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  1. Once again thanks for all of the advice! The tips on the shoes is REALLY helpful. But to all of you who worked at CP in previous years, what are the residential aspects like? Is there a specific facility I should try to get into? Also, is there anything I should/could do to make my experience even more memorable and exciting? I'm already REALLY excited to be working Mean Streak this summer!
  2. Thanks a lot everybody for the advice! I really needed a lot of that! I would especially like to thank those who suggested about the shoes. I was so glad to hear that I would be running Mean Streak, since it is one of my all time favorite woodies. Thanks again everyone!
  3. So, this summer I'll be one of the ride operators on Mean Streak, is there anyone who could maybe share a little knowledge about being a ride operator at Cedar Point or other parks? I'm pretty excited, but I've heard some interesting stories about working at CP. Is it really going to be as fun as it sounds?
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