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  1. I don't understand what you're getting at when you mention the fact that Universal has a lot of ex-Imagineers. IOA opened, making UO a full-fledged resort, a whole 2 years before DisneySea did.
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of Satan's "yellow water".
  3. Best "haunted" ride - The Haunted Mansion, of course. Best walkthrough - Scream House from HHN12. They recently posted the creepy-as-hell queue video for this classic at HHNVault.com.
  4. It's been pretty long since I've been able to go to IOA during nighttime hours. The last time I was there at night was HHN, but that's not the same. That's a whole 'nother atmosphere altogether, equally photogenic though.
  5. No wonder you didn't notice the dueling. You're supposed to ride in the front, not the back.
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