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  1. https://www.sixflags.com/hurricaneharborla/plan-your-visit/park-services You can rent Lock ers for the day in which to store your personal belongings. Lock ers are located in Buccaneer Village. Family Size: $20.00 Large Lock er : $17.00 Small Lock er: $14.00 and they'll probably use keypads that you enter a 4 digit pin of your choosing to acess your day locker.
  2. Well at least it opened on memoiral day and not after. Wonder how pissed corporate is that it was apparently down all day sunday on public opening day.
  3. I'm sorry if you ever sit next to me. Normally iIkeep quiet because if I don't I pay for it later in the day or next day. So i'll "woo" rarely and normally on first drops, big drops and crazy elements like RMC stalls. Once I rode roar at SF:DK by myself. Never made a sound.
  4. Oh no! I am guilty of this a swell, never realized what bad etiquette it is. I do it all the time, mow that I think about it, on woodies exclusively because of the low boarding/deboarding. It's just so much easier to get to the far seat or climb out. I will pay more attention! eh, I did this on SF:DK's "The Joker" past friday when I got unlucky enough to be in line for a out of order row. Though to be fair the lap bar's were fully down and belts buckled. I did take a open seat on the same train so it's not like it wasn't for a valid reason. Also got in and buckled before the lapbar checker/ripe op got to the row I was in. This has to be horrible for the B&M Dive coasters the photos from them show the whole row don't they and that's normal like what 8-12?
  5. the website makes no mention of V2 being down for the past 3-4 months or however long it's been down. If you really want to find out you'd have to call the park or wait for someone who went today. The website says that V2 is temporarily closed. The Joker, it says, is open. Not sure how accurate that is, but it is acknowledging V2's closure. yeah you're right. on top of that the website has no mention of thrilla gorllila despite being picture next to the family rides https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/rides-and-attractions and the newest park map and guide shows it as "season event facility" so maybe a new maze for fright fest?
  6. the website makes no mention of V2 being down for the past 3-4 months or however long it's been down. If you really want to find out you'd have to call the park or wait for someone who went today.
  7. I didn't even know the Highlander was on ibox tracking. Not sure if they added a second one or moved that from the main stadium/dolphin show. either way, still doesn't make me want a Toyota and I doubt anything ever will. About the Zero G Stall I barely felt "zero g's" except maybe in the far, far back. I could feel it in TC's but not that much here.
  8. I'll 100% let go of my requests for a single rider line if they put up shade netting along the entire line. However they got enough room to make a small single rider line to the left of the entrance still separate from ADA/flashpass. then the ride ops can call for however many riders they need. the same thing can work for the exit too but that might be a little more of a nightmare to setup considering how tiny the giftshop/photo booth actually is. I wish Six Flags would of let RMC tear down the station and build a new one on the ground. I don't know how hard it would of been to still have the repair station as is then have trains dip back down to ground level, but it would of been possible I assume. If it was on the ground then they wouldn't have to have the same POS elevator from Roar or the staircase they can't seem to make up their mind about. They want to keep the staircase clear it seems and that only helps the empty seating problem. The good news is the ride operations can still be improved and I think they will be. if not, well medusa line's will hopefully take a hit and be shorter then ever.
  9. I was in the tunnel for 20-30 minutes when it broke down yesterday. but I think being in the shade and hearing the music is better than being in the sun and no music. lol Yeah being in the tunnel below the station is a great place to get out of yesterday's sun and the wind was decent at 4pm when it broke down yesterday.
  10. forgot to add the new BBQ and sports bar place opens Saturday. I was pretty letdown it wasn't open today. I like Riddler's station's song personally . But if your in there for like 20 mins it gets old. sorry if it seems like I didn't like it. I do. Maybe the better phrasing would be. "The Joker has the worst station soundtrack I've personally ever heard."
  11. if X2 and Riddler's revenge station music loops had a baby, it still wouldn't be as bad as The Joker's.
  12. I left the park around 5:30 pm the heat got to me and The Joker itself is very intense it barely if ever lets up. the ride itself is great and is vastly diffrent from TC down at Magic Mountain. however, the top gun stall falls flat for me here. It's still fun but I barely felt any ejection from it at all unlike with TC at Magic mountain. The camel back under it also isn't anything to write home about either IMHO. I do love the steep drop and the under-kick-flip,180, guy fieri, smash mouth whatever the hell we are calling it first inversion along with the zero g barrel roll that's well hidden. Got 4 rides in. once on the very front. twice in the back and once in the middle. also got two rides in on number car's and nothing else because ya know education days, park was really packed. They really need to add a single rider line to The Joker though and some dispatches were far to slow. Still a fun time at the park and glad Roar to The Joker is now officially completed, lots of air time in Nor cal now.
  13. i'm heading to bed soon, hopefully we'll all (whoever's going friday) will see each other in line and such. I'll be wearing my "farewell to roar" SFDK shirt that six flags gave out for winning trivia when they shut it down last season. I should be at the park before it opens.
  14. Whitest Kids You Know did a sketch on the concept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcrMMBJOA4U
  15. Totally this. I mainly want to know how much of it's based upon Commander Shepard, their crew and The Reapers. The ride certainly needs some action but the Mass Effect universe is really well made to where it is possible to just chill.
  16. Lame my friend from Oakdale just called me and has decided not to go tomorrow for he season pass opening. Though it kinda works out better for me since *every* morning he does a news paper route (yeah people still subscribe those things.) so he'll always go back to bed for a hour or two after. If me and him were going together, he wouldn't get here until likely 10 am at the earlist then to the park from stockton at maybe 11:30. So now, I could leave stockton at 8 am and be sure to get their early or at least on-time for opening baring any BS on highway 4 and the ever busy section of I-80 there in fairfield. Still sucks though I've let him known for at least a week and a half and he said he was keeping friday clear so it's his schedule today is preventing him from preparing for his work Saturday morning, referring little league. So anyways my dad and maybe his friend will go, course they won't be riding The Joker I bet at all. Doesn't even matter if I say it's marbel on glass smooth which it pretty much should be close to. But whatever, bring it (The Joker) on.
  17. I haven't heard anything about when they'll run it. I assume it'll be open at "rope drop" at 10:30 am since they haven't said otherwise. I went to the first soft opening day of Pacific Rim and got there before the park opened. Went right to the theater and got on as the 3rd public rider of the day, apparently 2 other people beat me there.
  18. the stall on TC is my favorite element from it so if the stall from the Joker is somehow better I don't know if i'll ever be able to ride it enough. I wish The Joker had a normal drop just like I wish Roar did so it could be steeper and not have that weird curve/turn. However different is good and The Joker is certainly different from TC.
  19. official announcement, kinda. Me and my friend are going Friday. might have to deal with kids complaining about not getting in because of the season pass rule but I assume some of them might have season passes. That's going to be awkward to watch. First day of joker's public operation and it's the last day SFDK is trying to lure out field trips before the season un-officially starts.
  20. We'll only accept Kingda Ka with Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. and get Vallejo to scrap that 150 foot height limit, but that goes without saying. We may be willing to trade Superman Ultimate Flight for The Joker though.
  21. cool a official source finally. May 27th is the last Ultimate Education Day Last year I was at the park on one of these days and around 2-4PM a lot of feildtrips were heading out of the park. Roar was really packed that day but around 5-7pm the park was actually pretty empty. So that along with it being passholders only it might actually be a pretty good day to check out Joker. also, I hope they add in a single rider line to fill out the trains but knowing SF:DK they likely won't.
  22. yeah the only place where I've seen anyone say may 27th for public opening is here. Same, except I saw a GP (assuming it was a GP) post a comment on the SFDK FB page that mentioned she saw the opening date on a Youtube video, but I haven't been able to find the video. I guess they told people the opening date at the last construction tour and lead car unveiling. Anyways it makes sense it's open on the first day of memorial day weekend.
  23. yeah the only place where I've seen anyone say may 27th for public opening is here.
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