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  1. I hope someone does it better then my crud attempt, though.
  2. Random stuff I make when I am bored. I think I forgot to save.. But oh well!
  3. I'm going to try a time-line for a little.. So bear with me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greased Lightnin' popularity has gone down, yet maintenance has gone up.. It would be the second schwarzkopf to leave in the past 8 years.. I hope it stays.
  4. DMAXSBA!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to chat soon! Great screens everyone!
  5. Of course I will upload it to TPR! Its more like 4 days by the way.
  6. Thanks! The cacti are actually 1/2 tile away.. The picture makes it look closer. Anyways, anyone ready for a release? ;D
  7. Thanks! This update here guys is the last update before I submit it... The actual park is about 97% complete. Maybe even more. ^All thats left for the actual park. The park's go karts. ...
  8. If you mean rides like musik express and starflyer, I cant release them. They can't be saved as a track file. Thanks! I might freeze staff to make ride ops... But I will do that once I finish this last little area. ;D
  9. This simple diagram could help explain it. You basically lower pieces of the red track onto the blue ring and change the ride's mode to boat hire. Then the trains will end up going around the blue ring forever.
  10. ^^Wanna rebuild the entrance to SFW DJ? ;D Coupon's first attempt at colonial:
  11. Actually, here is the last bit of the park that needs to be finished: Everything else inside the park is done. All thats left after that tiny area are the hotels and outside surroundings. So ya, I am motivated. ;D
  12. Thanks guys! I'll try to fix it. Wagon Wheel, only at Six Flags Washington! EDIT: Fail diagonal path. -.- EDIT #2: Find all the coasters for a download! DJ I need you..
  13. To much work to change them. Plus I think these look more like the actual seats then the bulky suspended cars..
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