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  1. How have you not gotten used to this? It's like at Kings Dominion when people are convinced Volcano is better than I-305, because I-305 doesn't go upside down. The GP has an odd fascination with inversions... Then again, I did have someone on my Apollo's ride this Saturday on the first drop scream to stop the ride because the restraint wasn't tight enough and they couldn't remain seated...
  2. It's open and was operating yesterday. It's named "Le Catapult" and is in New France, and behind Trapper's Smokehouse, near the exit of the train at Caribou Station. Didn't think to take a picture, sorry.
  3. Visited the park today, had a blast. Got on every ride, with the exception of the three water rides. Alpengeist got stuck on the lift and Apollo's was down for a while, but overall it was a blast! The Festhaus was lacking today, both in food quality and guest participation in the show. Although, this college kid got up to go dance with one of the girls, and pushed a little girl aside so he could grab the hand of the preformer. She then switched places with her male counterpart, which was quite hilarious to see. Great visit overall, can't wait to go again later this month, and I guess I'll close with a quick picture of Mach Tower. Sorry for the crappy angle, but hey, no watermarks! Mach Tower.bmp Mach Tower Construction
  4. Today in BGW; Person: "Oh look, they repainted Griffon!" Me: "No they didn't. It's always been blue." Person: "No, it used to be gold just like an actual Griffon." Me: "No, it has always been blue." Person: "No, I was just here last year." Me: "..."
  5. Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom in Orlando. It was my first (and only) time in Disney. We waited almost an hour in line, because I was determined to ride... and then it broke down, so they shut it down for the rest of the day.
  6. This kind of enlightenment, and awe inspiring dedication toward the great roller coasters of Ohio (not at Cedar Point) is exactly what every Monday needs!
  7. Awesome updates! I'll have to join East Coast Bash or Deep South Bash. Can't wait to see more updates, certainly looks like fun.
  8. I will be there for sure! I'll probably get there at about 1:00pm and stick around for a few hours, depending on crowds.
  9. ^Stupid SATs... can't go. Seems neat, but a tour of the stunt arena? Meh...
  10. Got my shirts in the mail today ! I'll post pictures up later tonight when I have a free minute. I got 2 of the UK Tour 1 Europe Tour 1 IntimidaTour Couldn't have been happier when I saw the IntimidaTour t-shirt and the others are just as cool themselves. So cool, I have gathered a team of top scientists and we have concluded that TPR Tour shirts make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Just in time for Valentine's Day!
  11. Coming off of I-305 "It was okay, but it would be better if it had a loop." It's also fun, as has been said countless times, to try and have the GP figure out which coaster is which. I was talking about I-305 and this is what somebody told me; Them: Which one is that? Me: The new one Them: Does it launch you? Me: No, it's the big red one in the back. Them: Oh the one where you go under water? Me: No, that's Anaconda. It's the BIG red one. Them: Volcano? Me: No, I-305. They're two completely different names -.- Them: Is that the one that's indoors? Me: *facepalm* Nevermind... In addition I've had people argue with me that Grizzly is the best coaster in King's Dominion, and that Griffon is "too short and doesn't go upside down as much".
  12. Got my giant purple ball in the mail today . But more importantly, I got a note telling me what I won and thanking me for playing that was hand written! Class act these guys are. I'll post pictures in a bit.
  13. I really need to get back to South Florida! It appears it's a lot different than I remembered it!
  14. Totally bought one of these! Awesome deal! Thanks so much!
  15. I can get the chat screen up fine enough, but I don't appear to have any connection otherwise. I can't see and/or send messages.
  16. IT'S BEEN TOO LONG! I CAN NOT WAIT! Anyone who doesn't attend this chat will be subsequently fed to CGI Dinosaurs.
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