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  1. I'd like a few new Wii games, as well as a PS3 with a few accessories, especially PSM (Playstaion Move)! But that message should not be shown to my parents! My letters to Santa are usually top secret!

    Anyhow, here's some of my xmas pics from 1996!

    The presents included Super Mario Kart (the blue box if you're short sighted!)


    And that's my 300th post!

  2. They're every parents worst nightmare; kids completely out of control and taking over the household!

    These parents have reached the end of the road; they're in desperate need of help!

    They have only one alternative left; It's time to contact Nanny 911!

    From our team of world-class nannies, direct from Nanny Central, the right nanny will be chosen!

    They will then have one week to take our families from living hell to a family bliss!

    Can these families be saved? Parents of America, help is on the way!

  3. Sad....




    Google translates that page into:



    Since opening on December 16, 2006 in Odaiba, Tokyo, as the world's first sports park,

    Thank you for visiting the many Itadakimashita the patronage,

    Womochimashite operations ended October 31, 2010.

    It was a short time about four years, thank you very much.


    Continued, "Massurupaku Titose"business, so we Itashi,

    Thank you for your continued patronage.


    Thank you very much so far.


    Odaiba Massurupaku


    I regret that MP's concept has not been successful.

    Poor planning makes every park an unpopular burden!

    I could think of turning Muscle Park into a casino, a trade centre for the PRC, a motion picture soundstage, etc.

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