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  1. Seems like there are a lot on here the same way (straight acting, although I don't like the term "acting") and some who are more effeminate, which is also fine.


    I can´t see why call that "straight acting".

    The "acting" refers to playing a role, to act as someone else. But you are just being yourself and not playing a role at all.



    To me the term "straight acting" is mostly used by people who aren´t out of the closet in most parts and try to hide their sexual orientation.

  2. Sadly the Dark Ride was in an area unaccessable to the group. The pictures where taking from outside the fence so i couldn´t get any closer.


    I don´t know about the type. As far as i know it was bought from the Mirabolis Park in France, where it was themed after the figure of "Gargantua". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirapolis the guy on the picture is the darkride.

    I found an pov-video from the Gargantua ride.


    From what i could see the system reminded me of the one used in droomvlucht in Efteling.

  3. I totaly overlooked that posting...


    ^I couldn't disagree with you anymore.


    Coming out isn't about learning to be a minority.


    Coming out is about learning to love yourself for who you are and accepting that.





    But when you are coming out to the public you will be reminded, that you are part of minority. In some areas more in some areas less, but it will get to you.


    For example, mostly everyone gay/lesbian experienced beeing asked on a new job, in a new group or such if he/she has a girlfriend/boyfriend... people are just expecting everyone is straight.


    So you´re used to be a minority when you live openly gay.

  4. Since i did my searching first and the only thread about Spreepark i could find holds a lot of pictures but close to none information, i will start with a short history about this park.


    This history may contain some errors, because some parts of it differ depending on the person who´s telling the story.


    After the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was reunited the State of Berlin decided to hand over the operation of the former East-German Theme Park "Kulturpark Plänterwald". Seasoned carnie Pia Witte and Lawyer Hans-Ludwig Trümper became the owners of the Spreepark GmbH. But Pias Husband Norbert Witte with his scandalous past (he was indirectly involved in an accident at Hamburg Dom where several people died) became the face of this company.

    The first thing they did was changing the very oldfashioned name to a much more modern name: "Spreepark Berlin" (Spree is a river running through Berlin and near the park). After that they started to "terraform" the whole park, using more plants and less Beton and buying some new rides to raise the image of the park. They got one of the biggest loopingcoasters of that time and the wildwater-ride from Mack was also one of the biggest worldwide.

    But after a few years a new problem came up, the state of Berlin decided that the small park and forest where Spreepark ist located should become a nature sanctuary, and they closed down most of the parking spots.

    So the visitors became less and less with every year and the Wittes had problems to pay the bills and credits. Adding to this trouble was the Berlin Senate and their total lack of support.


    At the end of 2001 the Wittes abrogated the contracts with the state of Berlin, but the state refused to accept the abrogation.

    So they filled in for bancrupty.... and decided to tour through southamerica with some of the leased rides for a few month, to make some money. But this didn´t work out very well. Some of the rides were kept in the customs of Peru and technical problems made it impossible to tour with the rest.

    In Germany the newspapers started a witchhunt on Norbert Witte, totaly ignoring, that Pia Witte and a lawyer were the holder of the company....


    Somehow (i don´t dare to post details here, since that part is the one with the biggest variations ) Norbert Witte came to a deal with some drugdealers in Lima and they promised to pay him for hidding cocaine in one of the rides. Witte was back in germany to undergo surgery when his son was arrested in Lima for drugsmuggling.

    Witte was sentenced to 7 years in Prison in Germany and his son Marcel to 20 years in Peru.


    In 2009 the bancrupty was over (dont get me started on german laws about bancrupty, they don´t make any sense to me ) and the ground with the stationary rides (or what was left of them) was handed back over to Pia Witte


    There are plans beeing made, to reopen the park this summer with a few traveling rides in the former entrance-area of the park, to get some money first and to be able to repair the old stationary rides and the infrastructure of the park itself.



    Since autumn 2009 there have been a few guided tours through the closed down park, wich were very succesfull.

    Me and my husband visited a tour at the end of march and it was a very interessting experience.



    When we reached Plänterwald, where the park is located, we were very early so we took a walk around the park, since we both hadn´t visited Spreepark it was very impressive. At the entrance we saw the last group leaving the park and after paying the fee for the tour (15,- Euro per person) we stood around some fallen down huts and soon the tour started.


    I won´t repeat everything said, since i couldn´t get it all right from memory. We got a lot of information about the park and the rides, as well as some anecdotes about events in the park (before and after it closed) like a photoshooting for playboy wich drew a lot of attention from the passers by walking outside of the park.


    Overall i was really impressed by this park.

    The paths are mostly still ok (the worst were the bridges leading to the station of the Ferriswheel) and the green spaces are still in good shape too. Of course there needs to be a lot cleaning and refreshing, you can see that they allready started working on it. I could image how it has looked and how it can look again.


    The rides still remaining on the site were in surprisingly good shape. Of course the time and vandalism left their marks, but as far as i can tell some cleaning, new coloring and some technical works (according to Witte mainly new fuses and controlpanels) and most of them would be able to run again.



    A gallery with more and bigger pictures can be found here: http://www.coastertalk.de/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=114


    The entrance area from outside


    The fallen huts at the entrance


    According to the plans for a reopening this place would hold the flatrides


    An icecreamshop... a very sad view :(


    The cup and the plate are still from the last season! Everything else in there was trashed...


    The logflume ride looked really great.


    The station and the boats from the logflume


    The powered coaster (Mack)


    Funny cars from france...


    An old sticker from spreepark


    The boat was the stage for pirate stunt show, the swan belongs to another ride


    An army of swans guarding the brigde to the ferriswheel... this sounds scary...


    The station of the ferris wheel with the collapsed bridge


    The ferris wheel in all its beauty


    A burned down shop


    The station of the ferris wheel located in a sea


    A horse ride with no theming at all


    A playground and the station of the powered coaster in the background


    The teacups where a lot of fun, even without any electric power :D


    A baseplate from the loopingcoaster


    An old parkmap


    The station from the parktrain


    This darkride ran exactly one time before the park was closed


    and that was the testrun for the TÜV...


    This old restaurant outside of the park belongs to the park as well

  5. In Berlin and really close by you can´t visit any themepark.


    Until last week a tour into the closed Spreepark would have been an option, but they don´t offer these anymore.

    (if you want to see what you have missed: http://www.coastertalk.de/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=114 an english tripreport is in the making )


    The closest Park in Germany would be Belantis in Leipzig (about 2 hours by car) and Freizeitpark Plohn in Plohn (about 3 hours by car)

  6. The before mentioned Bild-Zeitung has posted a new report with two pictures on its webpage.




    The interessting part (roughly translated):

    What happend?


    Rudi Mallasch (43) from HolidayPark: "Waggon 4 has lost it´s tracking. Thereby the ride stopped. At no time were any passengers in mortal danger."

    01-achterbahn-bild.jpg.8be579cafba49716df34ff024e41478d.jpg 02-achterbahn-bild.jpg.12a7e3738664b00d92e47e7ecc443131.jpg

  7. What makes me wonder is the time the information of this accident needed to be published on the web.


    It happened on 3:30 PM and i read the first news online about 9:00 PM.


    Even the BILD-Newspaper (germanys most infamous newspaper) wich usually brings news (mostly in a very dramatic description) of roller coaster breakdowns very fast (the have a section were readers can send in their pictures for money) needed that long to publish it.

  8. You know ,there seems to be quite a fair share of gays in the coast fanatic arena. Who would have thunk? Whats the reasoning for that. Anybody have a theory?



    I think the reason is pretty simple.


    When you are coming out as gay/lesbian/bi/transgender/whatever you´re getting used to being in a minority. Though it becomes easier to stand up for your hobbies/preferences/style/ecetera no matter how "bizarre" that seems to be for the majority.

    And lets be honest, to visit a lot of themeparks and ride all types of coasters seems to be very bizarre for most people out there.



    And to answer the question of the threadtitle...

    I´m gay and in a partnership since 11 eleven years, we "married" 3 years ago.

  9. OK... first things first





    Ok, a little bit about myself...


    I´m 40 years old (or young depends on how you´re looking at it ) and live in smalltown near Frankfurt/Main in Germany.

    Of course i´m interessted in themeparks and rollercoasters, but i also invest a lot of time and money in music (if anyone cares.. especialy EBM, dark electro, industrial and such )

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