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  1. You overuse the pirate walls IMO. Please use other walls.. Not really feeling the grandstand either.. Use paths maybe?
  2. Coupon is proud to announce the release of... After many months, it is released! Here is the writeup from 5Dave over at New Element: !CLICK! For link to the TPRGE for the download!
  3. With SFW, it took 4 days for voting. Please note, it will be a LONG time until its released. Expect maybe a 1 1/2 month wait? Great work! I see it as a high bronze, possible low silver.
  4. Wow, wish I could make a playground like that.. Great work Ryan!
  5. Wow, barely made it. Great job though! Remember to put the link to the exchange too..
  6. Wow! Great job James! I love the map so far, and the skyswat's towers are beast!
  7. Experience the Eruption, only at ________________!
  8. Ahh, nothing like the smell of a failed test in the evening.
  9. Thanks guys! I fixed the colors on SkyScreamer so thanks for the advice!
  10. Mt. Baker has a 180 inch lower base and a 223 inch upper base. Guess whos going tomorrow? ;D
  11. Looks like Musik Express got a paint job. Happy riders. .. D: Enjoy!
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