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  1. I'm done with my entry. Just need to add some small details and trees! SCR97.BMP SCR98.BMP SCR99.BMP SCR102.BMP SCR100.BMP
  2. I thought that project was dead. I'm overly joyed that you're still working
  3. The more I look at the coaster. the more I want the coaster lowered to actually go THROUGH the trees not just over it. It does look a little bit high.
  4. Ding ding . Now do you have rct2? I'd like to send the saved game file.
  5. The station is way too messy. While it's great it's not blocky it's just a mishmosh of roofs going in every direction.
  6. Ah RCT2 Peeps. So dumb and annoying at times. But so enjoyable and fun to watch.
  7. Wow.. That's crazy! A set of B&M terrain dueling hypers tearing its way through trees and tunnels. The ride excitement is amazing as well. Even in my youtube era (where excitement ratings were highest priority) it was hard to get it like that
  8. *buzz* wrong! Sorry calicoasters. I forgot to tell you custom music has not yet been imported. Thanks for the contest stage I tried to go for colorful yet grey, small MODERN style.
  9. It looks really really nice. Lots of forested arrow suspenders in this game today. But you've made it unique by making it dive under the path! Really nice. Can't wait for the map to be filled out! Only if i could fix my LL CD.
  10. Okay human exhibit time! No I'm just kidding. This is a real functional concert though. There is a buried ride that plays music. (Guess the style of music they play and you get the recent game file!) So peeps can rock out to the band called the peepz. 2 of the band members don't have anything yet. I'm still trying to find out which is the best way to do guitars. I did the mike and the drums though. And the backstage area is also finished. SCR81.BMP SCR79.BMP SCR80.BMP
  11. Hey coupon. You wanna work on a new duo? It'd be your favorite A six flags! I wanna try my hand at one.
  12. Ride length 2600 ft? Height drop 88 ft? 58 mph? It has to be a.. Carousel!
  13. That doesn't require merging. You just have to zero clearance the track backwards. So If the lift hill's going this way -> then you build the catwalk this way <- So the wooden roller coaster catwalk is just a visual appeal. no merging required. For catwalks. You can also use multidimensional coaster done the same way as the wooden. but both ways look fine.
  14. Map object manipulation -1 on ride track to the base. It lowers it underground. This is how Geewhzz did it. But it does glitch to some extent. Nothing harmful to the game though.
  15. If you're going for realism. I don't think articulated trains on an out and back woodie is the best way to go. Try regular 6 seater trains.
  16. Diagonal flat roof texture, corrugated roof the ones used in Kumba's Kumba recreation, Full tile Diagonal Tiled Cement scenery piece, Full tile Diagonal Crazy Paving(scenery piece), Full tile Diagonal Brown tarmac (scenery piece), and full tile black tarmac (path) and full tile diagonal black tarmac (Scenery piece) Thanks in advance.
  17. Just 2 words of advice. Please do not use the pre-made vent objects. They are very ugly and stand out too much with RCT objects. And the green fence around the woodie is also ugly and clashing. But I like that car ride. That looks to be my favorite ride in the park so far with all the intense themeing. I also love how the waterslides go through the tree that'd be exciting if I was a rider. Really really nice job.
  18. I think majority of the community uses the H2H5 bench now. It's been reduced to save space and new objects have been added. What's great about this is there is still some room to put your own scenery in. I don't recommend doing this from the SE. Just put the saved game in your saved game folder. When you want to expand it put it into the Scenario editor without changing anything (all rides you have built will be deleted but nothing else) and save it under a different name and put the changed file in to scenarios the other into saved games. If you want the clean H2H5 bench without anything built on it. Just PM me and i'll send it to you.
  19. Coupon. Have you ever heard of an arrow suspended having inversions, silly?
  20. just some.. plans for LSG. Very Rough, can be edited at any time. scr78_7.bmp
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