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  1. The compacted feel of Comet Hollow is kind of why I kind of like the area and the reason why Great Bear is a decent ride. There aren't many parks where you can do this in, which make this area unique (which I's rather see than just ordinary). Adding another coaster in there would make that area just more interesting and thrilling IMO. What type of coaster would you put there?
  2. What the heck is your problem? Coal Cracker has been (or is continuing to) going through a major refurbishment. sooperdooperLooper isn't going anywhere either. They won't put in dueling B&M inverts when they already have ONE B&M invert. Hersheypark isn't Six Flags you should know. It was only an idea that came to my mind. I love Sooperdooperlooper and Coal Cracker is fun too, I just thought it would be cool if this happened. I know that it won't. LOL.
  3. Green Lantern looks awesome. I am so excited to ride it when it opens this summer.
  4. Hershey Park should do a new project where they take down the Sooperdooperlooper and the Coal Cracker and add another B&M inverted coaster but a bit smaller and have it pull more possitvie G's. The coaster should interact with the Great Bear, and should be named something like Ursa Minor or something along those lines. It would sort of be like Dueling Dragons ( Dragon Challenge ) except they would not be the same height or pull the same amount of possitive G's. That would be an awesome add on to the park.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the advice. I will get over my fears and ride Kingda Ka this summer.
  6. Ok, sorry, I have been told that a lot. I sometime forget which posts I have already posted and I have some very old posts that I have forgotten about and sometimes make new ones. I'll start to keep track. Sorry. I apologize. Won't happen again. I promise.
  7. Doesn't After Burn have a Bat Wing? And is a Wing Over the same thing as a Cork Screw?
  8. ok ill stop right now. im very sorry. i just sometimes forget some posts that I posted. I will start keeping track so I dont double post of repeat things that I might have forgotten that are still on the boards.
  9. Nope, I don't want one either. An overbank turn would be too much like MF. MF is so much different. It does not have all of the quick transitions that I305 does.
  10. Yes. LOL, just kidding. I'm sure there are loads of people who agree with you. Every body has their own opinion.
  11. Wouldn't you feel 0-72 mph in 2 seconds? less then 0-128 mph is 3.5 seconds? It's much faster. Should I try it? Will I like it? What do you think. I want to do it but I dont. I am a chicken. Is it awesome and ride that you will want to go on over and over.
  12. Gwazi has gotten rough over the years. I was there for the media day opening and it was great. The experience isn't the typical GCII woodie which I love . This ride was pre Millennium Flyer trains. Montu and Sheikra are great . I've had good and bad rides on Kumba. It's really not too bad for it's age. I can't wait for their new ride to open. Another Intamin I'm sure I'll love . Montu is great you say. How does it compare to the other Bolliger And Mabillard Inverted Roller Coasters. I have ridden Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure and that was intense as crazy lol. That thing blacked me out, I'm sure Montu is that crazy, Batman and other smaller more compact inverts like that are always usually a bit more intense. Like Batman The Ride, Flight Deck, Black Mamba, Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno, and I hear even Talon and Dueling Dragons ( Dragon Challenge ) are intense. I have also ridden Great Bear and Alpengeist but that was not that crazy all though I felt that tingling feeling in my feet and the numbing weird ache in my feet from all the forces but nothing like the feeling I got on Batman The Ride. Man that thing was nuts. Montu looks awesome. The second loop might be tight and compact. Is it anything like the loops on Batman. I am talking about Montu's second loop. The first I can handle. The second not so sure. I rode Griffon. Griffon rocked. Next to Intimidator 305 it's my favorite coaster ever. But not so sure about Montu's second loop. Montu's second loop looks intense. Like Batman's. Is it as crazy. Or is it more gentle. I love inverted coasters. But not the crazy ones that make you black out and weird feelings in legs and feet. Griffon's drop is much better then Intimidator 305's in my opinion. Intimidator 305's drop with the trims is a bit weak for me. Griffon I was free float airtime falling the whole way. Deffiantely an awesome sensation on Griffon's first drop. Love the falling free float butterflies-in-your stomach feeling. Is Shei-Kra- the same or is She-Kra- different. Sorry for such a long message. How many times have you ridden these coasters?
  13. Gwazi has gotten rough over the years. I was there for the media day opening and it was great. The experience isn't the typical GCII woodie which I love . This ride was pre Millennium Flyer trains. Montu and Sheikra are great . I've had good and bad rides on Kumba. It's really not too bad for it's age. I can't wait for their new ride to open. Another Intamin I'm sure I'll love . Awesome! Thanks So Much For The Advice.
  14. I would like to see them remove the trims off of the first 300 ft drop. This would make the descent a lot faster and a lot more thrilling. Now that they are making some changes to the ride by removing track and some parts of the ride, maybe they can take the trims off of the first drop and have no trims, so you go full speed down the first drop. If they change the " BLACK OUT BANKED TURN " at the bottom of the first drop, then maybe if they do something different, no one will black out. I think they should either widen the first turn after the drop or make on overbanked turn like on MF. I don' think it would be copying MF because MF has different elements and a different layout design. I have not been on MF, but from the POV's that I have seen, MF look really go. MF and TTD are coaster I am dieing to get on. Anyways, to sum up my opinion of what is going on. Either widen that turn, or make an overbanked turn, but get ride of all those damn trims. It makes the first drop so weak and it would be awesome with no trims and to get thrown out of my seat by incredible air time. Lets see what happens. I hope it's something good and something that does not mess up the ride.
  15. I want to conquer my fears and ride Kingda Ka, but I am really scared about more so the launch. What does it feel like. And when I come off will I want to ride it again? What is Kingda Ka like? I have ridden Storm Runner and Volcano and loved them both a lot. How does the launch and drops on Storm Runner and Volcano Coasters compare to Kingda Ka.
  16. I might be going here for the first time in a few months, How are the coasters here? I heared that Gwazi is pretty rough and jerky, but what about Kumba, Montu, Scorpion, and, Sheikra. I hear Montu and Sheikra are awesome. Kumba I hear is good, Scorpion ok, Gwazi rough and jerky. What are you're opinions. I'm worried about blacking out on Montu's second loop because it is the size of a Batman or Nemesis loop and I black out on those too. What about Sheikra's Immelmann. Is that a gray out inversion? I went on Griffon and I grayed out a little bit in the immelmann. My main concern is Montu's second loop. How is it. Hows is the first loop. Do you gray out.
  17. I hope that they remove the trims on Intimidator 305. Even though I still blacked out with the trims, I would love to see what it would be like without them. I hear it's awesome. During the construction that they are doing over the off seasons, I hope they widen the turn a little bit or make some over banked turn like on Millennium Foce or Bizarro. I hope they don't ruin the ride. This was an awesome coaster, and hopefully still will be, I also hope that they don't change the speed of the lift hill. It was one fast ride up and I hope it stays that way.
  18. Maybe, but Batman is really an intense inverted roller coaster. Most of B&M inverted roller coaster models are B&M most intense rides.
  19. Intimidator 305 rocks my world! They gray outs are weird but yet cool!
  20. When I was at Hershey Park over the summer. A ride operator on Lightning Racer told me a rumor about their being a new coaster either a Mega or Giga? I don't know about this, but it would be awesome, wouldn't it?
  21. I did not mean to obsess over the Nitro lift hill sound thing. But I find that the louder the lift hill the more suspenseful the climb. Batman The Ride still has the awesome sound of a B&M lift hill and I hear that Sheikra still has it. I rode Alpengeist over the summer and it is A LOT quieter, it used to be so loud, I could not even talk to the person next to me going up, now it is quiet, very quiet, Girffon is loud depending on where you sit, If you're in the middle or back row in the middle seats on the lift it is right above the chain so it has to be loud. Nemesis I hear is loud too. And so is Raptor and Goliath (Six Flags Fiesta Texas). I don't know why I obssess over this but it makes the coaster more supsenseful and anticipating.
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