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  1. Poltergeist is fun, but Freeze is way better in my opinion. Poltergeist's first few inversions are great but then the train just slowly pokes around for what seems like the entire second half and the ride totally loses it's momentum. It's almost boring. Freeze comes at you fast and furious and never lets up. And other than it being newer and maybe a little smoother, I'm not sure how Goliath can be that much better than Batman over at SFoT. Given they're the exact same ride (just mirrored), at least Batman has some theming that adds to the ride.


    I'll agree about Superman though, it's one of my favorites as well. Although with age it has gotten some major vibration, especially on the second half, it's still a fun ride (and it's use of the quarry wall only adds to the experience). Roadrunner Express is surprisingly fast and intense for a mine train coaster too. I've had fun coercing people on that ride whose only experience with mine trains was the one at SFoT.


    Regarding Freeze: While it is definitely more "fierce", I just prefer Poltergeist for some reason. It could be because cobra rolls are one of my favorite inversions.


    Regarding Batman: When SFNO's Batman was taken out, it was obviously refurbished before it was reopened at SFFT. You can definitely tell - it is MUCH smoother than our Batman. MUCH, MUCH smoother. To my knowledge, our SFOT's Batman hasn't had a full refurbishment to date, and you can definitely tell that as well. Go ride Goliath and see for yourself. If you're judging by theming, however, SFOT's Batman definitely overrules Goliath.


    Regarding Superman: Yeah, I agree about the vibration. I definitely felt it in the corkscrews.

  2. Part IV - Rockville, Fiesta Bay Boardwalk, more Spassburg


    Rockville is one of my favorite areas in SFFT.


    The bees were terrible here.


    The theming in this area is almost as elaborate as Dollywood's 50's area!


    Didn't get a chance to ride it this time around.


    Rockville High. This is actually a big theater! Very detailed as well.


    I like this name!


    The Amerigoround.


    Power Surge is very picturesque!


    Scream! I love the ride sign - oh no...


    Leave it to Six Flags to remove one of the coolest ride signs ever and replace it with a freaking advertisement.


    The only signage left.


    This coaster rocks - end of story.


    I've always loved the station!


    Better than Mr. Freeze in my opinion.


    Track close-up.


    Motorama, the park's car ride.


    I had a blast on these when I was younger.


    It's actually a pretty long ride!


    Kiddie rides in Rockville.


    Cool looking Crazy Bus. I loved these when I was little!


    We're now entering Fiesta Bay Boardwalk, another one of my favorite areas!


    This area had some really cool signs!


    It is worth noting that Fiesta Bay Boardwalk opens at 12.


    Wave Runner with super sexy Poltergeist in the background.


    One of my favorite dark rides.


    Ride exit and gift shop.


    The ferris wheel.


    I got stuck on this thing for about an hour once!


    Frisbee credit!




    Have to grab my Tony...er... Big Sp...ummm... Pandemonium credit!


    If you look up the word "mediocrity" in a dictionary, you'll probably see this. It wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't great either - just average.


    This was the first ride I ever marathoned!


    Let's go back into Spassburg, shall we? First we have to jump over the train! Eh, maybe we'll just wait for it to pass.


    SFFT has quite a few teacup rides.


    Best food court ever! Why, you ask?


    They play old Looney Tunes cartoons all day!


    Another example of exquisite theming in the park is Bugs' White Water Rapids!


    I love the main building/station.


    Just one of the many decorations inside the castle.


    The big drop!


    I love the theming!


    Looking back at the food court.


    Now THIS is my kind of place!


    Great landscaping! I hope you guys enjoyed the pics. SeaWorld San Antonio up next!

  3. Sorry for the delay, I've been super busy. The TR continues with:


    Part III - Kidzopolis, Spassburg


    I seriously wish more parks had these. They're a great way to beat the heat as well as visually appealing.


    We're now entering Kidzopolis, formerly known as Wiggles World. They did a great job with this area!


    Bugs White Water Rapids as seen from Kidzopolis. More on this ride later!


    We're such whores.


    It was actually pretty decent!


    Sorry, I'm short. Enjoy the shrubs!


    They have some really neat looking kiddie rides in this area. Bye Kidzopolis!


    We're now in Spassburg! One of the first rides you see is Whirligig.


    Just your typical chair swing, but fun nonetheless!


    Now for one of my favorite flats at SFFT: The Twister!


    Great ride.


    I love you.


    My first B&M Floorless!


    Superman Krypton Coaster is without a doubt in my top 10.


    The first drop is pure bliss. Also, I think this is the tallest loop I've been on. Is it still the tallest in the world as well?


    I love the way this coaster interacts with the terrain!


    I really liked this gift shop. Part IV (Rockville & Fiesta Bay Boardwalk) coming soon!

  4. Part II - Crackaxle Canyon


    Road Runner Express is seriously an awesome mine train coaster!


    Also very well themed.


    I see you!


    There is absolutely no way to describe the immensity of the love I have for this sign.


    "Why am I doing this?"


    Some twisty goodness right there.


    It really is a huge coaster!


    Season pass processing office.


    SFFT is so picturesque!


    I like that Fiesta Texas has tons of kiddie rides spread throughout the park, not just in the designated kid's area. I've seen some parks that have absoultely no kid-friendly rides in any area other that the kids area, which can be bad since your kids will want to stay in that area and you'll basically be stuck there all day!


    More themed kiddie rides. That's another thing - if you ARE going to put kiddie rides throughout the park, theme them to the area where they will be located!!! Don't just put a random a$$ teacup ride in the middle of Boomtown or something.


    It's time for a history lesson! The Wagon Wheel used to be Spiniker at SFOT.


    While I was taking this picture, there were people next to me making out at a picnic table. I think they thought I was taking a picture of them, because they started staring at me and stopped kissing!


    I really like this train station.


    I love you (for some strange, unknown reason)!


    I had ridden this during my previous visit (and I'm not a huge fan of water rides), so I decided not to ride this year.


    No thank you.


    Like I said, SO picturesque!


    Artsy fartsy. Part III coming soon!


    Hello TPR! Well, I finally got the chance to visit SFFT for the first time since I was about eight. And wow, was I impressed! I actually went to the park a few times since I was visiting family in the area. Every time I went, operations were great, the park was super clean, and all of the employees were extremely helpful and courteous as well as very professional looking. Obviously, I managed to get all the credits in! Here are a few detailed ride reviews:


    Boomerang: Easily the smoothest boomerang I've ever ridden. Extremely minimal headbanging.


    Goliath: Goliath was my second Batman clone (Great White being my third). Considering it was the only Batman I had ridden other than the one at SFOT, I loved this coaster! It was silky smooth and pretty forceful. Much better than the one at SFOT!


    Kiddee Koaster: I was actually joking with my cousin Andrew about how crazy it would be if there was a tiny pop of air on the little bunny hill in the middle of this Vekoma Junior. And the craziest thing happened - there was! It wasn't much, but there was definitely a little bit of air. Decent for a kiddie coaster!


    Pandemonium: I really don't have much to say about this one, considering it rode exactly the same as Pandemonium at SFOT. Like I said for SFOT's Pandemonium, it's a pretty average spinning coaster.


    Poltergeist: Is it bad to say that I liked this coaster more than Freeze? 'Cause I did. Poltergeist was great! It delivers a very forceful and somewhat disorienting ride. And I loved the theming, especially the station!


    The Rattler: After all the terrible things I had heard about The Rattler before my visit, I had EXTREMELY low expectations. After riding it, I'm going to have to disagree with everything I've heard other than the fact that it's very rough. Other than that, I really liked The Rattler! It was running GREAT during all of my three visits! Just for laughs, I actually rode this coaster 10 times in a row without changing seats (I sat in the back)! It beat me up pretty good, but it really made the crew's day. The lead actually sent me out on my 11th ride (I sat in the front) by myself! It was pretty cool being the only person on the entire coaster! A lot of people rode a couple times with me as well and had to get off after the second or third time! Oh, by the way - Rattler is very smooth in the front car!


    Roadrunner Express: I was NOT expecting a mine train to be this extreme! Lots of banked turns and tall drops. Pretty smooth too. Overall an awesome mine train!


    Superman Krypton Coaster: This was definitely the highlight of the trip! I loved everything about this coaster! The first drop really caught me by surprise! The gargantuan vertical loop was definitely one of the best loops I have experienced. loved how the ride interacted with the terrain! This was actually my first zero g roll on a sitdown (and my first floorless ever). Needless to say, it has taken over as my favorite inversion! The cobra roll was pretty forceful. The only headbanging I experienced on this ride was on the double corkscrews, and it was very minimal. Overall, the ride was extremely smooth, forceful, and had a bit of airtime as well. Definitely in my top ten!


    Now onto the pictures!


    We see you!


    The entry plaza is themed to a Mexican fiesta (the name of the area is "Los Festivales").


    Follow that sign! It was a pretty long trek, but not as long as the trek to Titan!


    I really wish I would have waited for a train.


    I love the entrance!


    I like that they have a separate entrance for front row riders to reduce congestion in the station.


    Safety sign.


    Like Jake mentioned in his TR, the queue really offers some great views of the ride.


    I really like this picture for some reason!




    Well hello there, super smooth Boomerang! Wait, what's that I see on the cobra roll?


    Oh noez! Glad I already got the credit!


    I really like the "Coast to Coaster" part. Well, at least it's still on the sign!


    For anyone who needs this information, the Flash Pass office is directly to the right of Boomerang.


    We are now entering the "Crackaxle Canyon" area of the park. Part II coming soon!

  6. I'm usually a power rider. I'll marathon any coaster - old or new, kid-friendly or thrilling, a new credit or a credit already received, whatever. However, I visited SeaWorld San Antonio today thinking I wouldn't see any shows. My original plans were to power ride all the coasters, eat, make a photo lap, and that's about it. However, I took a new approach and took my time in every area. I didn't make a lap specifically for photos; instead I took photos as I walked. And I wound up seeing 4 or 5 shows! It was the most fun I've had at a park in a good while. While I'll probably still take my old approach most of the time in the future, I'll have to make a break every once in a while and just take my time enjoying the park the ENTIRE time and not just after I get the credits.

  7. Hey guys! I've been away for some time now, and I'm finally going to some more parks! Those two parks will be SFFT and SeaWorld San Antonio. I'll be visiting them this week. But before I go, I have one quick question. I haven't been to SFFT since I was very young, so I'm not sure how to correctly sequence the rides in order to avoid terribly long lines. In other words, what should I do first? I'm thinking Superman at the moment, as I've heard the line can get pretty long for that. I'm going on a Tuesday, so crowds should be fairly light. So, what should I do right when the park opens? Thanks!

  8. Just visited the park's official site. On the home page, it says this:



    The Blue Streak is expected to reopen on or before July 29th. In the interim it will be closed.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our patrons.

    We are looking forward to a smoother ride once these adjustments are carried out.

    Does anyone know what sort of "adjustments" they are talking about?

  9. ^ I'll bring the marshmallows!


    I knew this park was never going to be reopened ever since Katrina damaged it so badly. It's been about 6 years now, and the city still can't support a large attraction like this. Way too risky to mess with. That leaves two other options: 1) tear it down or 2) leave it like it is, an eyesore, until someone gets seriously injured and files a lawsuit against the city. Obviously, option 1 is the better choice.

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