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  1. Curious if this version of Great America (that doesn't appear to have been kept quite as true to the Marriott days as it's Gurnee sister) still have the walk through, plant covered tunnel/arbor in the area where Sky Whirl once operated? I know the Gurnee park removed theirs years ago, just curious about this park.


    Also curious if the Eagle's Flight/Delta Flyers are original? That is, are the towers, cabins and "flight paths" the same as they were when the park opened?



    In looking at the park map on the website, it does appear that the "tunnel" I am asking about is still there! (near Barney Oldfield's Speedway, on the park map) Does anyone have any current pictures of it? Would also be curious to see if any remnants of the old scenic railway are still around? Would seem very strange not to have the railroad bridge to walk under on your way to the (Willard's) Whizzer etc!

  2. I think that it just seems unreal, and really proves how slow things can move when insurance companies/financially struggling corporations/a battered city are in charge. So many way to spread out donations (undoubtedly better to get money to the people still struggling rather than to a fund to remove the park), but man it'd be better if that whole mess was just bulldozed and cleaned up. At some point I'd have to imagine the liability of all of those structures just sitting there, rusting, will motivate someone to make a move.


    Hard to believe that an abandoned park, of that size, can still happen in today's society.

  3. I messaged the site's admin prior to this post, and he said it would be ok to make it.


    Anyway, I've been fascinated about what is going on in New Orleans (both in general and in terms of the old Jazzland/Six Flags park). In any case, it doesn't seem like anything is going to happen for some time (in terms of bulldozing/rebuilding etc)...but, obviously, people are curious as to what it looks like in the park (me included).


    So in my efforts to find info, I ran across a thread on another forum that contained a bunch of pictures of the park (very recently).


    Here's a few that I found interesting....a lot of what is going on in that park is spooky/makes for artistic photos.



    These aren't my pictures, but you can see the whole set (along with some commentary) here: Click Here

    Anyway, I found it very interesting reading/looking through the images of the former Six Flags park. Poor New Orleans.

  4. I would hope you guys would get a new splash boat. An old wound but would Deja Vu have fit in that spot in 2001?


    Where the upcharge skycoaster is what was on that platform prior? When I rode American Eagle last week I saw a newer concrete circle within that attraction platform. It was my first time visit to SFGAM last week.



    There was a flat ride called Big Top there - which was moved over into SW Territory (now called Ricochet) when they brought in DDD. It was/is a HUSS Swing Around ride. That whole area is just so different - what with the Dive upcharge/Revolution (used to be a carousel in that spot)/Wiggles World (back in the day, that entire area was the line for American Eagle).


    As far as Deja Vu fitting in that spot (I'm guessing yes), I was always amazed that they were able to shoehorn that ride into Sky Whirl/Hay Baler's old footprint!

  5. Thanks for the merge, I did search and didn't see any discussion about Shapiro post-Six Flags career anywhere.


    In my searching, here, I did listen to the interview that this site did with him when he first took over. Do you guys think he'd be receptive to doing a followup conversation?


    I don't know why I find it so fascinating, but it was really interesting to watch him come in with such a cocky attitude...only to ultimately be removed.


    Interesting about the possible lawsuit, thanks for that.

  6. I'm sorry if this has been discussed (I've looked around, but didn't find anything), but has Mark Shapiro been interviewed since being removed from Six Flags?


    Seems like the guy made some pretty big changes and decision in his short time with the bankrupt company, I'm just wondering how the oft-times brash man would evaluate his tenure?


    I've Google'd, also, and haven't seen any exit interview-type discussions with him - would love to hear him from him now.


    ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and merged this thread with our Six Flags Restructuring Discussion Thread, as it is a continued issue that will be discussed on this thread. We welcome you to Theme Park Review, but we ask that in the future, you use the search function before starting a new thread, just so that we don't have any duplicates. Again, no harm done--welcome to the site!

  7. Me being a monthly visitor


    This made me lol.


    Yes, me too. I immediately thought of good ole Aunt Flo. Very funny.


    Is Goliath running well, lately? Has there been any rumors as to what they're going to do with Flashback's old area? I'm surprised that the new waterpark thing doesn't have anything to do with that piece of land. Are they using it for storage, or anything, right now?


    Just found this site, and LOVE it. Incredible the amount of information here, it's actually a bit overwhelming!

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