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  1. Okay a few more Renaissance pictures. I didn't mean to submit those last ones yet.


    "Yes the guy posting this must be an idiot if he doesn't even realize how the submit button works."


    Which way?


    I wanted to give her my pickle but had to settle on taking one of hers instead.


    Praying to the pickle gods that the weird guy with a camera doesn't hit on her again.


    The Renaissance crotch grab. She seems to really be enjoying it.


    "At least I don't waste all my time trying to hire little kids to ride kiddie coasters I'm way too old for."


    The Birds Of Prey clothing line.


    If you drink enough beer maybe you forget what you are wearing.


    "Don't tag this on facebook please."


    "I'm not even old enough to have a facebook."


    Well that should shut her up.


    I will never ever complain about any amusement park bathroom again. I promise.


    Willie Nelson even made an appearance.


    And so did DOMO!


    But DOMO seriously sucked at throwing tomatoes.


    Did I mention they had really good food?

  2. The day after Cedar Point I visited the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I like visiting this every year as it really makes me feel like less of a geek. These things are possibly worse than Star Trek conventions, but with some entirely awesome food. That being said I always have a fun time. There are a several really good shows, a pretty friendly atmosphere, and like I mentioned some really good food.


    Included just so I could remember how to spell "Renaissance."


    The have a queen. I hate queens. Every time I have them somebody has aces or kings.


    The jousting event always seems to be the main draw. Honestly though once you've seen it once...


    Though this is the first year I've ever seen a female compete. I love seeing a girl that knows how to handle a big stick.


    Okay follow up to the big stick joke is a photo of two guys sword fighting... awkward...


    But if you are gonna sword fight make sure you use protection.


    Okay I promise I'm done with that line of incredibly awful captions.


    This guy was upset at the fact that the other guy put up a parody website.


    Almost a credit... right? Okay so maybe not but it beats guys in armor pretending to fight.


    The same with this sweet little swing ride.


    No jokes here, just an entirely interesting Birds Of Prey demonstration. I love stuff like this.


    I have the same mask in my size at home.


    This guy said "@#$% that mask" and took it off much to the dismay of his handler.


    Though I think I creamed my photographer wanna be pants at the photo op it gave me.


    I actually had to step back to even being able to focus properly I was so close.


    Gorgeous bird.


    The Washing Well Wenches are always one of the more amusing shows.


    Though I kind of felt sorry for them on this chilly 50 degree day.


    I wore a kilt once. It was quite liberating.


    Because facebook is so "renaissance."


    I thought about asking her if those were handles on her head but thought better about it. (She looked like she could possibly beat me up.)


    The Ded-Bob show is always one I tell anybody new to the fest to check out. Good laughs and good fun. This one is my boys favorite.


    Some of the humor goes over their head, but he does a excellent job of playing to both the older crowd and the younger.


    "You mean Rob is seriously only spelt with one B?"


    Proof that someone out there is dirtier than TPR.


    If you think we have the ability to offend than Christophe The Insultor should be avoided at all costs.


    I forget this lady's name but I will say she is seriously one of the nicest people I know. She did something incredibly nice a couple of years ago. I have made sure to tip her well every time since.


    Who's nerdier Renaissance Geeks or Coaster Enthusiasts? It might me a close one.


    Random statue>Random barrels parks seem to keep mistaking for real theming

  3. I spent the last two weekends on the road. I had some real fun, saw some good friends, and took a couple of pictures along the way.


    Sat. Sep. 25th - Cedar Point

    Sun. Sep. 26th - Michigan Renaissance Festival

    Fri. Oct. 1st - Cincinnati Zoo, Kings Island

    Sat. Oct. 2nd - Holiday World, Kings Island

    Sun. Oct. 3rd - Columbus Zoo


    Sat. Sep. 25th - I started the day with taking my 3 year old niece to see Disney On Ice. We had a blast, but unfortunately I somehow forgot my camera in the car and didn't realize it till the lights dimmed. So no Disney pictures.


    As soon as the show was over I drove the half an hour back to her mothers house to drop her off and then spent the next four hours racing to Cedar Point. I arrived at the park about 7pm. It was still light enough I got to take a few pictures before the sun started to set. I didn't bother with any of the indoor haunted houses as I will still be making a few visits before the season ends and will have plenty of opportunity to visit those later. My goal was to knock out at least one trip through all the outdoor areas. I basically hung out and took pictures and enjoyed the atmosphere for the evening.


    I thought these crosses near the front of the park were a nice touch.


    Baby cherub either in deep thought or taking a dump. You decide.


    Whatever you picked last time he is now doing the opposite.


    Cedar Point supports putting leashes on your naked women.


    The entrance to my favorite scare zone. Cornstalkers.


    Kings Island has celebrity skeletons. Cedar Point has a Michael Jackson zombie.


    This poor guy gets electrocuted every year. Still hasn't learned his lesson.


    It's thrilling...


    See? Tell me your not thrilled.


    Skeletons+ Video games = Thrilling.


    I hope to score 666 on skee-ball someday. I'm sure he cheated though as we all know you can never trust a plastic skeleton.


    Hanging out by Gemini was a no brainer.


    The park seems to come alive as soon as the scare actors come out for the night.


    I absolutely love the fog and the way they use it for scares inside the outdoor scare zones.


    The fog along with the colored lights make for some really cool visuals.


    There was a actor stalking in this area but I swear he disappeared as soon as he saw me trying to get his picture.


    Just because I don't think I could do a report without at least one coaster picture and since Wildcat doesn't get much love in the TR's I'll post this one.


    Back in the Fright Zone the lights and fog were reaching epic levels of awesomeness.


    Where's Catherine Zeta-Jones when you need her?


    I'll give a bit of love to the Mine Ride too.


    The bridge to Terror Island.


    I'll finish the Cedar Point pictures with what was easily my favorite of the bunch.

  4. ^You didn't miss the LED forest. It's now a scare zone for the rest of the year.


    As for the improvements to Fear Faire. It used to be a lot more open inside. They made some changes to create a lot more flow. It's still basically all the same stuff though. I do have to say it does seem a lot longer but only because the path through the area is a little more winding.


    I do believe that traffic used to flow both directions too but I can't remember for sure. Can anyone else remember?

  5. I went specifically on a Saturday so I could check out the out door stuff. All the houses had pretty decent sized lines. On Sunday's the lines will be a lot shorter and I will be visiting on several Sunday's through the remainder of the season. So it seemed silly to wait through a long line when I'll have opportunities to practically just walk in to these houses later. So I haven't checked out the new house yet.


    Back on the subject of Mean Streak. I have an 11 year old who is a budding enthusiast. He tells me that he spends all day watching "PVO's!" I don't care how many times I've corrected him there he keeps getting that one wrong. Anyways I pick him up for dinner the other night and he asked me if Mean Streak burnt down. It just seemed kind of surreal that my kid is now reading some of these sites and picking up on info like this. Out of curiosity I asked him to rank Mean Streak vs other coasters at the park. This is what he came up with.


    1. Top Thrill Dragster

    2. Millennium Force

    3. Magnum

    4. Maverick

    5. Gemini

    6. Raptor

    7. Mantis

    8. Wicked Twister

    9. Mean Streak

    10. Blue Streak

    11. Iron Dragon

    12. Disaster Transport

    13. Corkscrew

    14. Wildcat

    15. Mine Ride

    16. Woodstock Express

    17. Jr. Gemini

  6. I know they used to do the one Sunday a year and I remember seeing something about the 10th but I guess I just assumed that was their "one" sunday a year again. Awesome to know they are gonna be open. I'm kind of assuming that they will open at six or something. Have you heard?



    Oh and one of these days I wouldn't mind tracking you down and meeting up at least briefly. I see you on here enough. It would be nice to put a face to a name.

  7. I've never done a Friday night. I've always been curious. I'll do one or two Saturdays every year and have done dozens and dozens of Sundays.


    Anybody have any predictions on what the best remaining Halloweekends days will be? I'm going to CP one more time this season, and really want the odds in my favor, for my trip in August the crowds were brutal.


    If you thought August crowds were brutal don't show up on a Saturday during Halloweekends. I promise you it's bad. Possibly their six busiest days of the year. Sundays are the complete opposite though. You will have zero problem getting through the whole park even with the shortened eight hour operating schedule. That being said if you want to experience the outdoor scare zones they are not open on Sundays, but if you are just going for coasters that's not an issue.

  8. Some of my favorites are:


    Plymouth Rock Cafe at Holiday World

    Toft's Ice Cream at Cedar Point

    Skyline Chili at Kings Island

    I had some awesome Mahi Mahi at Kings Dominion though the fries were all kinds of standard Cedar Point awful.


    I'll give honorable mention to Midway Market at Cedar Point too. The food ranges from okay to pretty good depending on what you eat, but yes the prices are slightly overpriced (still a value compared to the rest of the park).


    I'll also give honorable mention to Indiana Beach for having a Dogs N Suds. The food sucks but I would name the Root Beer as the best non-alcoholic drink available in any park I've visited.

  9. Agreed. In my opinion the trims are what makes this a poor coaster, I never found it too rough.


    I can't remember if it was last season or the one before that, but I remember the trims being gone for a short period of time and the difference in roughness and speed was apparent. That being said there still wasn't really any airtime to be found. The laterals were okay though. As the coaster runs now it is just very bland and definitely not as rough as people claim.


    I didn't used to think Mean Streak was that bad...then I rode much better woodies at Hershey and Knoebels, and my eyes were opened.


    It's obvious that this coaster's time has come, just another failed Summers/Dinn venture that has a lot of negative public opinion behind it. I'll even go as far to say that this fire was a message from god..."Tear this unholy SOB down, and get GCI on the phone, PRONTO!"


    OK, maybe not, but still...they should consider replacing this one.


    There are much better woodies at many more places than just Hershey and Knoebels. Heck there is a much better woody at the front of the same park. That alone doesn't spell out a death warrant. The ride will see it's final days when Cedar Point decides they NEED that space for something different. You said yourself that you didn't think it was that bad until you started riding other woodies, but you have to remember that the majority of the people visiting CP haven't the coaster counts we have. What do you think Cedar Point cares more about millions of people that make up the general public or a few thousand "enthusiasts?"


    As nice as it would be I really don't see CP tearing out Mean Streak to put in a different woody. Yeah we would know the difference but would your average Joe Schmoe that visits once a year or every couple of years know it, or would they just see another wood coaster sitting in place of the last one they hated.


    That being said I would trade Mean Streak for a CGI any day.


    Now that I've stuck up for Mean Streak I'll point out the fact that even my 11 year old son knows to make fun of it!

  10. Actually I make lots of jokes but I don't think Mean Streak is half as bad as people say. I don't think it is half as good as it could/should be either. There are WAY rougher coasters. My biggest criticism actually just lies in the fact that it is slow, sluggish, and without a single ounce of airtime (unless you count being bounced out of your seat).


    I would still rather ride Mean Streak than over half the coasters in the park.

  11. For some reason the scenery looks a lot more "dark" than previous years. No more campy big head characters running around.


    I could be wrong but I doubt the "campy big head" characters are gone. He was only at the park during the evening hours so he isn't likely to have taken pictures of them. I think the characters you are referring to are the characters that hang out near the arcade and are used in the parade. They are out during the more family friendly part of the day.


    I made this picture extra small so nobody would confuse it with his pictures. Not that anybody would.

  12. I've probably put a safe minimum of at least 500-600 rides on Millennium Force and Magnum. My third most ridden coaster would probably be either Voyage in the 300-400 range. Somewhere close behind would be Shivering Timbers. That is probably pretty close to Voyage's numbers. I'm probably easily over the 200 mark for several more of Cedar Points and Kings Islands coasters. Most rides in a single day for me would go to Shivering Timbers. Earlier this year I put in 60 laps in one day. I also put 42 into Voyage on Saturday of HWN this year. These are rough guesses based on frequency of visits times the average amount I usually ride the coasters. Really its just guess work as it's never even crossed my mind to keep a running count.


    Until this year I've been pretty guilty of just sticking to a core group of close parks and never really traveling to experience new parks. That's why I've got such insane numbers for certain coasters. This year I've made traveling a priority and I visited 15 new parks this year! So goodbye to the years of 12+ CP visits in one season.

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