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  1. I had an extreme fear of coasters for about 6 years. It all began when I was 6. I decided to ride Titan at SFOT with my dad, and it was a major step for me because I had never done anything that extreme before. My mother was incredibly nervous, but she decided to let me ride. Anyways, once I got on the ride and realized how tall it was I immediately wanted to get off - but there was no turning back. The ride itself wasn't too scary to me, but during the incredibly forceful upward helix I banged my head really hard on the side of the train (looking back on it I'm almost positive I wasn't tall enough to ride). After that experience, I didn't want to ride anything larger than your average family coaster, and, for about 6 years, I didn't (with the exception of Rockin' Roller Coaster at age 7 - I didn't know what I was getting myself into). However, when I was 12 one of my friends talked me into riding Batman at SFOT and I've been hooked ever since!! It's funny how something that was once my biggest fear has turned into my biggest addiction!

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