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  1. I think I might be a bit late here, but I just received an e-mail for a survey from Six Flags about meal options. It looks like Six Flags is surveying meal options. Option 1 Season Long Option 2 Season Long Option 3 Season Long Could be nice to see this added... though I doubt more food would make it better food.
  2. Stopped by tonight for one final night of Howl-O-Scream. Here are my final ratings for the event; SHOWS: -Monster Stomp Revamped; 9/10 - Never disappoints. MAZES: -Bitten; 7.5/10 Decent. It wasn't really spectacular like 13 or Dead Line, but it was "decent." -Catacombs; 7/10. I think this maze is another "decent" maze, but it's far outlived its glory days. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this one get the boot next year. -Dead Line; 9/10 - Incredible maze. The scenery, the sets, the everything was far beyond the quality of any maze BGW has done before. I'm so glad they finally dropped the tiring "Revenge of Pompeii" and went with this. It was honestly my highlight for this year. -Fear Fair; 6/10. Nothing really changes here. It's a nice, funny maze. But you're worse than Scooby and Shaggy if you think this one is anything more than "fun and a bit frightening." -Thirteen, Your Number's Up; 10/10. This was hands down the best maze of the year. The setup, the theming, the execution, all flawless. I don't see how they can bring this one back next year, 13th year of Howl-O-Scream = 13: Your Number's Up. But, in the same breath, I wouldn't want to see it back. It was kind of just the perfect maze, and that's how I want to remember it. I don't want it to become another "Revenge of Pompeii". SCARE ZONES: -Grin and Scare It; 6/10 - A few pretty decent scares, but there seems to be many scare actors (around 10 I'd say), confined to the little bridge from Italy to Festa. -Scavengers; 7/10 - Loved it, if it was a bit short. The masks were creepy, and there were some decent scares to be had. -Stitchin Time; 5/10 - Better the second time around, but still overall the worst scare zone. -Unleashed; 6/10 - Eh. Decent. Not great. -Widow Makers; 10/10 - I. HATE. CHAINSAWS. OVERALL HOWL-O-SCREAM GRADE: B It was a lot better this year. I mean A LOT better. But... there's still some work to be done. The scare zones need work. New France is a true "Scare Zone", with Chainsaw freaks wandering from the edge to the edge. But scare zones like Grin and Scare it provide nothing more than an overcrowded walkway with 10 feet of potential scares. This is perhaps the one area BGW needs work with. Last year they tried "The Scare is Everywhere" and executed it lousy, but this year the scare zones seemed to be short, and confined. The Mazes this year were OUTSTANDING. I think this might be the best year on memory for Howl-O-Scream mazes. Catacombs and Bitten should be chopped for next year IMO, but Bitten was better this year than last year. The shows were pretty good with the exception of Jack is Back, which is childish at best. Regardless of any sour notes, it was a great year for Howl-O-Scream. And, while the quality still doesn't live up to that provided by Kings Dominion's HAUNT, it's a great Halloween event in its own right. The 2011 season was great, despite a few minor setbacks with Mach Tower. Lots of exciting stuff to look forward to come 2012. I wish it would get here faster!
  3. Today during my Science class we started discussing coasters, and one kid proudly announces; "Yeah, a couple years ago Hersheypark tried to blow up this coaster because they were putting a new one there. But when they blew it up it didn't take down the coaster, just some area around it. Like 8 people died."
  4. I know I'm being picky, and it shouldn't bother me, but people can't pronounce Howl-O-Scream correctly. It's Howl-O-Scream, yet here's what I've seen; -Halloscream -Halo-Scream -Halloween-Scream -Fright Fest (Seriously?) -Hallow-Scream -Howl-O-Screams -Howls-And-Screams Like, come on. It's not that hard!
  5. BGW's gems on Sunday; -"I heard somebody fell out and died on this ride [Apollo's Chariot] two weeks ago!" -"If dey scare me Imma trip on some fools." -"Yeah, that's were there building a new coaster in 2012." to which his friend responds, "No, no, no. I heard they were just rebuilding Big Bad Wolf since people missed it so much." -"I go to Kings Dominion all the time. It's way better. They have this one coaster that blasts you at 327 miles!"
  6. SHOWS: -Monster Stomp Revamped; 9/10 - A bit shorter this year, but still a great show! Mazes: -Bitten; 5/10 - A few decent scares, overall not that great though. It seemed to be lacking actors. -Catacombs; 8.5/10 - GREAT scares. A bit longer than last year, but unfortunately still REALLY short. -Dead Line; 7/10 - Glad to finally see a change to "Revenge of Pompeii". Scares were few and far between, but they were good. Also, the last room was AMAZING. Just saying. -Fear Fair; 6/10 - This seemed like Universal in style. It was a pretty nice humor maze, but overall the scares here were only decent. -Thirteen, Your Number's Up; 9/10 - LOVED IT! The whole theme and set-up of the maze was incredible. Simply incredible. The best maze BGW has had in years IMO. If I have one complaint, it's that the scare actors seemed to be few and far between. Otherwise, perfect. The death room was incredible. Scare Zones: -Grin and Scare It; 6/10 - A few pretty decent scares, but there seems to be many scare actors (around 10 I'd say), confined to the little bridge from Italy to Festa. -Scavengers; 7/10 - Loved it. The maks were creepy, and there were some decent scares to be had. -Stitchin Time; 4/10 - What? I mean, for starters, the theme is just plain weird. Doctors? Zombies? Cannibals? What? Second, there were almost no scares to be had here, and the actors stayed to the main path, making them easy to see and predictable. -Unleashed; 7/10 - Pretty good scares here. -Widow Makers; 10/10 - I. HATE. CHAINSAWS. Overall I give this year a B+. I loved the return of the scarezones, though granted they were small and contained. Bitten was a bit weak, I feel it was on life support last year, and this year could very well be its last. Catacombs, however, was revived in full glory. GREAT maze. Fear Fair was "cute" but not necessarily scary, the two other new mazes (13 and Dead Line) had very successful debuts, and were both OUTSTANDING. The shows, as usual, were high quality and great fun. Good year for Howl-O-Scream, though some of the mazes seem to lack actors.
  7. BGW's FaceBook is being flooded with comments about how they are shocked and appalled as parents that Fiends at Das Festhaus is such a risque show. Never mind the numerous warnings throughout not only the Festhaus, but the park itself.
  8. 80% chance for rain tonight and tomorrow, 60% Sunday. I plan on going Sunday, since I have season passes and the park closing early just means I try again next weekend!
  9. Just kidding, not all that exciting. Here's what's in store; So then, 3 scare zones, and 2 mazes. AND YET AGAIN ONE OF THE MAZES IN AN UPCHARGE! AAAAAH! I'm mad bro. I mean, I totally get that not every park needs to have a halloween event with 5-10 mazes to be fun, but if you only intend to have TWO, it shouldn't cost me extra money to see one. On the bright side, they do have all new shows, which sound pretty neat! As listed below.
  10. ^It seems instead of scare zones some of the rides will serve as haunted attractions themselves. With Tower of Doom featuring mad scientists, Wild One witches, and etc. One can dream
  11. According to Six Flag's new site for their Fright Fest events, SFA's will be revealed tomorrow. I must say, as horribly cheesy as the site is, if SFA's event is even a fourth of what SFGADV or SFNE's is, it will be much improved over last year. Hell, anything would be an improvement over last year.
  12. Here's the Fright Fest line up for this year. All of the mazes sound awful and corny, and generic. But good god, nothing can be worse than that debacle last year. http://frightfest.sixflags.com/greatadventure/attractions/ Fearful Frights Project XI: Mortuary Manor With almost all evidence of the 2005 zombie apocalypse erased, humans are once again willing to reenter the town of Jackson. Dare to explore the one place where the zombies have yet to be eradicated. One twisted scientist is desperate to ensure zombies regain their stronghold on society, minting new zombies from the dearly departed in the dark, back hallways of a funeral parlor. And these undead creatures have only one mission – eat the living. Demented Forest Take a haunted tour through the Demented Forest and fight your way passed foggy woods, abandoned cabins and wicked creatures. These woods was the site of a grisly triple homicide case that was never solved so all are encouraged to venture in pairs and not veer from the designated path. Escape From the Asylum Enjoy a nighttime tour of The FJM Sanitarium for Wellness – originally known for its innovative methods and techniques but now remembered for the night a lobotomy turned deadly — for everyone at the hospital. Lakefront Graveyard The Lakefront Graveyard is the rumored home to an ever-growing number of ghosts, ghouls and monsters. Traverse coffins, tombs and other cemetery horrors when you visit the haunted burial ground. The Haunted Heist Deadly lasers eliminate almost all sources of escape in this haunted maze. Manage your way through the path unscathed or risk being sliced alive by these unpredictable machines. Zambora Sightings of Zambora, the half-woman, half-gorilla are at an all-time high. Those lucky enough to spot her are rewarded with a first-hand view of the mythical beauty’s transformation from woman to animal. Those even luckier, make it out alive. Monstertainment Demon Barber of Main Street Guests can catch haunting, live Broadway songs in this solo production starring the Demon Barber, featuring music from Wicked, Sweeney Todd and Phantom of the Opera. Just be careful not to sit in his barber chair. His fingers often tend to slip. Dead Man’s Party Join the haunted party with 10 zombie performers, hit songs and red-hot choreography starring the murderous Dr. Fright. The most wicked dance party in the Northeast is only recommended for the strong of heart. The Ghoulmaster’s Ghosts This dance party had been a Halloween tradition for thousands of years bringing the most morbid and macabre characters together to shun the “normals.” Enjoy the anticipated return after a horrible incident took place a few years back. weordphot Fright Fest Freak Show This Coney Island freak show appears in New Jersey area every Halloween chock full of the most death-defying and awe-inspiring creatures ever seen by man. Sword swallowers, human block heads, light bulb eaters, fire breathers and more for your horror and amazement. The Awakening On Halloween, a funeral procession takes on a life of its own. This isn’t a somber affair and there’s no grieving. It’s a parade that culminates with a giant zombie party. At The Awakening, you can watch The Ghoulmaster resurrect Dr. Fright right before your very eyes. Hypnosteria Get a first-hand view of our amazing mentalist/comic hypnotist. This twisted man will be putting the bravest audience members under his wicked spell before your very eyes. Dead and Local Great live music from local artists. Head over to the stage to see ghouls rocking out this Halloween in the park. Just be on the lookout – New Jersey bands have a tendency to go a bit off the rails. Take local band, Biz Arrow, for example…
  13. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I go to the park, they only have 2 sides open.
  14. "I hate roller coasters, that Mach Tower is a real gut churner." Me: "Uh... Mach Tower is not a coaster." "Yeah, it's a vertical freefall roller coaster." Me: *facewall*
  15. I must say I'm not sold on this whole "Acid Assault" scare zone. Acid rain? Really? I get that nuclear fallout is overused, but acid rain? Is that supposed to scare me? Is Al Gore planning this event now?
  16. Alright, looks like a neat event. I'm really excited for the In-Bewtween!
  17. Nice job spoiling. Could you have at least warned people. Oh well, 30 minutes won't kill.
  18. Pretty excited for Haunt. I think the only house I'm not excited to see return is Medival Macabre. I didn't find it too good. Actually, I found it terrible. The usher let WAY too many people in, the lighting was bright and gave away any potential scares. I think the maze has potential, but overall was horribly done last year. Either way I'm really happy to see Asylum return, and REALLY excited for Cornstalkers. Heck, I don't think there's any maze I'm not excited for. The shows sound cool, except for Uprising, which sounds fun, just not my kind of show . Also excited for the Scare Zones. Happy to see Feary Tales, and looking foward to Ironworx! Looks like a great year for Haunt!
  19. Yeah, apparently Hershey is a "money hungry corporation who is knowingly risking the safety of its employees and guests to make a quick buck." At least, that's what the GP Will tell you on FaceBook.
  20. Interestingly enough, this screencap can be seen about 0:13 in. Two faces of Lady Luck?
  21. Posted on their FaceBook. EDIT AS OF 2:00PM EST: The park itself is still planning for normal operations, to the best of my knowledge.
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