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  1. My daughter did MF at five and has been a coaster junkie ever since. Just get her in there nice and tight and make sure you buy the picture.
  2. I agree with all that I've ridden, but I definitely preferred Leviathan to Behemoth. The trims on Behemoth just killed the ride for me, and even thought I-305 is by far the best giga that I've ridden, Leviathan was much more exciting than what I assumed from pictures and videos would be a better ride on Behemoth.
  3. I was at the park today and didn't notice any major flooding. There was however some pooling of water in Wild Beast's infield and underneath Minebuster's station. Other than that, I didn't notice anything significant. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know if there is any flooding at the park?
  5. Yes, anything would be welcome, but nothing more so than a new coaster-highly unlikely-or a thrilling flat ride. I'm going to keep on hoping that they've been secretly pouring footers for months in secret.
  6. Totally unlikely, but Hershey is packing up Roller Soaker... I really hope we don't get that.
  7. Michigan's Adventure Someone in the office suggested this haiku: The four elements Only one will you master Summer, please come soon This was posted in the Facebook thread by MA. "Wind" Seeker perhaps? Seems an odd choice given the mechanical issues. Edit: Wildly speculating here, but theoretically, they could have been pouring footers since the park closed. It is in the middle of nowhere. I'm just going to assume it's a giga.
  8. I agree with you completely, and even listed it as an option in the first post. That said, it is a fun coincidence, and very likely nothing more. I was curious a couple of days ago whether a hypercoaster had ever been moved, and it turned out that none had. A little more research, and it turned out that all the parks that had opened a closed circuit 200+ foot tall ride were still running as well. There are certainly other types of great rides out there that maintain a similar across the board popularity, but these ones don't close. I'm sure the next few years will see this change, most likely sooner rather than later.
  9. Not a guarantee, obviously if it were that easy than every park would just build one. I just find it curious that every park that has gone 200 plus feet is still open, and so are these rides.
  10. I think this is sort of what I'm getting at. Parks close for a myriad of different reasons, but the ones with hypercoasters seem to endure through mergers, sales, corporate disasters, etc. It's odd.
  11. This was one of the ones I was thinking of initially, how amazing it was that an old Arrow in the middle of the desert was still trucking twenty years later. Would people still have much interest in riding it if were an Arrow mega looper? That seems unlikely to me.
  12. Any clue as to the cost on Time Machine? It seems like a hyper would have cost a similar amount, I'd have to imagine that was a fairly expensive installation. Still, I agree. I highly doubt that a hypercoaster alone could have saved that park.
  13. Does the existence of a hypercoaster guarantee the long term success of a park? The numbers indicate that they just might. Since Magnum XL200 was built in 1989, not a single park that has built a hypercoaster has closed. Including Magnum, there have been 41 full circuit coasters built since 1989. Of those, the only hypercoaster to be torn down is Son of Beast, and that one is unique to the list, as it was wooden. Still, aside from SoB, and the SBNO Thunder Dolphin, not a single hypercoaster has ever closed, and neither have the parks that own them. Was a hypercoaster all that was needed for a park like Geauga Lake to succeed? Or, is this more of a situation where the type of parks that build a hypercoaster are just less likely to close in the first place? What say you TPR? Is this a bizarre coincidence, or a fact of numbers and not height?
  14. Batman and Robin: The Chiller and Speed The Ride. I never rode either, but I've loved the other seven Premier launched rides that I've been on.
  15. 1. Fastlane at Cedar Point. This, to me, was as good or better than a new coaster. 2. Riding Skyrush the night before it opened, truly an amazing ride. 3. Finally getting on I-305. 4. Riding Apollo's Chariot with my daughter, it is her new favorite coaster over Millennium Force. Now that she is 54", next year is going to be interesting...
  16. Someday, if you have a daughter, you will understand.
  17. 10 new ones for this year, the best of which were Skyrush, I-305, and Volcano. Verbolten was pretty darn fun too!
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