Alabama! I don't know what to say about HW. Hopefully the bloodline Koch's and the Koch-by-marriage can find the Coaster-Jesus and sort things out and consolidate these two separate ventures into one. Either way, I am happy that Pat, Dan, and Sis are continuing on with their passion and didn't let the legal situation stop them from moving forward.
  21. It would be nice if they replaced RT with a newer Racing/ Dueling coaster... HIGH FIVE anyone?
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