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  1. Wow. That picture really makes you laugh?


    It's obviously dumb to assign any blame to anyone but the guy that hopped the fence, but sitting and guffawing about a man's death via a photoshop of his death?


    Again, the inevitable lawsuit is awful and (should be) pointless. This is 100% on the guy. I don't know if he was drinking, or otherwise altered, but the bottom line is that the guy started the day going to a theme park and is now dead. Again 100% HIS fault, but damn someone's son/brother/husband/dad just died ... while I don't share the gusto many have for "just Darwin taking out the trash!!11!!!!", either, somehow that photoshop just seems in bad taste to me.


    Might just be me, though, so +1 and like away.

  2. Hoping some locals can help me out.


    Heading to the park on Saturday. Have not purchased tickets yet. Clicking around, trying to figure out the best deal.


    There is the chance that I make it out there again in the next 12 months, so I've pondered whether or not to do the 12mo monthly membership. That said, if I can find a decent one day deal (not incl waterpark, don't think there will be time) I'm good with having to relook at this later in the year (ie: not getting the pass now and just buying tickets for one day at the park).


    Again, any help is appreciated..............and, if you're being so generous with info, would love a "best plan of attack" for the park.

  3. ^I would say that even though the Simpsons is past its prime, it's still very exciting to see it all brought to life. You can't help but geek out a little if you are a Simpsons fan.


    Plus the food and beer are actually good, something else USH really needed.


    What if it was Magic Mountain that was installing The SImpsons? Would you be as accepting of a park transforming an entire section of it's park into an area based on an 'over the hill' show? Something tells me you wouldn't be quite as forgiving.


    Universal is interesting as they struck fairly quickly with Despicable Me, but arrived (especially in CA) pretty late to the party with The Simpsons and Harry Potter.

  4. Your obsession with MM, and lack of pictures, continues to disappoint me, Sir. C'mon, you're there all the time and love the place - take some pictures!


    Is the fear in not having a backup chain ALWAYS on hand that the park fears that if they purchase one now, and end up removing the ride prior to it being needed, that they'll have 'wasted' the investment? Is there really a chance that a coaster like Goliath would be torn down....and even if it was, would it not be sold/relocated (with the extra chain included/paid for)?

  5. I'm not sure witch of these posts to believe: do you believe those who may have read they bought 4 to run 4 (but can't recall where they read it) or those that say they bought four and the coaster can actually only run 3 at a time?!?! Witch weigh to go?!?


    Do we have any new news on Sky Tower? Has there been any work going on, or we simply in another multi-year gray area in regards to the ride's future?

  6. Just thought I'd share that after the construction tour today I was treated to being the first non park employee to ride Road Runner Express for the season.


    Oh, and it's also now open


    Congrats on that, make sure that works it's way on to your resume'!


    SFFT has certainly turned into one of he more underrated parks, no? Between Superman and Iron Rattler and Batman, the coasters are great....and the park itself has always been fantastic. Looking great!

  7. Has anyone attempted to do a sit down with the park president/GM etc? It seems impossible that it's 2015 and everyone is theorizing about what is going on with the tower. Would there be a specific reason why a higher up at the park wouldn't just answer that question directly? It just seems like a strange thing to be in such a gray area....


    How 'bout the fella that just transferred to Fiesta Texas? Isn't he friendly with this board (or enthusiasts in general)? Might he be able to shed some light/gameplan?

  8. ^I thought that there's museum with the history of Magic Mountain on top of Sky Tower, now I'm confused.


    Do you simply refuse to read any posts inbetween your own? Yeesh, man.


    For those in the know, have they stated when that Screampunk District area will be closed down (I know there's nothing down there now except for Scream!)? Also, I'm still amazed that the now SBNO tower was originally designed to be the Playboy Club in Chicago!

  9. Apparently, there is now a sign out in front of Rockin' Rocket saying it'll be back for 2015. I'm led to believe that the queue line is moving for the new JL attraction. I wasn't able to get a picture of the sign, but was anyone else there over the weekend and can confirm? I do love the progress they have made with the new attraction! Can't wait until 2015 to ride it! Hopefully, we won't have to wait until Summer before it opens...


    But, wait, who am I to believe???


    It is indeed true that it is going away, for now it will be stored, but I'm sure SFA wouldn't mind having it


    Obviously plans can change, but it's always odd to read non-park employees (hell, even park employees) make declarative statements like this.


    Has there been any change to the old strip center on the corner, btw?

  10. I just saw some workers talking and funky looking stuff, nothing picture worthy so I just figured it was interesting




    You start an ebolaesque frenzy with the statement, "Interesting stuff going on at TC's construction. " And respond with, "I just saw some workers talking and funky looking stuff, nothing picture worthy so I just figured it was interesting."




    Generally one would follow the statement, "Interesting stuff going on at TC's construction. ," with say... ...pictures of the workers installing glory holes to each individual seat of the ride vehicle.


    That I would find as, "Interesting stuff going on at TC's construction. "



    Reminds me of your schtick in this thread.


    Unrelated, has there been any recent downtime on either of the Ful Throttle trains?

  11. Great site, TPM. Thanks for the update.


    Be interesting (or, if long gone, would have been interesting) to chat with whomever came up with all of these parks-attached-to-breweries phenomenon back in the day!


    Looks like there is more out there about the Houston version - located next to it's brewery off of 610/10.




    MORE pictures here: http://www.chron.com/entertainment/gallery/Houston-s-own-Busch-Gardens-17347.php


    Interesting that there had been no admission charge to begin with, but they had to go to a giant $2.25!

  12. That's fascinating - between this site, and others over the years, I would have guessed that the entire park would have been well documented. If anyone uncovers a good album, be sure to share - sounds like they did a nice job over there.


    I still would love to see a current interview of Dick Kinzel - this was on is interesting, as it was done just prior to him bulleting the park http://www.cleveland.com/business/pdvideo/flash/index.ssf?ontherecord_0422video He claims they put $30mil into the waterpark, and he eerily foreshadows how the "coaster people can go to Cedar Point".

  13. This blue font is a direct attack on my eyes, Sir.


    Is Ninja still running one train...I've lost track of what the gameplan is for the ride's vehicles going forward from the accident.


    Completely unrelated, do we know the current status of that old dog kennel/SFMM artifact repository? I believe I've asked about it before, but it's been awhile and with land being the way it is in CA I do occasionally wonder how long until that guy/his family sells the land/stuff.

  14. Seems bizarre that you wouldn't have a couple of different fire containment methods on hand (to avoid a fire erupting into something like this), as you're literally cutting/torching stuff on the top of a giant wood structure. I assume having a ready to turn on fire hose up there might be too much, but how don't you have this as a worst case scenario and plan accordingly?


    Just another bullet point to the Colossus history page.


    Do we know that no one got hurt? I assume the structure fell quite a bit after everyone evacuated? I assume the fire dept's hose water is responsible for knocking over the weakened structure (the video will not load for me)?



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