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  1. So that's why Wicked has that loud rattle every track segment. I figured it had something to do with the track segments not having a smooth weld between them.
  2. Reminds me of Wild World (Now known at Six Flags America). Wild World as a water park and all they had was a small selection of kiddie rides and the Wild One. They slowly but surely expanded the dry park when the park became Adventure World. I have full faith in Splash Adventure. I think starting a park off as a water park is a good way to start for a developing theme park property in this region in the US.
  3. I am just going to throw this in there.... Based on the hint... I don't think I am seeing Aquatrax here, Instead I am learning towards A Vekoma Tilt Coaster... why, because who in their mind would think a Vekoma would come to SFGADV, and the tilt coaster would be first of its kind in the US and this would also be photo op central!
  4. Seems like larson giant loops are turning up everywhere so I'd expect one... Darien just annouced their plans just recently so it must not be a ride that takes long to set up or manufacture. There is also the Zamperla air race but Fun Spot noted problems with their transportable model. Maybe a water slide.
  5. Some cool pictures from bosque-magico.pa-community.com/construcciones/zombie-ride-novedad-2015-bosque-magico & montanarusa.com
  6. It was just an idea... but I don't think it is as farfetched as some are quick to jump too. I don't see a reason to think they tower its somehow structurally inadequate... A few years ago people thought adding a drop tower onto the existing Superman Ride was impossible or somehow structurally impossible yet it was done... we also have seen a situation where Kingda Ka had structural mods done to the existing tower. I'd feel like there is a way to make it happen if the park wanted to. I also think S&S could figure it out.
  7. Oh I have to believe the city council here absolutely hates that. How could they not? But since the park is outside the city limits, and they previously sold the entire park including the Sky Tower to Six Flags, there isn't a darn thing they can do about it. Previously the City has offered to annex the land the park sits on and extend various tax breaks and whatever to help the park have a chance to do things like restore the Sky Tower, but it hasn't happened. Unfortunately those kinds of decisions are not up to the park. It has more to do with laws and procedures involving annexing unincorporated LA County land. So it is what it is, and you're 100% right about it being a real shame. Probably back in the early 80s when Santa Clarita first became a city, nobody saw such neglect as a possibility. It's sad because a lot things could have been done differently to prevent it. So if SFMM and S&S-Sansei were able to find an innovative way to incorporate the existing sky tower structure into an awesome version of a SkyPlex Coaster perhaps it will draw folks to the location and permit/make investing money into the tower more realistic while granting an opportunity for a record breaking attraction at the same time.
  8. I saw it mentioned that they decided against making the ride a 2 level indoor attraction (like Transformers is) and instead went with building an addition making the attraction one level. Any idea what the upper portion of the Building will be used for? There has to be a lot of space.
  9. I really want to see more of these in parks. I would love one at SFA or BGW.
  10. Video of Huss' new Condor 2G (2nd Generation) model.
  11. THIS! The brakes (not shown in the video) on the straight portion will likely engage as the train passes backwards though them (similar to how they to on vekoma boomerangs) and then the track will switch, brakes release and the train re-enters the station, blocks reset, Ready to go!
  12. Wow that first outward banked turn and then the beyond 90 degree drop. I love the mix of drive loops, and zero Gs, and stalls throughout the lay out. It looks very promising! I can't wait! I couldn't help to wonder as I was watching the video. If the ride were to go down and units were on the lift. Who in their mind would climb to talk to guest. I couldn't even fathom an evacuation. Hopefully they will have an elevator of some sport like Millennium force and B&M dive coasters.
  13. Wild One - SFA Thunderbolt - SFNE Viper - SFGAm Comet - Hershey Park Screaming Eagle - SFStl
  14. The lift is definitely steep. Doesn't appear that way because of the scale of everything. Plus the pull out looks far and drawn out... On more of the close up pics the lift looks very steep. I am very excited to ride my first B&M giga especially with those open clam shell restraints vs Intimidator's vests-like restraints. This ride looks promising and super re-rideable.
  15. Steam-punk is now trending! I wonder if this ride will have a "finale" like CW's
  16. Yeah there were no staff at Ricochet either so Im not sure. Hurler I don't care for... but I had a first time visitor with me so I would've ridden for her sake.... but if they closed it early then I have no complaints about that ride. I already know about FOF. When I think back about the i305 in the pouring rain... I can't help but laugh in retrospect but it was no laughing matter when I was on it.
  17. ^I suggest a 400ft because with only 2 in the US it would be unique. I wouldn't go with 140 ft because it should be competitive against KD's 300 ft. While we know these are different rides. General Public sees them as tall swing rides. KD's has been around for a few years now so if SFA were to introduce one, it would be wise of them to go taller! While I don't see a giga coaster ever coming to SFA despite all the land. I think a 400ft sky screamer is a much cheaper alternative to install a record breaking attraction vs a coaster. I wonder how much the 400 ft star flyers cost compared to an average cookie cutter coaster. I would think it would cost less than it costs to relocate Iron Wolf or about the same. I like the ride of putting both in the same building but I think a new coaster would look better out in the land Superman's outfield that would allow them to expand out there. Putting another coaster between Batwing and Superman would be too crowded in my opinon. Gotham doesn't really have any tame rides except for Penguin and Riddle Me this. This would great a much better offering in Gotham (Hopefully DC comics universe soon). Plus with the new Batman vs Superman it would tie in well. I also think it would help ground Superman's ride better since Superman is based in metropolis and so is the Justice League ride.
  18. A funny Story from my visit on Oct 10th. We got there and the park was dead! Perhaps it was the rain. There was a slight drizzle that day. We arrived that park at 8PM. Why so late... LONG story! First ride we headed to was Dominator. 1 train wait. We get on the ride and I could see that, outside the station, it appeared the rain was becoming a little more heavy. Dispatch! We exit enter the turn around and proceed onto the lift. First half of the lift was alright. As soon as we got 3/4 of the way up completely downpour! I am talking we were getting pelted. We crest the lift and down we go! No turning back! I tried to keep my eyes open but it was impossible. It stung! I couldn't help as laugh at our luck and scream at the same time. Our On Ride Photo - Hilarious! We headed into Congo and got on Volcano... 1 train wait. Next was Intimidator 305. 1 train yet a Walk On! We take our seats and off we go. As soon as we heard "Gentlemen Start Your..." the rest of the spiel was drowned out the sound of rain slamming on the station roof. Yes, the downpour returned. I was sure that the dispatch was going to be aborted however, we were already hooked up. I was wrong.... off we went. I never really focused on how steep the lift on i305 is until I had rain literally filling my eyes sockets. I was drenched before we made up the speedy lift. **PAUSE** - I was not ready for the insanity I was about the endure! I've been on i305 plenty of times but never in rain... as for that matter, I've never been on a coaster sans the earlier painful ride on Dominator in a torrential downpour. I mean it was raining buckets at the top of the 305 ft. tall lift. **PLAY** - The inevitable took place. Down the drop we went.... and OMG! There was no way you could black out because this took pain to a new level. The pain alone would've woke you up. Getting pelted with 90 mph bullets of rain was insane. I was thinking this cannot be happening! It was Crazy! There was no laughing this time. I had to cover my face and did my best to imagine where I was along the course of the ride to try and brace for the swift transtions. I was not going to be able to brace for much of anything especially the quick transitions. I was whipped around like a rag doll.... yeah Intimidator Owned Me! We hit the trimmed bunny hill and alas some relief as we reduced speed somewhat. Almost to the end, we whipped around into the brakes. It continued to pour. The expressions on my face and surely the rest of the riders were self explanatory and priceless. The looks we were getting from the people in the station were forth-telling at best. As we exited, the weather downtime spiel began. We dashed to the store to get some relief from the rain. All I can say is wow... never again! Well... definitely again when the rain stops! The rain calmed but rides were still closed so we checked out some haunted mazes. Soon thereafter the rain stopped and rides resumed operations. We checked the other rides. Drop Zone was closed the rest of the night. I must say I took my first ride on Bad Apple and I so love these flat rides. I wish there were more. Shockwave was regrettable as always, Rebel Yell was awesome, Grizzly was the surprise hit... it was so smooth I had to do a second ride to make sure I was not delusional... But really, the ride must've been re-tracked... it was that good! In all my years of visiting this park, I've never seen grizzly run this good! (Rode one in the front seat and once in the middle). Ricochet and Hurler were closed for the night (not sure if they were closed for the night or during all of fright fest... I hope KD didn't just cut staffing just because (that would be disappointing). We did some more mazes (i must say all of the mazes felt like that had only 5 monsters in them.. they were desolate...at least they were free). We then finished the night with some amazing rides at I305. I was not allowed to ride more than 2 times in a row on i305. Ride ops forced us to walk around for safety reasons. On this ride, I can appreciate it because I see the toll it takes on the human body. My ride partner completely blacked out on the bottom of the drop during our second consecutive ride. His body went limp ( I thought he was playing) but he really blacked out. My only gripe was that on the last ride of the night. My party and I were on the train before the last one (so we had one more ride before we would have to walk around). When we returned to the station the platform was empty except for the front row and the last row. Essentially everyone on my train could have ridden one more time. The op was very rude (not the same one from earlier) and said "no re-rides for the last ride of the night". Despite the fact that only 4 people would be on the last train. He said they never allow re-rides for the last ride and said he would call security if everyone did not leave. I did not understand the need to be so excessive to all the patrons. Not just my group but to all of the guest who were inquiring the logic behind kicking us all off when we all clearly could have ridden again. It was a unfortunate ending to the night! But oh well... we made the best of our 4 hours there and headed home. I just wanted to share my funny story about riding i305 in a downpour.
  19. I doubt that a path would connect to the area near Mind Eraser. I don't see where the path could go without some modifications on the existing rides. That would be costly. However, a could definitely see a path going from in between Apocalypse and Roar back under superman and connection to the Batwing path or simply going around Wild One and connecting in Whistlestop. Actually, if I am correctly thinking this out, I think I recall that SFA has paved a path between Apocalypse and Roar already. While I think maintenance uses it, it is odd that it is paved! All of the other maintenance roads that I have seen as a guest, like back near superman and Batwing, are dirt roads. So perhaps that is a hint that the park has paved out for us already (pun intended). As for Wish List: TREES Bathroom in back of Gotham, Indoor Justice League: Escape from Metropolis Indoor El Loco Coaster Sky Screamer (400ft) S&S Free Spin Coaster MORE TREES Gotham Re-theme End Dead-ends As for WildOne's 100th - I don't want them to change this ride. Just spruce up with some paint and re-track the whole thing . Extreme Wish List: Custom RMC topper-track wood coaster
  20. Single Color Paint schemes are trending! #SingleColor LOL.... I have no complaints though. If the color is right, the single color schemes don't bother me at all.
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