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  1. Tomorrow (August 5th) EGF will be operating again.

    The park will give an announcement about the incident tomorrow.





    Lokales: Haßloch

    Achterbahn fährt morgen wieder


    Morgen wird die Achterbahn „Expedition GeForce" im Holiday Park Haßloch nach über dreimonatigem Stillstand wieder in Betrieb genommen.


    Am 28. April war vermutlich aufgrund eines Achsbruchs ein Wagen entgleist; 26 Passagiere mussten von der Feuerwehr aus 20 Metern Höhe geborgen werden. Im Auftrag der Staatsanwaltschaft Frankenthal hatte der Tüv Rheinland die Unfallursache untersucht und ein Gutachten erstellt. Nähere Angaben dazu will der Holiday Park morgen machen. (guh)



    MOD EDIT, Added the Google Translation (as wonky as it is):

    Local: Haßloch

    Roller coaster goes back tomorrow


    Tomorrow will be taking the roller coaster "Expedition GeForce" in the Holiday Park for about three months Haßloch standstill again.


    28 April was probably due to a broken axle derailed one car, 26 passengers had to be rescued by firemen from 20 meters height. On behalf of the prosecution of the TÜV Rheinland Frankenthal had investigated the accident and issued an opinion. Further details will help make the Holiday Park tomorrow. (Guh)

  2. [Did you ever listen to Pansy Division? Queercore was awesome in it's day. Then you could be "the gay" and still listen to hard core music.


    In europe it really doesn´t matter for most people in the EBM/Industrial-scene.

    With PlasticNoiseExperience/Gaytron and Leaetherstrip/Klutae there are at least two openly gay musicians and i know two other DJs that are gay/bisexual/lesbian.



    I will check out Pansy Division later, never heard of them before..

  3. Hmm... i always liked good Synthpop like Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yazoo, Human League etc. on the other hand i adore hard EBM and Industrial like "Institute for the criminaly insane" (sickest Coverversion of Mussolini EVER), Klutae, Klinik, Psychopoomps, Tommi Stumpff and so on...




    Am i a hidden bisexual?



    @Jynx242: According to your name i would have guessed, that you like at least one EBM-Band

  4. Bench! - The Ride has a storyline.


    As far as i remember it goes something like this:

    A russian couple really wants to have a kid, but she never got pregnant. Someday they´re so inspired by watching the children play that they build a snowman and an old man comes along and the snowman turns into a little girl they call "Snowflake".

    She loves her new parents and playing with other kids in the snow, but somehow she got lost (i´m not sure at the moment how that happens...) and wanders through the cold russland. At the end she returns to her parents, but then the spring is comming and she is melting from the sun.


    It´s an old russian fairy tale.

  5. Just recently I accepted myself as gay, but then everything got complicated... I now have a crush on my best friend since toddler years (female). This is so confusing and hard


    Well you´re "just" 14 years old, in this age it´s normal to be confused about your sexuality and everything else.

    That´s the miracle of puberty.


    Don´t think about straight, bi, gay etc. and just live your life.


    A lot of gay people were in straight relationships at one point or another, so that´s nothing unusual.

  6. ^But isn't the age of consent like 14 in Germany? It's 17 where I live however it changes from state to state in the U.S., but no lower than 16. That kinda gives you a little more 'freedom.'


    Back in my youth the age of consent for male (!) homosexual contacts was 18, for straight contacts it was 16 and lesbians weren´t mentioned at all. But in the 90s it was lowered to 16 and a few years ago the "special" age of consent was dropped. Now it´s 16 years for everyone now matter of the orientation.




    I would wait a little bit to find out how comfortable your roommate is with homosexuality in general.

    And wouldn´t come out to him without some supporting friends, just for the case he isn´t ok with it. It´s nice to have a shoulder were you can lean on if all goes wrong.

  7. Very cool photos indeed. Nobody else think that Euromir is a piece of crap? When its not boring, it is rough, I wonder what everybody is so excited about....


    Maybe because they don´t have a chance to ride it very often?


    The first times i found Euromir to be interesting (not good, but it was different than other coasters...), but over the times i got bored by the rave-music in the endless lifthill and the boring circling around the tubes outside. Well... as you said, the rest ist just painfull.


    But i found Euromir to be quiet usefull.

    When everybody is standing in line to ride that one, the lines of the good coasters are shorter.

  8. From Freiburg to Gardaland isn´t such a long way. Just 5-6 hours drive. It´s totaly worth it




    The park was very well themed. I believe a magic show was housed in this castle.


    Kind of...

    It´s a comedy & magic show for the kids.


    Since it is in italien language i didn´t understand anything at all, but the combination beetwen slapstick and smaller magic tricks was done very well and i did find it amusing.

    To be honest, the show was much more entertaining than the real magic-show in Gardaland-Theatre...

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