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  1. I agree, the set is pretty cool. I had no trouble getting the first act complete with moderate play, some days only playing once. Act 2 I'm halfway done just a few days in and only 500 trading cards from getting all those type prizes. One thing I don't like is they keep changing the number of fights with your neighbors you have to compete in to get those prizes. It's gone from 75 to 56 and now back up to 66 total fights to get all the prizes with a limit of 3 fights per day. Fights, battles, whatever they're called.
  2. First time I've posted anything in this thread, I generally just let people look dumb on their own, but I couldn't take it anymore. From the DW Thread... Usually down.. so many other things plus family events going on that crowds aren't as bad on Holidays like the 4th.. you have your vacationers but not as many locals.. It could still be crowded like it normally is during the summer but not as crowded as it would normally be. Sent from my #$! using Tapatalk P.S. Turn off those stupid ass signatures!
  3. ^ Next time your car battery dies, be sure to take the car to the crusher and buy a new one.
  4. That ride won't be going anywhere, it just stopped in a very odd position and I found it neat on how they evac'd it. Anyone suggesting 'its going to be torn down' should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. Rick's just sad he missed a credit From reading on their social media, it would appear many people are pissed off having bought tickets and unable to get refunds or contact anyone with the company.
  6. And now people will start to line up asking when it will re-open...
  7. So yeah, don't hate me Mikey, I'm just fascinated by the system the fireman are using. Biggest live event to happen in OKC is sometime... www.fox23.com/news/crews-respond-to-people-stuck-on-frontier-city-rollercoaster/372748654 New Picture.bmp New Picture1.bmp
  8. Yeah when I copy pasta'd over it was a jumbled mess, revenge rapids would be a nice name tho
  9. All Season Flash Passes now being offered at SFOT. If you recall, SFMM was the test market for the program. $399 intro price, however certain rides are only available with the Platinum Flash Pass for an additional fee, so not really sure how worth it this initial offering is. With an All-Season THE FLASH Pass you'll get all of the benefits of THE FLASH Pass Gold level every time you visit* the park. Not only will you not have to wait in line for our most popular rides, but you'll also see a 50% reduction in your wait times. There is no better gift for anyone who love thrill rides but who can't stand standing in line. An All-Season THE FLASH Pass features: THE FLASH Pass Gold service level Guaranteed reservation with photo ID Up to 50% less wait time Valid all 2016 season at Six Flags Over Texas Exclusive for Six Flags Pass Holders and Members Add up to 5 riders each visit for an additional fee (at the park) Upgrade to Platinum service level at the park for an additional fee Enter through THE FLASH Pass Headquarters Online Express entrance. The following rides are available for THE FLASH Pass: AQUAMAN Splashdown BATMAN The Ride CATWOMAN Whip El Asseradero JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis Platinum THE FLASH Pass only La Vibora MR. FREEZE: Reverse Blast New Texas Giant Platinum THE FLASH Pass only New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster Platinum THE FLASH Pass only Pandemonium THE RIDDLER Revenge Roaring Rapids SUPERMAN: Tower of Power Texas SkyScreamer Titan
  10. You mean like their initial website notification that went viral across several news organizations?
  11. The statement and information both given to Dollywood and Kolmarden were very recent and are just recalls. Recalls on a certain part and request to close RMCs are made by the company and it is the parks duty to follow through with said request. If anything happens at a park that has an RMC present does not follow through with the recall, it falls on the park and not the ride manufacturer. Same goes for a vehicle recall. Once the recall and request has been issued it is the responsibility of the owner to follow the suggestions of the manufacturer and get it fixed. Otherwise the fault does not fall on the manufacturer. The request was given out within the last 48 hours so it is up to all RMC owners to follow through. Yes the recall was for all coasters from the manufacturer and it is the responsibility of the park or parks to follow through with said request. If the park(s) decide it isn't worth worrying over and closing a ride over a possible defect that may or may not exist then they won't, if they are extremely careful sans Dollywood and Kolmarden, then they will close or delay a ride. The recall is not an order to close all rides but a request put out by the manufacturer (RMC). Better safe than sorry. I'm sorry, who are you? Once again, DW statement says "The ride manufacturer ordered all of its roller coasters closed until further notice as a recalled mechanical part is replaced." No where does it say 'request' or 'suggests' Kentucky Kingdom has already said their ride is not affected, thus my original statement still holds. Very bold statement to say 'ALL' when in fact that isn't the case. Additionally, I know what a recall is, but thank you for explaining that out.
  12. ^You should not assume to know. It makes you look less intelligent. Prime example, look one page back for a statement from Kentucky Kingdom.
  13. Yay, something to last for 40 days and 40 nights. And just like the other events I won't be getting my 72 virgins at the end. On a bright note I'm only 400m from finishing Heights, so like next year maybe.
  14. That was definitely a good time, can't remember the last time I was up for 24 hours straight!
  15. ^Are you overly obsessed with this or something? This is third thread you've posted this in.
  16. Pretty bold statement by DW considering the number of RMC coasters that are operating today, eh? NTG, iRat, WC, OR, Goliath, Medusa, and so on. If ALL RMC coasters were ordered shut down, why is their very chain operating Outlaw Run today? "All" to me means "everything" as in, "no one left behind" "All" doesn't mean "some" or "a few"
  17. ^^Thats just another case of someone who has ZERO CLUE what they are talking about and/or making shit up and/or talking out their ass!
  18. You must have been too focused on the coasters...or finding the bread. In either case, there is one that would almost slap you if it could by Thunderation and has the awesome Family Feud with chicken and fried okra, and over on the opposite side of the park path coming down from the flume that dumps out down the hill. You are correct, I was focused on the coasters! Can't believe I missed it. Guess I wasn't looking hard enough. At SDC, I can smell the stuff a mile away, no such luck at DW. My bad, I was mostly asleep and drunk when I posted and skipped right over the part about looking for them at DW vs. SDC.
  19. Latest update: The appraisal company has been selected, and the process moves forward! We have comps that we've submitted that indicates that our offer is within the "reasonable" range. As soon as the appraisal comes in (around 6 weeks is what we were told), we can start haggling. Mayor's office said that they've reached out to some national developers and were essentially told that a theme park with other things, like a hotel and retail, would be best. Hmm, sort of like exactly what we are proposing: theme park, water park, resort hotel, mixed use retail/dining/entertainment. So check, check, check, on all those boxes. In the meantime, lots of good things going on behind the scenes that we will announce as soon as we can. We are starting construction planning on the water park portion of the project. We had an initial plan made a few years ago, but our team has sat back at the table to start over. We want to allow a little room between the two parks for future expansion, and want to make sure that you can see the taller water park attractions from I-10/I-510. A new plan has been drawn up and we are now talking with the manufacturers to see what delivery timelines look like. We had initially planned on Baritone Beach being a later addition to the property, but are looking into what can be done to speed that one up.
  20. You must have been too focused on the coasters...or finding the bread. In either case, there is one that would almost slap you if it could by Thunderation and has the awesome Family Feud with chicken and fried okra, and over on the opposite side of the park path coming down from the flume that dumps out down the hill.
  21. Well I'm certainly glad to see that everyone has found something new to bitch about, I was super concerned that once the ride opened officially that this thread would die! (Yeah, you've already forgotten about the issues in getting everything dialed in, eh?)
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