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  1. ^My favorite ride is Lightning! I love the helices. I think you can add classic steel coasters to not ruin the "vibe" the park has. The dark ride seems appropriate for it's time!
  2. ^Dude, some people play for fun. Not everyone has to have good architecture or path layout to make an enjoyable park. Looks great simaticable!
  3. Wow! I really love the coasters and the park itself! Great work!
  4. After taking a break from RCT2, I have decided to play RCT3. This park is NCS since I find the CS objects in RCT3 to tiresome and boring to place. There formally was a waterpark, but I got rid of it after the peeps were complaining of it being disgusting! D: This park was made for fun. So don't be mad if I don't take your criticism. Shot0037.bmp The skyway is one of two ways guests can enter the park! The other way is through the entrance you can see in the background! (Ignore the food stalls...) Shot0039.bmp The Safari Train is a relaxing ride through many animal exhibits such as... Shot0040.bmp The Horses and Zebras... Shot0041.bmp ..And the Giraffes! Shot0042.bmp An overview of the park's first woodie, Jaguar! Shot0043.bmp The main midway with the elusive Panther wooden coaster in the back!
  5. You don't have to do the method that Xtreme97 described. You can also just restore clearances, place the same object there in the same orientation, and right click until it leaves. Easiest and most fail-proof way in my opinion. AJ, 8-Cars isn't dangerous if you know what you are doing.
  6. ^Foliage isnt simple in RCT2. You can get annoying white glitches! Plus, having the right amount of bushes/trees is pretty hard to perfect.. RCT3's foliage is about the same. I find them equal.
  7. How much lag is there though? Its not like NGT plays on those graphics.
  8. I find RCT2 to be more realistic. In RCT3, I found myself downloading about 13 sets just to get items similar to the main pieces in RCT2. Plus, it took way to long to find one piece with the non-sorted scenery menu with all the sets I have. In RCT2, you have an easy to use user interface that makes it easy to create a nice looking buildings. The size of detailed parks in RCT3 is also miniscule compared to RCT2. Take for example robbie92's SFSF park: A huge detailed park that comprises of only one map file. Meanwhile take for example Liam.'s Baha Bay park: 3 files for a smallish realistic park.. ~Coupon
  9. Perhaps it could be a Sling-shot ride like this one? The supports look similar..
  10. ^^No Coupon? I can do NCS too! Looks great Ghost! Can't wait to see it more completed! EDIT:Griffon, I normally don't like RCT3 work, but your take/recreation on V-Bolt is well done! Will keep my eye on it!
  11. ^They aren't an individual object. They are made of planks.. Looks good so far!
  12. To much brown Dj! D: The corkscrews are fine but enlarge the tunnel by a little bit.
  13. Great photos Jer! X-Flight looks AMAZING! Hope you enjoy riding it once it open!
  14. It really looks like a mcbr. Not really sexy though..
  15. How about 40ft? Skyways arn't that tall.. Send the park?
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