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  1. 3 hours ago, Canobie Coaster said:

    Kennywood just hit 35 dispatches in an hour on Phantom and didn't stack once!  This crew is amazing.

    Thanks for the feedback... it has been passed along to the crew! We're working extra hard to provide the best guest experience we can this year, and having a blast doing it! 😁

    This is my 13th year at the park for at least a part of each season, and this year's group has just blown my mind with how motivated and full of energy they are!

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  2. Sadly, CLP will not be opening this year. They just sent this email out and also posted the notice to Facebook.


    May 27, 2020


    To our friends and followers of Conneaut Lake Park:


    Under normal circumstances, we would be excitedly preparing the park to welcome you all for our 2020 Season. Sadly, these are not normal times. So it is with great sadness that the Conneaut Lake Park Board of Trustees announces the cancellation of its 2020 park season.


    As most of you are aware, many people have worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to bring the park back to life. Both then and now, the health and safety of our staff and guests are always our top priority. Unlike many of the parks around us, Conneaut Lake Park is currently under a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization, which makes times like these especially challenging for us. We have been in contact with a representative from our secured creditors regarding the bankruptcy plan.


    We have been given no guidance on whether amusement parks are allowable in the Green Phase however, even moving to the Green Phase only allows businesses to operate at 50% capacity. Compounding this are social distancing protocols and sanitization requirements, all resulting in a diminished operations model that would require resources the park simply does not have while working its way out of bankruptcy. We have brought the park back to life on the premise of a crowded midway and without crowds, our business model does not work. Additionally, we do not have the logistical infrastructure to control the number of people at the park as the IAPAA guidelines and known federal and state protocols require, nor virtual infrastructure to control crowds like larger amusement parks are in the process of implementing. There is also the anticipated increased liability insurance costs for parks operating amidst the pandemic. All of these obstacles would make creating a fun and safe park experience while adhering to our fiscal responsibilities truly impossible.


    We sincerely appreciate your patience, kindness and understanding during this unprecedented time. This decision was not made lightly and has been incredibly difficult and frustrating for all involved. Conneaut Lake Park has been helping folks make memories with their loved ones for 128 years and we look forward to returning to that tradition for the 2021 season. Thank you to all who have continued to support us. We are truly grateful.


    For questions related to Season Passes, please refer to our website at http://www.newconneautlakepark.com/2020-season-update/2020-season-pass-information.cfm.

  3. One of my favorite bands just announced a Halloween show in Pittsburgh on 10/18. Thinking of doing a drive from ATL to Pittsburgh (ugh) to see the show on Friday then spend Saturday at Kennywood. I see that they split the day into 2 parts so 2 seperate tickets. Any idea what the prices are for the two seperate events and if all the rides, save water rides, are expected to be open during the Halloween weather?


    The event earlier in the day, Happy Hauntings, may not interest you unless you have kids with you. They have things like a hayride, hay maze, a trick-or-treating trail, and a bunch of the kiddie rides open plus a few others like the MGR, Paratrooper, etc. They did have Jack Rabbit open last year... not sure if the coaster selection will differ at all this year.

  4. 1) There is a preferred parking section for $7 and there is also tons of free parking if you don't mind what's a very short walk / escalator ride compared to the amount of walking around the park you'll do in a day anyways.


    2) The chair lift operates on very busy days when the third level parking lot is getting high use, which isn't very often. However, I expect that once Steel Curtain opens it will happen a lot more often. I love the view from that ride!!


    3) We still have our rapids ride, minus the big waterfall... but I still think it's quite enjoyable and personally am actually more likely to ride it now that there's no possibility of 1,000 gallons of water dumping directly on my head, lol. We also have Pittsburg Plunge which is your standard, no frills, Shoot the Chute ride.


    4) Yes... see here: https://www.kennywood.com/VIPCoasterTours. Also, Phantom's Revenge is in fact unlimited on the unlimited pass, despite what it says there. And I've heard Steel Curtain should be getting added at some point (they did build a dedicated VIP queue line for it).


    5) Potato Patch fries, of course!

  5. For those that work at the park (I know there's at least one of you!), have you heard if there's any idea currently about when this will finally open? I'm not in any super rush to get there, thanks to the aforementioned fundage issues, just curious.


    I honestly don't think they know yet... but as you would imagine, they'd want to get it open ASAP. I'm going to KennyKon on July 20th, and they have Steel Curtain ERT on the schedule but with a disclaimer:


    While it is hoped that The Steel Curtain will reliably operating by the time of the event, like all new installations, especially ones with new designs, technical challenges can prevail. In the event it is not operational, another roller coaster will be substituted for ERT, and the kindness and understanding of event attendees will be appreciated!
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