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  1. Heading to the park today. Finally got a smartphone so I can update from the park in lines. Hopefully joker is running bother but I'm not holding my breath. Haven't been on Medusa in a while and I haven't been on V2 in years.
  2. back in like 2010/2011 I won a state farms sweepstakes for 4 person VIP tour. me , my dad, his cousin and his son went to magic mountain in December of 2012. Asides for no acohol and no useage of the freestyle machine at the time. we got all the snacks we wanted and a free meal at then moose burger lodge. On the last day of roar's public operation at SFDK last year I won a piece of roar along with a farewell to roar shirt for answering two triva questions about the ride. Stuff that was listed on it's info on the website.
  3. I couldn't careless about which way it rolls on the exit. It's the best inversion on the ride to me. I thought the top gun stall portion would be my favorite as the one on TC is insane. But the one on the Joker just doesn't feel the same to me somehow, even though it's longer right?
  4. So got a ride advisory survey and i clicked on SF:DK as my most visited park. After answering some basic justice leauge questions I got to this Unless i'm blind, deaf and really stupid. SF:DK doesn't have one. Sooo.. maybe we're getting one? Later on it says "The Justice League attraction at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a ride. What kind of ride do you think Justice League is?" Unless they are doing each set of sets on V2 as a different character. I have no idea what they are talking about.
  5. So did they have you get off there or did ride mechanics simply push the train back into action?
  6. I hope they are getting good at calling up single riders because my friend's family either keeps him from coming or he's busy and he lives in Oakdale of all places. That's over 100 miles one way I think.
  7. Is it because the back seat is the best or because the front is so loud? For me, both though I'd still go on the front. The back two rows are super intense though.
  8. I assume it's a gym in Pokemon Go. Sure wish I had a smartphone that was able to run it. But the game destroys battery life (screen, gps, wireless data and potentially bluetooth all on) so you'd pretty much need to bring a battery bank.
  9. those fright fest friday's are usually pretty dead during the day. I went on a fright fest friday last october. got on the 2nd row and 1 up from the rear row on TC, then went on a middle row of Golaith which had a decent wait oddly, longer then TC's was. Went on Lex and riddler and it was a walk on for both essentially then hit up Superman and rode the express down the mountain and left. It was really hot that day though. Nearly 100 I think.
  10. well friday and sunday are both outside of the new, additional Bring A Friend Free days. Both are likely better then going Saturday but Sunday is the day before july 4th so people will likely have the following day off. So I guess go on friday if you have the choice.
  11. Since Superman is already into the upper queue and Joker is about 40 minutes even with both trains running, I think I'll go check it out right now. Especially since I have to stay here until 2:30 for the raffle drawing. Raffle Drawing? What's it for? Along with the backstage tour of the shark house this morning they had a wildlife fund raiser for marine wildlife and they had various raffle prizes including a more in-depth tour of the shark house with an opportunity to hand feed a nurse shark, a free dolphin experience, a signed giants hat, and a dozen other things. It was $5 for 10 tickets to be spread among whatever prizes you wanted. I entered but you had to be present to win at 2:30 and I just couldnt stay and left early. At least my $ is still going to a good cause. Oh well, park was way too hot and way too busy and half the thrill rides were down (not Joker though at least - still two trains - yay!) so I was way too bored. I'll post a full TR later tonight or tomorrow morning. The shark tour was worth the trip down there today though for sure. Sounds cool. How was the tour of the Shark exhibit? Any actual backstage area's? I also wonder if that expanded private tour would take people up on the catwalk above the tank. It would be nice if Six Flags would just release a video showing them caring for the sharks, manta rays and fish along with the catwalk.
  12. Since Superman is already into the upper queue and Joker is about 40 minutes even with both trains running, I think I'll go check it out right now. Especially since I have to stay here until 2:30 for the raffle drawing. Raffle Drawing? What's it for?
  13. when I was in there Wensday it looked like they had a decent selection. More variety but I didn't see any craft beer that I know of. ShockTop stood out to me, but thats a Anheuser-Busch brand.
  14. I got the buffalo bone-in wings at JB's sports Bar on Wednesday. 8 wings with 3 slices of celery and carrots. The sauce was like a sub-par Franks Redhot the chicken itself was alright. Was planing on trying the bacon cheesebuger for Dinner but I stuck with fish n chips. Also RIP pulled pork at SF:DK. You weren't great, but you were decent enough. Still hoping they'll add roasted turkey leg to the dinning menu. "I would be so happy"- Craig, South Park.
  15. Did the purple train make as much noise as the green one? When I was there Wednesday that green train was making more noise then I ever heard before from The Joker or even TC at Magic Mountain.
  16. oh god I wish it had a single rider line. The grouper at the top of the stairs was bummed out when I told him "one" and that "I'd like to ride in back please." He called out the the staffer below the stairs but either they didn't find a single rider or they simply just didn't look which is the likely scenario. However the train's I saw were around 96% full on avrage. maybe 2-3 empty seats. but those add up when you only run a single 24 person train.
  17. it's still only running the green train and it's only valid on the platinum fastpass and only once at least acording to the flash pass sales person when I talked to them on Joker's season pass holder opening day. SF:DK is molasses like slow in updating their website. I saw two people use it on the joker today. Didn't ask which level they bought.
  18. Went to the park today and rode the joker 3 times today. It didn't open up until like 11:15 am if not longer. I saw at least two mechanics working on a sensor or camera at the curve in the brake-run when you pass trough the transfer station. I got in as the first public rider and that first ride on the front left seat, well it wasn't painful but you could clearly hear at least one of the wheels having issues and feel some level of jerkiness too it. however later on in the day i rode the back left side and while I heard it, the ride was more or less smooth. Same with riding the front right of the green train for my final ride of it for the day. There weren't too many people in the park but due to single rider line the wait time was easily half a hour. Also on that first ride of the day. When I buckled in I looked back and there was no less then 4 people doing a walk of shame with bags.
  19. A cylinder that they use for the restraints has changed since last year's model. It was apparently found that a manufacturing defect occurred on on Lightning Rod's trains, and based on the issues Joker's been having, it might be affecting Joker's trains, too. I don't think that's an accurate analysis. SFDK must know about the recall, and that being true they wouldn't intentionally keep running a train with a part they knew to be recalled when RMC specifically said to shut down all affected rides. If it were the same part, Joker would be closed. The fact that it's still open proves that whatever issue Joker is having, it's not the same that caused the recall. Only place i've seen RMC order coasters to be shutdown is dollywood saying that all of the ride's they made should be shutdown. I rode it four times on that friday opening last month across both trains and I never truly felt unsafe on it. I'll be at the park today and I'll ride it if it's open.
  20. A lot of the times I go medusa lines are essentially walk on at 4pm especially on weekdays. If V2, joker and superman are all open I assume it'll be better in this and future seasons as well.
  21. If this is one of the problems or the problem with the ride, this is going to make boarding far worse. They'll limit the people up in the station more and keep everyone in the tunnel or unshade part of the line by the fencing. This will lead to somewhat unfilled trains as they did on the first day it opened for GP/season pass holder exclusive. I always seen people lean or push on the gates at really every ride except maybe Superman.
  22. They never, ever say when they expect it to reopen. I think it's just their policy now that way people cant be like " but ___ said it should be open by now." and then they seemingly can't talk about whatever the issue is. I can only really recall one time where a ride op told me and aa few others something about "someone threw up" or something to that extent to explain why a ride was temp closed. But if there's a mechanical issue, I never been able to get anything from them. like if it's truly a issue with the restraint system i can understand them not wanting GP to know that because lap bars only on a ride like The Joker is intense for some people as it is. It would be if there wasn't a Sonic's five minutes away from the park. sonic is overpriced for the quality of food it servers IMHO.
  23. I asked that at the flash pass desk on the friday it opened for passholders since I was in the building trying to cool off anyways. The girl behind the counter told me for platinum, forgot if Gold includes it and you only get *one* ride on it. I suppose the platinum pass might let you ride in the same row twice but IMHO nothing but the back row would be worth riding twice in a row if you're paying for the pleasure of such a event.
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