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  1. Holy crap. Took a couple days off from reading TPR and it took over an hour to read through all of this. Awesome coverage. It is very much appreciated.
  2. I actually enjoy shows at parks. They are usually campy and unspectacular in a lame sort of way, but they provide a very nice mid day break. I'm enjoying the Disney updates because I'm contemplating a trip down there this winter.
  3. I take my kids to Michigan's Adventure once or twice a year and I believe this is a GREAT addition. I'm super bummed to find out that Intimidator is not being dismantled and shipped to MA as I was hoping though. For the off topic conversation though I have to admit that the beaches around there are very nice, but not all Great Lakes beaches are that way. Much of the coastline of Lake Huron is disgusting. Back on topic, I have to gleefully point out that more people in the water park means less people in line for my single favorite coaster in any Cedar Fair park I've visited. Shivering Timbers!
  4. I think I got everything counted here. It's been a crazy year so I might be missing a day here or there. Michigan's Adventure (6x) Cedar Point (7x) Kings Island (5x) Holiday World (7x) Dollywood Six Flags Over Georgia Carowinds Kings Dominion (2x) Busch Gardens Williamsburg Six Flags America Six Flags Great America (3x) Mt. Olympus (2x) Indiana Beach Six Flags St Louis (2x) Mall Of America Timber Falls Darien Lake Conneaut Lake Park Waldameer
  5. Now if only we could find some volunteers to help us take it apart.
  6. Okay last Cedar Point update of the year. I promise. Went to Cedar Point for closing day the other day. This time I went back with two of my best friends. The longest line we waited in all day was about 20 minutes. We did 5 rides on Millennium Force, two on MaxAir, and one apiece on Top Thrill, Maverick, Magnum, Gemini, Blue Streak, Raptor, and Wicked Twister. We also managed to do every single haunted house/maze/scare zone. It was a good day. Everyone meet Josh and Phil. They are both assholes. That makes them perfect candidates to be two of my best friends. Cool ride + Boobs = A ride that is surely to be missed by at least one or two people. I skipped out on Top Thrill so I could take the opportunity to take a few pictures. Actually I was just trying to ditch them for the remainder of the day, but unfortunately it was only a fifteen minute wait. They were showcasing the new Timberliner-ish cars they would be using on Mean Streak next year. Timberliner-ish in the sense that they won't actually debut next year at all. Unbelievable. Somebody tell that skeleton to tuck in his shirt. See, my kids are tall enough to cut the grass. The UR.... umm, I mean the newly renovated Insane Asylum. Possibly improved. "Yay for me! I'm the only person riding the swings." Untrimmed Mantis was on my list of rides I haven't given much love to this summer. So say hello to some B&M crotch destroying steel. Actually I don't think this ride is near as bad as some say. Maybe that's because I've been married and lost my balls in my divorce. Because nothing says roller coaster like a three inch bug. If they ever take this out I promise to start both a .org and .com website. Why? Because..... umm.... because it looks pretty in the fall. Yeah right. Like any self respecting alien with a flying saucer is actually gonna be seen eating at a Coasters restaurant. This is where they train people to drive in the state of California. "Yay lets drive for four hours to go to Cedar Point just so we can drive some more!" "I'm so glad this kid's almost done with TR's for the year. I was tired of them six months ago." Because there isn't much thats more terrifying than a spider wearing a bow tie. Raptor is my favorite green coaster at Cedar Point. Yes I love it that much. "Do not touch the monsters and they will not touch you. Do not touch the antiques and they will not touch you." Like a badly done Guns And Roses display. If you didn't like Happy Jack's Toy Factory than they piss on you at the end of it. If you liked Happy Jack's Toy Factory than they piss on you at the end of it. I love that MaxAir is located 500 feet from the all you can eat buffet. For some reason I always do them back to back. I haven't puked YET. Usually unable to remember where I parked my car, this time I just parked it up by Club Blood. "Hey quit taking pictures of stupid stuff nobody will care about and take some more of me." No mask needed. I'm stepping out of my box with these last three pictures a little bit. I'm trying with color manipulation at the request of a friend. This concludes my rookie season of Trip Reports. It seems like forever since I started my first ever back in April.
  7. I took my boys to Cedar Point's Halloweekends on Saturday. I fully expected an insanely busy day, but I am pretty sure I have never seen the park as busy as it was on Saturday. I've heard talk of a four hour wait for Millennium. I personally witnessed lines for it that stretched back to Red Garter Saloon, but I can't imagine it being much longer than 3 hours personally. Being that my youngest was slightly under the 48" mark we were gonna head first to Disaster Transport and follow it up with Iron Dragon. Both of those have minimum height requirements of 46". My son spotted Domo at DT! Too funny. I hope they never take him out of there. My youngest seemed border line with Iron Dragon last year, but this year it was obvious that he loved it. Hopefully he will finally hit a growth spurt this winter and we can get him on some of the big boys next year. After our Iron Dragon ride I let my oldest boy take off with his 15 year cousin for a Magnum ride while I did some kiddie stuff with the younger two. I believe they waited an hour for their ride on Magnum. We caught the parade and went to get in line early for our first maze of the day. The indoor mazes opened at five and we got in line about 4:40. By the time we got there the queue was already full with the line spilling out into pathway. It was after six by the time we left the house. We followed that up with Eerie Estate and another hour wait. We ate dinner at Midway Market for what was easily my worst meal I've ever had there. They were out of almost everything. Very disheartening based on the $62 to pay for dinner for all of us. After eating we made a run through Fear Faire. It was nearly shoulder to shoulder at points inside the maze which made it seem really lame. We started to get a little disheartened with the crowds at this point. Heading back to Fright Zone we ran into a mass mob of people piled up all the way back Red Garter Saloon. It took us twenty minutes just to get into Fright Zone! Once again the scare zone was nearly shoulder to shoulder and it seemed like many of the scare actors were relegated to moving people along safely rather than actually trying to scare people. Carn Evil seemed pretty vacant in comparison. There was still a lot of people in there, but it didn't seem near as bad. Kind of the same thing with Terror Island. Being that we had way more fun in those two mazes we made two runs apiece through both of them. After that we did another run through Fear Faire and found WAY less people in it, so as soon as we got out of it we did a third lap. It was now after 11pm and the park seemed to be emptying out quickly. On our way back to Cornstalkers we put another run in on Iron Dragon and then found Fright Zone nearly empty. Having skipped Cornstalkers two hour wait earlier at opening proved to be a smart choice because as we walked into it's queue at 11:50 we found zero line and walked right in. My favorite - Terror Island Matthew's favorite - Cornstalkers Andrew's favorite - Happy Jack's Toy Factory Joey's favorite - Iron Dragon Classic moment of the day: My son trying to escape from a scare actor on Terror Island lost his shoe. The scare actor than stole his shoe and Matthew was trying to chase him down with only one shoe on. Then while he was trying to put his shoe back on another scare actor came out of the fog and Matthew nearly fell over on his butt. I laughed till my stomach hurt watching this. I love this little skeleton covered gazebo at the entrance for the queue for Eerie Estate. Well what normally is the entrance. Today it stretched twenty minutes past the entrance. Happy Jacks was our favorite indoor maze for the second year running. There is just something awesome about the whole creepy toy theme. My oldest two boys and the best scared faces they could come up with for the camera. We made a visit to Planet Snoopy. I liked all the Charlie Brown themed halloween decorations. I used to think Vampires were cool, but I'm quickly getting tired of the whole Twilight/True Blood obsession going on. Though I could never get tired of It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. In case you couldn't tell, this is a skeleton. I liked this kids lego costume. I want to get myself a pair of this guys glasses. I like the addition of all the creepy cob web covered statues spread through out the park. The only ride without a line all day. It was a walk on. My boys wanted to ride it. I said "no chance in hell." Really short kid, really tall skeleton, or fun with perspective? These are not random people standing around. This is the line for Millennium Force. On our way out. Exhausted and not looking forward to the 3 and a half hour drive home. I'll switch over to a few I took with my phone but for some reason didn't with my camera. Our final family ride on Ocean Motion. Joey is only 47.5" so we were stuck only getting to ride Disaster Transport and Iron Dragon. At one point or another Iron Dragon has been each of my boys and my favorite coaster.
  8. Took my boys to Cedar Point's Halloweekends on Saturday for what was easily the single busiest day I've ever seen in the park. We still managed a very productive day though. We avoided the big coasters and managed two rides in on Iron Dragon, one on Disaster Transport, a couple of rides in on rides in both kids areas, 2 of the indoor mazes, one run through Cornstalkers, and at least two passes through each of the other outdoor scare zones. I let my oldest boy and his cousin go ride Magnum while I was doing the kiddie stuff with the younger two. I think they waited an hour.
  9. Was anybody at the Point yesterday? I've seen crazy crowds but I think that is the worst I have seen. MF's queue was 100% full and stretched outside of the queue all the way past Red Garter Saloon. I heard rumors of it being a four hour wait but I have to believe that is horribly stretched. I think 3 hours is very possible though. Top Thrill's came out of the queue and all the way back past the exit of the ride. I head Mavericks line was absolutely insane too. At one point I waited twenty minutes just to get into the Fright Zone.
  10. Shivering Timbers definitely trumps any wood coaster in Ohio. I've never rode El Toro but if you like Maverick better than than it then I'm guessing you would still pick Maverick over Timbers too. Shivering Timbers is an air time beast though. You should totally make the trek up here to visit it someday.
  11. It's a good thing the whole Ohio - Michigan rivalry doesn't extend to amusement parks. I would take Shivering Timbers over any Ohio coaster, but Michigan's Adventure is kinda blah and Shivering Timbers alone doesn't even come close to stacking up against Cedar Point and Kings Island combined. I actually overheard this near the wolverine exhibit. A young mother telling her small daughter "C'mon honey let's keep moving. The Michigan mascot is making me nauseous." It was great. I spent all day wishing I had a Michigan hoodie or something. I could care less about college sports, but I knew I was deep in "enemy" territory. I might just have to buy one for my next visit to Columbus. On a neat note about the Bluejackets though that is slightly theme park related, they had a PR booth set up at Kings Island a few years back. NOBODY seemed to be even slightly interested. Somehow I ended up sitting and talking hockey with their director of marketing or something like that for over an hour. He gave me his card and an open invite to a behind the scenes tour of the arena some night before the game. Said he could probably even introduce me to some of the players. I never ended up going. Don't know why. I guess I just got lazy and never got around to calling him. I suck.
  12. I am always looking for activities to do with my kids that time of year so something like a trip down to Columbus would be awesome. Maybe we could even work it out that we could come down some weekend while the Red Wings are playing in town.
  13. I've done events at both Cedar Point and Kings Island. Taking all three of my boys and my little cousin to Cedar Points Halloweekends this saturday also. My boys have said repeatedly that the day we all go to Halloweekends is our single favorite day of the year. Taken in Cedar Point's Fright Zone.
  14. I am considering a trip in Jan. or Feb. and I was thinking this sounded like a cool idea, but to be honest I lose a ton of interest if I can't take my camera.
  15. This update just reminded me that I lost ALL of my City Museum pictures when I lost my camera later that same trip. Being there with TPR in 110 degree weather was amazing and I'm pretty sure I almost died. Thank you for posting this. This possibly made my day.
  16. They could name this thing Big Pussy Cat Coaster for all I care. It still looks pretty awesome.
  17. Downloading right now. Thanks. Even though it's being said again and again Club TPR has been worth every penny. When compared to my membership in another organization that I won't name I will say that I feel like I've received much more value out of TPR.
  18. Columbus Zoo was spectacular and is wonderful place to visit if you are into zoo's. Holiday World is a must visit for any enthusiast. Columbus Zoo is only about an hour and a half north of Kings Island. So Holiday World and Columbus Zoo are easily do-able in a two days, or three if you wanted to stop at Kings Island.
  19. Sun. Oct. 3rd I almost considered skipping my planned day at Columbus Zoo for a second day at Holiday World but I'm glad I didn't. Columbus Zoo ended up being a fantastic zoo. First off they are supposedly rated the #1 zoo in the nation. I'm not sure how accurate that is but I'm guessing it is just as debated as our golden ticket awards. That being said I do believe Columbus Zoo was the best major zoo I've visited. Jack Hanna is the zoo director so good things were expected before ever visiting. On top of hearing so many good things about the zoo they had a credit that I didn't have yet. They actually have a whole little mini amusement park and water park inside the zoo. Between a world class zoo, a water park, and an amusement park this would be a fantastic two day destination for any family. First things first. Lets get my new credit out of the way. The Sea Dragon was built in 1952 if I remember the sign correctly. For a junior woody it was pretty decent. The park also had some sweet looking flyers but I didn't see an operator in sight and I had a zoo to visit so I didn't get to ride The polar bear exhibit was really good. Many zoos have similar exhibits but this one seemed just a notch better than the rest. Columbus zoo was extremely well laid out and easy to navigate. The animal encounters show was excellent and they brought out the same cheetah that was on Letterman a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty cool to sit 15 feet from an uncaged cheetah. The show was short, but informative. I wish more zoos provided experiences like this. They had a very nice sized aquarium and an extremely well themed manatee tank. I'm not a bird watcher but bird pictures seem to pop up in an awful lot of my reports lately. The gorillas were inside for the winter already, but the indoor gorilla house provided some really nice personal views. This was one of the only places all day that i had to deal with a crowd of people. As I was watching this gorilla I was afraid he was gonna move before I could navigate through the kids by the glass to get these shots. They are really impressive creatures. I was amused to see a slide in one of the ape exhibits. My camera earns another baby ape credit. Finally reached the end of this report. Thanks for reading.
  20. Sat. Oct. 2nd Made my way over to Holiday World for my last visit of the year. I was gonna meet up with all the same friends from the night before again. Plus I also was gonna do a second meet up with Alex from here on TPR too. More importantly I planned on spending almost the entirety of the day on The Voyage! Voyage>Friends. Sorry but gotta keep my priorities straight here. \ They ran Voyage as a one train operation for the entirety of the day. It was the Raven train. First car second row had a locked out seat which ended up attributing to an amazing day for me. The ops kind of picked up on me marathoning the ride early in the day and then pointed out that row two was single rider only because of the broken bar in one of the seats, and that if I wanted I could practically just stay there. It wasn't the best seat, but it worked. Before the day was done I managed to put in 46 rides on Voyage, and two a piece on Raven and Legend. About half of my Voyage rides were in 1:2, and the rest were pretty spread out. I think 3:1 and 4:1 provided the best rides though. I think I set a new park record and only took like 30 pictures during the day. The result is Voyage theming making its way into this report! Not the best coaster shot but I didn't have time to set my camera up and relied on automatic settings and this is what I got. Back row contains Alex from here at TPR though. That kid in the back cracks me up. Some of my friends riding the Turkey Whirl. You know I spent a LOT of time riding Voyage if I ended up with more pictures of the Turkey Whirl than I did of all the coasters. For lunch I had my regular Holiday World pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving meal. Perfect.
  21. Fri. Oct. 1st After the Cincinnati Zoo I made my way over to Kings Island for the evening. I got there about 6:30. The park didn't open till 7. At just a couple of minutes till 7 I found myself wondering why they hadn't even let us past the metal detectors yet. At 7 there was the sound of cannon fire and the metal gates up by the turnstiles were rolled up and all the scare actors came running out in a frenzy. It was kind of a nice touch. Okay I have to admit that the only parks Halloween events that I've ever attended are Cedar Point and Kings Island. I've done Cedar Points dozens of times at the very least and this was my third Kings Island event. I think Kings Island has a real nice size collection of mazes, and I love the way the mist seems to just fill the whole park. The little extra theming on Beast is an awesome touch, even though it made me cry to see a SOB headstone. I really don't know how Kings Island gets even 5% of the votes though on "Best Halloween Event" in the golden tickets though. I like Cedar Points Halloweekends 5x better. I have a huge issue with KI's policy of walking through their mazes in conga lines. I don't know if this is common at other parks around the country but at the majority of KI's mazes you have to walk through with your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. I don't generally get too scared in any haunted house anyways but this virtually eliminates any chance of getting a good scare, and on top of that it makes it really hard to really get the chance to check out the actual maze itself and enjoy it. I promise you that it entirely makes it not worth standing in line 30 minutes to an hour for a maze. It was really nice to see them use Son Of Beasts queue again though. It made me sad to stand in it again. I don't care what anyone says. I liked the ride and I hope to see it running again someday. On top of that it looks like they reused Cedar Points props from the retired Werewolf Canyon for the haunted house. Since I met up with some friends I actually spent more time riding roller coasters than I was hoping to. Since I've pretty much ridden every thing at Kings Island to death I would of liked to focus more on the mazes, but I wouldn't trade time with friends for nothing. So I only did Death Row, Trail Of Terror, and Wolf Pack (or whatever it was called.) Trail Of Terror is still pretty good, the Son Of Beast one was alright, and Death Row was @#$%ing awful. Death Row. Okay I challenge anybody out there to properly defend this maze. Hands down the single worst haunted attraction I've ever walked through. I don't normally focus too much on the negative but this maze is seriously so bad that I have to ask: WTF was somebody thinking when they designed this? My eleven year old son could design something better in an hour. Seriously you just walked through a "prison" that was just a series of twists and turn with bars on all sides of you. It took about 5 minutes or so to walk through and they use strobes through the entire maze. There is also siren going off the whole time your in there. Between the strobes and the siren I actually started to feel physically disoriented by the time I got out of it. If there had been some good scares, or almost any attempt to, then it might of been at least slightly okay at least though. The whole time your were in there though all the inmates ever seemed to say to you was things like "keep moving" or at one point one said "stay in single file." In their defense they did say it in a growling voice though.... so scary. Only once through the entire maze did anyone even make any sort of effort to scare us. The only thing even remotely positive I can say about the maze is the electric chair prop near the end. Kings Island loves their skeletons during their haunt. That area in front of the fountain was packed with scare actors and fog for the first 30 minutes the park was open. I can't remember seeing this character in years past, and didn't see it any of the three mazes I went through. So I'm not sure what maze it belonged too but I thought it was kind of cool. Not as good as my bird pictures from the Ren Fest. The overlord was a nice touch but if you stood there for longer than five minutes he started to keep going over the same material again and again. I absolutely love the atmosphere of the park during a haunt. Seriously like 90% of KI's theming seems to come from skeletons. Hey that's not a skeleton. Hey that's not a... oh wait never mind. At Kings Island the fog seems to have a perfect way of just lingering perfectly and filling the majority of the park. Noooooooooooooo! Even trimmed I still love night rides on The Beast. When comparing CP's and KI's haunts I have to give a nod to KI for not being afraid to use a little more gore. I never expected to see anybody walking through the Son Of Beast queue ever again.
  22. Both the Cincinnati and Columbus zoo's have them too. I don't understand why Seaworld couldn't keep them. It's too bad. They are such impressive creatures. I feel lucky to be standing there when this happened. They only remove the masks during the birds hunt so shots like this are rare and hard to get. As much as I love amusement park photography I think these are some of my favorite all time shots. I was almost breathless shooting them. Looking at them now I find myself wishing I had the same camera back when I visited Dollywood and saw their bird show. I remember standing five feet from an uncaged bald eagle during their show.
  23. Ha. Just realized that there is a filter for A.C.E. Not changing it though. Awesome. Okay now that I've posted a trillion pictures that no one cares about I'll wait till tomorrow to get to the Kings Island pictures.
  24. Fri. Oct. 1st. Since I was gonna make my way down to Kings Island for their Friday evening haunt I decided to spend the day visiting the Cincinnati Zoo. It is a pretty good size zoo and is landscaped pretty well, but I think it is also the hardest to navigate of the major zoos I've visited. They had some cool exhibits though. I enjoyed their nocturnal animal building, their cat house featured several uncommon small to mid sized cats, and their manatee exhibit was awesome. Not half as cool as my bird pictures from the Renaissance Fest. Here lizard, lizard. "So did you hear that Robb's been lying to us this whole time about how to spell his name?" Did you know that baby chimpanzee's love to fling their own poop? Did you know that TPR members are much better at it though? "I could write better captions than this guy." They're here... Like an ACE day at the water park. Stick me alone in a cage for every day of my life and I promise I'll resort to tree humping too. I tried very hard to get a picture of this Gorilla but he kept hiding behind the tree. As you can see he plays a pretty mean game of hide and seek. "If the lion can't write better captions than maybe I'll just take a dump on his keyboard and at least that'll be more entertaining."
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