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  1. QR: Do you want me to search all my comments and find ones that were compliments? I've been in this community for too long now to be treated as if I'm an 8 year-old who hasn't the slightest manners.


    I'm stating my opinion. I'm not going to force him to change colors and say "I think you should change something's colors to this/that" that's totally on the builder's preference, I do suggest colors yes, but only when I feel like they are struggling to find certain colors to put in that specific area. I don't barge in and order like I'm superior to everybody. It's criticism, and not even crude criticism.


    I'm almost a perfectionist, although the screens I produce are far from perfect. Every screen can be better, however that screen was below the quality imo of the rest of the screens that he showed in this thread. That's why I replied a bit mildly, which happens to be your "I hate it." Just because I come up with 10 word sentences with no compliments added to it doesn't mean I don't like the screen. I comment on most of the screens that I see and like. Because if I didn't like a screen or saw the creator needs some kind of special advice. i wouldn't comment on said screen/thread.


    But you know what. I don't care. "Because I can't be happy unless I'm trashing somebody else" was inappropriate as any of most crude posts I've ever written. If you can't realize that well I can't tell you anything. Have you ever seen my threads? How I respond to criticism? I respond politely and nicely always taking things into consideration. I can see why you don't see where I come from, since you are almost the exact opposite.


    You may be a forums moderator. But doing that was highly uncalled for, it wouldn't have bothered me if it was on any of the other forums I post on. But seeing how this one has strict rules on politeness that frankly made me mad. Even more so that you're the mod who supports those rules.


    Everyone strives to be better RD, except for maybe you. I know the potential for a spotlight it can receive on NE and I was merely stating my opinion. If you don't like it, that's swell. No need to manipulate my comments. It's all well and fine that you don't like to receive anything but positive feedback but don't judge with that mindset when you are on others threads.


    This user has even stated that it didn't receive valuable feedback on here. I knew exactly what I was saying and wanted to say. Maybe I could've come off nicer, but if this forums can't even tolerate those type of comments. Well then great, I'm not staying.

  2. You know what. I'm done from this community. If I can't put a general opinion in and be openly disagreed in a MATURE manner. I'm leaving this website. Because clearly I'm not allowed to state my opinion without the insult of a fricking mod of all people to manipulate my comment to something that it's not because I'm "thrashing" someone else's work.

    Just because I have an opinion that goes against the mainstream line of thought of being easily pleased that seems to be an abundance on this website, everybody else (not coastercreator9, and not just this occasion too. I've seen multiple members driven from this community by being so ridiculed on their criticisms) does not have to confront me openly on the topic with childish content. You disagree with me? Have some kind of line of thought or proof behind it to prove me wrong, not just a random reddit picture you find off the internet.


    Some people want to get better at the game, and if you people can't accept criticism, then I have nothing to say. This used to be my home site for RCT2. It brought me into being in forums and being an active part in a community. It also revived my rct2 interest by 2 years and still going, for now I must say good-bye and go on to New Elements, where people actually post high-quality work and people always has a thing on that screen to criticize. No matter how good the screen is.


    By the way, yeah QR, you. I appreciate your love for the game and theme parks. I cannot mention the appreciation that I have for all the things you've done for this community on your own time for nothing in return, but when you manipulate a comment for non-grammar reasons or just because it seems like thrashing because I didn't add "Oh my god, this screen is amazing." like most of the community has done. I can't stay here, I won't be forced to say something good about the screen when the builder has received numerous appraisals. I've also complimented his work on several occasions and I know he has a open mind to criticism. So don't think I was "thrashing" his work because I clearly knew it would not offend him in anyway, which I can't quiet figure why YOU'D be offended enough to manipulate my comment to say something absolutely crap about me.


    So yeah. That's it. Manipulate my comments all you want. Heck, even ban me, because I'm not coming here anymore except for maybe to read the reason why you'd be like this. "Because I can't be happy unless I'm trashing somebody else." It'd be funny if my discontent with the community, staff, and the rules wasn't already built up.


    PS: Sorry for starting this rant in your thread PacificCoaster, I seem to have a knack for being easily bothered.


    EDIT: If you think I was thrasing Mememe, he quoted me directly. No fricking proof or thought behind his disagreement with my opinion. Just a random reddit picture that clearly appeals to 12 year olds at this point in their lifetime.

  3. It's fine that you disagree with me.


    Anyone who finds the combo of yellow,orange & green,purple & brown, grey & aqua,brown & blue,blue with some crazy paving thrown in I must ask you to look again. And if you do find it appealing, well, it's your opinion.


    Just don't be a fail troll. Because I can't be happy unless I'm trashing somebody else. [MOD EDIT: I changed your statement. This is FAR more appropriate. ]


    It's not there's too many colors in the screen btw. It's the number of CLASHING colors.

  4. Insanity. I will soon I was just experimenting different type textures to see what went best. Had no idea I left it at that combo.


    RD: you are correct it is based off of Shockwave at SFOT. I wasn't sure about the layout so I posted a close-up. As the only Schwarzkopf i've rode was the shockwave. I will try and mix in some of Mindbender elements and refine it as it is a bit rough and kind of cluttered. The pacing is also a mess so I had to add a little chain lift before the MCBR as a temporary fix. The whole layout is a big problem right now.


    Thanks for the advice/comments can't promise when the next update will be but I'll try and get it up as soon as I've made some more progress to the park.

  5. I was without internet for the past few weeks due to being busy with moving. I started a park in that time as I don't have much to do with a computer w/ internet. I always wanted to build a park that was NCSO. Looking at mastersax(fizzix's) work I knew I wanted to attempt a six flags scenario like him.


    When I opened up the scenarios they were cluttered with pathways and scenery that I just didn't want to bother getting rid of so I started a Build your own Six Flags scenario that's displayed in the tutorial. The point I'm trying to reach with this park is that NCSO screens that I see these days are very cluttered. They are skilled and do satisfy most people including myself yes, but I've always preferred simple building with ncso. So with this park I am using zero clearance only where it's absolutely necessary. I am not as satisfied as with my CSO work but I'm having fun and with internet back I still want to continue on the park.


    Please comment and advise as usual. Park is only in initial stages right now.






  6. This park is looking good but maybe use a different path to that little themed area you have there. I suggest using brown tarmac.


    it looks as if this park's path layout will be all 90 degree angle turns. Realistic parks sometimes have circular/rounded paths surrounding areas but that is almost impossible to achieve in RCT.


    If you don't have diagonal paths in your scenery tabs that is fine but try to make diagonal paths using what you have.


    PS.That reverse freefall ride is just WAY too long o.o


    I'd suggest using a clone freefall ride off of one of the Six Flag parks that came with the game. (Sorry i don't remember which scenario.)


    [MOD EDIT: If I were a fourth grade teacher, you'd have gotten an F for your grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Thank you- R.D. - Games forum Moderating Team]

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