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  1. So fascinating to see a ride "grand open" and the wood be so weathered! I'd love to see how that thing drains in the rain ... it's hard to to tell, but do they have cutouts in different places for drainage? Also, and this will sound odd, but does the entire ride really smell of wood? Just looking at that POV it seems like it would smell like you're in a active lumber yard, but obviously there's not been a lot of fresh cuts made to this thing lately! What a story of persistence and determination in getting this thing running!
  2. Just wanted to post that I was happy to see that you reinstated the Tapatalk plugin - I had been using it for awhile, then it suddenly went away some time ago. I didn't see any posts about it, so I figured it was me! Great app - though their cramming of ads into some versions is annoying....especially when you've PAID for it!
  3. Actually if the fuel is in usable condition, I would bet that they did use it again. I went to a thing a few years ago where the captain on Mariner of the Seas was talking about ship details, and he mentioned that it costs around a million bucks every two weeks (two cruises) to fuel the thing. Don't see much reason in wasting good fuel. I worked on a case once where I saw a body that had been in water for about two weeks... I shudder at the thought of what it looks like after 20 months. Crab food! some really stunning photos....and it's incredible to think that where it ended up listing over WAS the reason so many more people didn't die - while it's amazing how those granite peaks underwater smashed up the ship, they provided the perch for the ship to stay at the angle it had been at. I can't imagine how much worse it would have been if they had hit the rock then simply listed over and slid down in the (very) deep ocean. http://photoblog.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/09/17/20537673-horror-below-the-waterline-photos-reveal-crumpled-cabins-on-uprighted-costa-concordia-cruise-ship?lite
  4. There is something very creepy about this thread to me...I don't know if it's the old/foggy photos, the strange obsession, or maybe both.
  5. It really did seem like the park was trying to get back to theming with the Mardi Gras area - with Rajin' and Jester's etc. Now they're yanking the main attraction out of that area, it will be interesting to see if they make an effort to theme that spot properly or not going forward. Shockwave was one of the first "uhhhh" disregards for theming that I can recall. They obviously followed that up with Superman (also not a fit). Was The Edge the first new install that didn't really fit the theme of the area it was installed? Maybe that was the "example" used when new rides were being considered, and themes didn't match - "well, we put The Edge in there and that didn't fit, so how big of a deal is it?" I guess those that were around are a bit spoiled by the whole atmosphere of theming from the Marriott days - with the Gurnee park (I guess) making more of an attempt to maintain theme, any time it falls short it's a bit more noticeable? I always loved the theming of the Tidal Wave based Yankee Harbor. From the coaster's theming to the lighthouse to the Yankee Clipper, that whole area really did have the feeling of a east coast oceanside town. Batman ultimately replacing that ride was GREAT (as Batman's spot in rollercoaster history/evolution is big), but was definitely a nod towards "we're worried more about marketing/brand than some silly area theming". Not saying they were wrong, as a bunch of rope "fencing" doesn't get you the same bang for your buck as some logo'd merch being sold next to a big ole rollercoaster.....but the overall theming definitely suffered. SW Territory was a really pleasant surprise, I think it far surpassed any expectation out there - including the original plan for the "Great Southwest". Anyhoo, it is what it is - I'm just glad they make some attempt to maintain what theming is left.
  6. Heh, yah, from my longtime reading of this forum I'd have to say if Jew is telling you to back off on a criticism of Magic Mountain, well, you probably should. I've not seen one person ride a park as consistently as he does this park (my theory is that something traumatic happened to him there, many moons ago, and it's his life mission to critique and tear apart this park ). In all seriousness, the staggered food opens is standard - they could obviously do a better job of advertising where drinking fountains/drink stands are. Do we know anything more about the long term plan for that ride over near Deja Vu's old spot? The upcharge one? Does that have a set lifespan or will it just hang out there until they actually develop that entire area? Does that thing do well? Is it always open? Does it have a line? Ok, I'm done with my 4-year-old-like line of non-stop questions!
  7. It's bizarre, that YEARS later now, they are still sitting around...right? Do you think they had some thought of putting them somewhere, or literally couldn't find the money to have them shipped elsewhere? Very strange. It's too bad, while I guess that "they know what they're doing" that ride certainly did always seem to have a line and was a nice family ride. Ahh, just add it to the sounds of the park I miss (the putt-putting of those old engines (and the squealing of the brakes), the whirring of the Sky Whirl motors, the rumbling of Tdal Wave etc).
  8. That's interesting. I've not ridden either ride (obviously not Goliath), but my immediate reaction would be that "everyone" would rather have Goliath than Gold Striker.....it's not quite an apple-to-apples comparision, as they are different rides, but it's interesting to read that you'd rather have Gold Striker. Also interesting to read the above "inferiority complex". I tend to have one, currently, what with your sky ride and covered walkway!
  9. I did not see the show, so know that...but, I'm all in favor of putting Hometown "back to normal". It seems like they have a lot of routinely unused space (Wilderness, SW Territory arena/theater etc), it's odd that they chose to tear up that area (incl jacking up the train station entrance). Off topic: did we ever find out where the old fashioned cars went to?
  10. Awesome, yes, I thought there was a bridge over there! Funny how that area looks now (when you look at a google earth satellite image) - just a big rectangular pad with RC on it)! That is now a decent piece of land that will be vacant RIGHT on the midway....curious what they will put there, for sure. Seems like they could bring back the buzzy bees AND put in some flyers in that spot. And oh, that picture - how I miss the sky rides at this park. Thankful for the train and other Marriott's originals that still exist, but the sky rides were awesome. Cajun Cliffhanger was in the spot (on the other side of the midway, next to the other side of the bridge) about where Jester's Wild Ride is today. I remember being pretty bummed when that ride was removed - it was always a ride that split groups up (even groups where 'everyone' just went on the Eagle/Demon etc). Great part was being able to watch from above as the floor dropped. For years I remember getting to go on Magic Mountain's version while also being able to ride SFMM's version of "The Edge" long after they had been removed from Gurnee.
  11. This is neat. Can anyone explain why they're doing this? Was the ride just extremely cheap to buy, and even considering the costs of refurbing parts etc it was just a monetary move to cheaply add a new ride? Or do those folks actually have some amount of respect for history and saw it worth it to salvage a "classic" ride? I'm just wondering as the demise of the Tidal Wave/Greezed Lightnings here in the US seem so chock full of "well, they were well beyond their intended lifespan and would have taken too much money to refurb". VERY cool looking ride, and very awesome that they're giving it new life.
  12. g0stars2552, would have been so much cooler if you didn't come back in here and boast about your inside scoop. Seems odd to dump a bunch of money into JRS - seems like they have an opportunity for an awesome signature ride in that area (should they just tear it out). Not many parks have the opportunity to showcase a ride, right at the entrance, like that.....technology and ride design has come quite a ways since that ride was put there, I think it'd be pretty exciting to build a signature ride right there...and have it interact with the water. I'm sure this has been a rough year for the folks that work at the park - here's to hoping 2014 brings good things. (and, yes, I realize it's been a tough year for the lady's family/friends as well....just saying that there surely is also an impact on the park/employee attitudes etc as well)
  13. I'd be ok with putting the Theater Royale back in there, and trying to get "Orleans Place" back to a fully themed area. I know Superman will always make that tough, but still. If anyone has a photo of the Ragin' Cajun site prior to it's construction, I'd love to see it --- I'm thinking there was just some sort of boardwalk or bridge over there, but I honestly can't remember. I know Cajun Cliffhanger was tucked in right across the midway, next to the bridge, I just can't recall what exactly was on RC's spot. Maybe it was just grass/blacktop?
  14. The only unused queue that is currently there is Iron Wolf's. At least I can't think of any more. That will get some life in it real soon though! As for buildings, I couldn't really say. There is a picnic grove back there, but to my knowledge most buildings in the park are open and operational. Also, it hasn't actually been confirmed that Rajin Cajun's leaving has it? Makes me start to wonder if SFA is actually getting a new model, as SFGAm should at least have some sort of send off for it. Yes, after having that same question (hope?) I did some reading and couldn't find hard confirmation...so I took a few minutes to watch (some odd) fan made "interviews" with the park's GM and he, indeed, confirmed that RC is being relocated to a "sister park". It's too bad, as I agree with those that would have rather seen Dark Knight removed before RC.
  15. Must have been incredibly fun for them, too, what with getting to talk to an ape and all! Great pictures, thanks - I wonder how many enthusiasts would have guessed that an inverted coaster (especially of this size) would be the thing being installed at a park in 2013? I guess I thought somehow the industry had moved on.
  16. I wonder what they will temporarily put in Ragin Cajun's spot? Have they put a "final day" on the ride yet? I was trying to think: what was there before that ride? Was it just a bridge/boardwalk over/above the water over there? Sounds like everything got the final approval yesterday, so I assume we'll see some real movement now at the old Iron Wolf site!
  17. I guess I just don't get how that's not going to hurt people's spines - I get that Schlitterbahn, more than anyone, know what they're doing - but, dang, that just doesn't look right! I know we're way ahead of what we used to have, what with all the computer simulation and calculations, but it will be fun to hear actual human reaction to riding this beast!
  18. That's really unfortunate. I feel bad for those who grew up with that park, and those that still live nearby that can't at least shake their first at some Best Buy big box store/development where their park once stood....rather they have the remnants just rotting away. Thanks for sharing.
  19. That's really all that matters, right there. I agree that the first article was looking for a bit of drama ... and while I'm sure some would argue that not mentioning Welch's "full" history is being a bit biased in this article, it clearly lays out the overall gist of what's happening.....and you, Shane, have clearly been in the industry long enough to say "ok, he says it's what's best for the project and it's all good". Plus, your Attic thread gets you LOTS of bonus points!
  20. I'm not very familiar with this park - but did I not read the release that stated "to make way for this new attraction, Rolling Thunder will be removed, get your last rides....."? Is it what people are saying - that they need to remove it from the expense report to make way for the new ride? Or are they really going to use some of the land from RT as part of the queue? From the sounds of it, this is SFGA's version of SFOT's Judge Roy Scream? Not a lot of sentimental value?
  21. Hah, yah! For the kiddies out there that only know a world where that station stands there....here's a neat picture from greatmericaparks.com. To make room for Z-Force (the coaster that was there before Iron Wolf), they had to literally relocate the train station down the line a bit (toward Washington), relocate Whirlygig (though it moved a few more times after this move).......
  22. This is just fantastic. I really think Batman may have been the last ride with this sort of buzz, but it's hard to really gauge as social media/forums like this really add to the excitement. I can't wait to see how much of the ride you'll be able to see....as I mentioned pages ago, it's location in the back of the park is fascinating to me, as so many of the recent additions have been up front (or, with XFlight, right on the midway). In a way it's almost too bad that the incredible lift/drop won't be right in your face on the tollway. For that matter, it'd be pretty sweet to have been able to stash the water park back in this corner of the park and simply expand SW Territory to include rides like this. In any case, no building has gotten paid back on it's investment more than the Z-Force/Iron Wolf station! No way anyone back in the day would have guessed the life of that tall station would still be going in 2013 (through THREE different rides)!
  23. I guess I don't know how Ragin' hasn't done well with SFGAm crowds, but ok. Your theory makes a lot of sense - the new Iron Wolf-area ride this year, with then predictable Sky Screamer the next year. If that is the spot, it'll be interesting having it so close to park staple Whirligig! I do wonder if Condor will eventually find it's way out of the park? It's funny, but to me Ragin' still seems like a "new" ride - but it will be odd to have the plot of land sitting empty. Not as strange as Splashwater's area sitting empty for as long as it did, but still a strange vacancy to stare at for a year or two or more.
  24. Awesome, Shane, thanks for the update! My sincere good vibes in making this place THE waterpark to head to....sounds like you're on track, and ultimately the behind-the-scenes drama really doesn't matter to the end user. GOOD LUCK!
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