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  1. It's not a timeline park ,because I am not familiar with the history of U.S. amusement park. This is just my idea of the construction of the amusement park. By the way,I would like to build a hotel at the beach. It might be like this: Please look forward to it
  2. New update :Big Dipper test run Here are some screenshots: Big Dipper's station Another view The first tunnel The lift hill (night view) The first drop Panoramic view
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Kiwipet. I am a Taiwanese,and I live in Taiwan.This is my first time posting, please forgive me if I make any errors; my English is a little weak. I started a park in RCT3, called Mission Park. This amusement park will be somewhat similar to Belmont park in San Diego, and it’s still under construction. I am not a very good RCT3 Builder, but I am going to update when I can. What I need from you are suggestions and support. Here are some screenshots: This wooden coaster named Big Dipper. another view night view
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