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  1. How sad. I really hate seeing such iconic landmarks being put up for sale. Unfortunately, we may be seeing more of this kind of thing soon.
  2. Yes, the horn is manually controlled. It could just be that the op got tired of hearing it
  3. ^Yeah, I rode the one at Lake Winnie thinking it was going to be kinda lame. I was mistaken! That thing scared me more than any drop tower I've EVER been on. Definitely a favorite! Hurricane Harbor in Arlington has something that fits your description almost perfectly. However, there are only steel rollers on the dispatch area.
  4. If my understanding is correct, Zoo Miami already has higher attendance levels than Boomers! has had in a good while. Keep in mind that the zoo is already a thriving attraction. Also, I think that more people would venture out to ride a thrilling coaster than a kiddie coaster.
  5. It was a stupid idea to put that thing in a park that is in such a windy location anyways.
  6. Well, I was going to go see A Rocket to the Moon at SFOT, but the power of roller coasters took over me
  7. ^Me too, except mine was due to falling out of a swing in the 3rd grade.
  8. The next park I am visiting is SFFT. Trip report coming soon!
  9. Unless there was something mentally wrong with this girl, I'm sure she had the common sense to know what she was doing. And if they did have seatbelts, people would remove them. Okay, I lost my dad when I was 7. I can say firsthand that the loss of an immediate family member can be devastating. Like James said above, they are probably just trying to find a way to soothe their pain. However, I think if they won this case they would look back at it and realize that what they did was wrong.
  10. The Flash Pass line for Le Boomerang is ALMOST as bad as the one for SFOT's Batman! "Go down this maintenance road, then around this corner, then past this backstage area, then up these stairs, then through one of the three rusty doors!" Other than that and obvious groundskeeping issues, La Ronde looks like a great park with a decent coaster lineup. Oh, and I love that Vampire even has the same archway entrance as Batman!
  11. This entire thing is just ridiculous. The family just needs to comprehend that it wasn't the park's fault. Sadly, this is hard to do.
  12. Wow, what an interesting concept. Very catchy ride names as well. Sadly, I can't do a TR on this one but would also love to see one posted if anyone lives around that area.
  13. If I go, I think I'll ride Acrophobia for some nut-crushing excitement (code for pain in this case)!
  14. Wow, I had NO idea they were renovating their dark ride! I remember it from when I went in 2010 as one of the trippiest things ever. While it was pretty unique, I'm glad they're redoing it. I really like Lake Winnie, it's definitely one of the best smaller parks I've visited. By the way, it started raining as soon as I approached the Fly-O-Plane. I was disappointed then. After reading this report and discovering that it may have taken away my manhood forever, I'm glad it closed
  15. I'm SO glad management is taking good care of this park and constantly making improvements! I love that they have a McAlister's (sort of a rare find in a park), Buzzsaw Falls looks great, the lettering on the entrance looks awesome, and Vertigo's paint job really makes the ride look better! Please, keep us posted with any more improvements
  16. ^PLEASE do! I really don't feel like we'll be seeing many pictures of this park anymore. Also, I noticed Larry needs a Cliffhanger ride sign photo for the park index! Even if you don't have that, I'd love to see more photos of this unique park.
  17. Wow! They really did a great job with this ride. Unlike some small parks, it doesn't look like they just plopped it down in that specific location. The landscaping is nice as well. I know that when I visited the park back in 2010, I was very impressed. The only thing that bothered me was lack of shade. Other than that, I loved the park! I hope to see more development around the place in the near future.
  18. Nagashima Spaland has always really interested me. It's a shame that Steel Dragon was a letdown, though! With that being said, I'd still love to make it out there someday. The rest of the coaster lineup looks pretty great! Great TR.
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