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  1. just got back from SF:DK, it was 100% dead in the park. Everything was a walk on, all day. Even Pacific Rim. Which is.... just a edited verison of the movie to be a ride. I own the movie on blu-ray. The ride ends with the first and only usage of the gypsy Dangers sword attack and a brief freefall. the screen hasn't been updated and the image was therefore a bit blurry with or without 3d glasses on. sometimes you barely get any mist "rain" on you and other times it hits you square in the face. If you want it in the face, sit in row 5 in the middle. row 3 4 and 5 are of course the best as they've always been. but row 2 is decent. Row one is the losers row. with how much you'd have to tily your neck to stare up and the motion of the ride when a monster rams trough a skyscraper to attack gypsy, you'll probably experience pain similar to Kong. It's nice having the theater open again, but this by far doesn't do pacific rim any favors. RIP franchise that never even truly began. PS: i'd rate it above Stargate but below Dino Island. i'd rather have Dino Island again or 7th Portal. but 7th portal is marvel so that aint happening.
  2. Well, i'm going tomorrow I haven't been back since halloween. There's a storm system that could linger over the city but it should be off and on light showers after 11 am/park opening.
  3. given that Pacific Rim 2 is now officially dead, I'll be very, very happy for a Pacific Rim "ride". The movie plot was kinda meh, not great but not down right horrible (Remember James Cameron's Avatar). But at the end of it, its a pure spectacle experience, much like Dinospehere was.
  4. I don't think anyone was suggesting (or thinking) it be replaced with a dark ride. But just telling what we'd want for a dark ride if the park makes space for one. A motion simulator ride is really cool to have especially since "roar" will now be a multiple inversion roller coaster when I first went on Dinosphere, it really felt like a roller coaster to me. Also, as someone who wears glasses, I hope the glasses they hand out can fit over my prescription glasses. though I can take em off and see less detail which is the sucky part.
  5. The fan base of Teen Titans (original cartoon) would slit my throat for this, but i'd think a Teen Titans Go! shooting dark ride would be perfect for SF:DK I think. The show is "popular" but maybe isn't popular enough to have a dark ride based around it. The colors are certainly bright enough for it and I think the show is in it's 3rd season now. As for the theater, in 2019-2020 maybe it can have something based on The Expanse (TV show) if it gets as popular as syfy and fans want it. It got renewed for a season 2 only 4 episodes into season 1. (the first two episodes are really dense BTW.)
  6. If it was 100% safe having the restraints release or simply dissaper at the last element of Flight Deck (top gun) at CGA would be fun, Well if it wasn't for that scummy water in that pond. I had a nightmare about that once only it was at a SF:MM/SF:DK hybrid park. SF:DK having a actual lake too. As for what ride i'd think I could handle without restraints. Probably that wildmouse at CGA. I don't hate that thing, but it's nothing that makes me want to go to CGA.
  7. I'm still hoping for a dark ride or new water based ride at the elephant and cougar area if they decide to send them to a zoo or sanctuary. Then after that, they can finally get rid of Kong and build like 15 stands of dippin dots.
  8. yeah, I keep missing out on the SFMM/Knotts one but a event at SF:DK I'd really like to attend. The boardwalk is a bit too far away but I've seen videos and pictures of that and it looked like a really good time.
  9. Inferno has reopened during the last week of july. I was there the first week of august and had some good rides! It was given a new paintjob and they are only using 1 of 3 trains, even if there is a (huge) line waiting. Magic Mountain being outdone?
  10. I remember at California Great America (when I was 13-15) I was scared of the log ride and still am due to there being no safety restraints at all. However, I know it's safe given everyone comes off the ride just fine. The drop isn't too steep and you won't fall out unless you cause yourself to. I can understand why the kid felt unsafe though if it's anything like the one at CGA. but if that was the case, he shouldn't of gone on. Just as I don't do any waterside higher then maybe 20-30 feet.
  11. Going to SF: Discovery Kingdom on highway 12, west bound maybe 15-20 miles before fairfield I think, there's these like 35-60 foot or so rolling hills. If you speed trough them you can get some form of lift going but not enough to sustain it for more then a split second. It's a horrible idea though given Highway 12 has been called "Blood Alley" for a reason given it's mostly 2-lane highway with no dividers. Think that's in reference to people trying to pass and getting creamed by a on coming car or worse yet, semi.
  12. 1. Facebook, responder and likes 2. Youtube, like's only. 3. twitter, likes and retweets Don't use any other relevant social media platforms asides these three.
  13. I haven't been back to the park since Halloween but they cleared off all the track from the first drop, the first turn and it's drop and seems like they got those metal beams from the station to the top of the lifthill. Hopefully they are picking up the pace a bit since a storm seems to be getting to California once a week now.
  14. I think clinching your thighs about every 3 seconds or so is supposed to help push blood into your upper body and thus brain as well. This same thing always happens to me on Goliath at Magic Mountain in that helix. Not as server and it of course it stops as soon as the G's do. Fun though.
  15. Well, I guess you won't be attending the park. Given that I already got 2016 passes to six flags, likely not. This new 4d ride does peak my interest though.
  16. Just kinda learned about the mass effect 4d ride today. I really like Mass Effect and it's world building, i just hope they don't use Commander Sheppard much if at all. But, I really want to see what they do with it. I think this will finally get me back in the park at some point. Likely will only go if my friend wants to see tailgating and then hang out at CGA durning a 49er's home game, something stupid like that.
  17. Do you just not bother going to guest services to complain about situations like that? If a worker saw and allowed line cutting like that I think it would be worth telling the management team. I can't see six flags ever cracking down on line cutting. But if they did and actually made examples of people caught red handed by throwing them out of the park for the day. i think it would be attempted a bit less often. But, doing all of that costs money and we all know six flags hates spending money on anything they don't have to.
  18. Did anyone go to the park on veterans day? I assume it was cold given it was over here in the valley and given last year in 2014 the bumper car's weren't back up and running until sometime in December. Just wondering what crowds were like due to the national holiday.
  19. Ehh, some PETA types were protesting outside of SF:DK on Halloween morning/afternoon about the dolphins mainly this time. Didn't stop record crowds though. This is what I think of PETA type's. (guys name is Logan and he's not like this at all, well mostly not.)
  20. Great photos. Will be nice when they finally start going vertical, on the verticals.
  21. I know you're more then likely joking about that, but I liked roar. Not even to be the second idiot who wore a "save roar" shirt on it's closing day, but enough to be on that final public train where we got 3 laps in. ------- I was planning to go next Wednesday but, it's veterans day and just learned that now. so federal holiday, that means the park is going to be at least a little bit busy. Last year they were opened for a day before vetran's day and it was really light. The park was dead until like 1-3 pm that day. They also gave veterans and their families double ride bracelet's, for all rides. but this year it's just free tickets for vetrans, so likely not worth the trip.
  22. i went to SF:DK with my dad and his friend since they both needed to get their promotional gold season passes processed. Some staff in the season processing said the deadline was extended to the end of december. Anyways they couldn't process passes at the gate, they could only scan tickets and passes even the finger print readers were down. As soon as I got in, I filled my green 2015 cup with ginger ale at the free style machine then did two rides on Superman. After that it was only water water safari and then a ride on cobra because medusa was about a 30+ min wait at 4;30 pm. there were at least 75 people still waiting to buy tickets among others at will call/guest relations when we left at around 7:30 pm. the fair grounds lot was at least a quater full with a line of cars stopped on the fairgrounds road waiting to get into SF:DK. Insanely busy night for them, more so for season pass processing as that line never got less then 75 people after 3 pm.
  23. Better to go to a packed park then not going to it for another like 3-4+ months IMHO. also out of curiosity, does CGA close their bumper car arena to put a maze up in it?
  24. I, too, am very interested in the outcome and how far it progresses in the legal system. Could you imagine if it makes it all the way to the Supreme Court? Doesn't Disney Parks now do the same thing just without asking for a note? At worst, six flags can do that which means people still have to wait the time about the same time, they just don't have to stand in line.
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