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  1. I'm planning a trip to CP on Saturday, and just got an email about "Point Fest." Has anyone been there during that? How much of a sh#tshow should I be anticipating? I'm hesitant to pre-purchase Fastlane because of weather, and would really appreciate any information.




    I was there last year and I didn't even realize it was going on(forgot to check the website). I got on most of the coasters and only rilized what was going on when in I could see it in line for Gemini.


    Cool, thanks. That makes me feel much better.

  2. I think the problem with the park side is that there's not much for people to do. You do Thunderhawk, you do Shivering Timbers, and that's about it for thrills. There's no thrilling flats. About the B&M hyper that people always think would be perfect, MiA already has a hyper. It's wooden and rough now, but it could become way better than any B&M hyper with the help of RMC. I think a really good family coaster would be good too. Right now, Mad Mouse is something that the whole family can do together. Lots of the time, it'll be the longest wait on the park side. Obviously the capacity is an impact on that but it's still very popular with families. Lakeside Gliders did really good it's first season too. The log ride is always a huge line too. I think that if the park would build another coaster in the near future, it'd be something that the whole family can enjoy. Something like Verbolten would be awesome. That would please the families and the thrill seekers.



    But it's not a hyper, not to mention it has rough elements that a lot of folks enjoy that a RMC treatment could neuter. MA has two loopers, two woodies, and nothing that is a true steel signature. I'd much rather see a hyper than a wingrider, and the park wouldn't exactly be hurting itself by adding a ride with a 54" height requirement.

  3. Hey guys, a few months back I was approached by the new Amazon short fiction imprint, Story Front, to submit some short stories. I did, and to my surprise, the one they chose was my horror/sci-fi shorty about a roller coaster. I'll post some info below, as well as a link, and if you have Amazon Prime the story is free to read. If any of you do check it out, I'd love to hear what you think, and would also be happy to answer any questions.



    Thirty years hasn’t changed Las Vegas—the desert just got dirtier. The biggest game in town centers on a massive, deadly roller coaster that winds its way through the Strip’s most famous attractions. On the first Saturday of every month, twenty-four desperate passengers get strapped into the notorious ride and gamble with their lives in a twisted game of chance, to the thrill of webcast audiences worldwide. One of them will win, and one will die, but the other twenty-two will escape with nothing but their lives. Bets are placed as the ride begins, but in Vegas, the house always wins.


    The Ride by acclaimed author Aric Davis is a terrifying near-future vision of bloodlust-as-entertainment taken to a horrific extreme.





  4. Once again, the B&M will still be more reliable.


    After all is said and done, do you really think Cedar Fair is going with Intamin on this coaster?


    I have no idea what they'll build, but I know that I would have a hard time justifying building a trip around a B&M, regardless of reliability. Now, an Intamin, especially in an opening year? No question that my daughter and I will be there.


    What's the difference with building a B&M giga vs and Intamin giga?


    The B&M will be more reliable.



    The Intamin has the potential to be one of the best thrill rides ever made?


    Seriously, I like both manufacturers, but B&M scored a tie at best when it comes to Leviathan versus Millennium Force. I-305 is far superior to both rides, and I'm not alone in thinking that.

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