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  1. Valhalla is by far the best water ride I have ever ridden. The facade issues might have been triggered by the water going down the facade and the moss that grew on it. I trust PB to make it much better!
  2. Here goes my opinion.. I have only ridden three Wooden Rollecoasters. The grand national and the big dipper at Blackpool and Megafobia in Wales. I must say, Megafobia holds the best drop for me. It's a ridiculous headchooper and the airtime in the back is unreal! I love the first drop on the Grand National aswell. The double dip has so much airtime. However Megafobia beats it for me.
  3. QR- So what if there is a big craze about wing riders in rct. For you to 'yawn' and say them things is very offensive. People have put a lot of time and effort into their wingriders.
  4. Well thats pretty much the same for most rides that are tall. For example if you stood right at the bottom of Stealths tower supports you would look tiny in comparison. And don't even mention Kingda Ka!
  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the park! Megafobia is also my favourite woodie. That first drop is just amazing! Speed is a cool ride. Better than Saw in my opinion. When I went I missed Drenched. Oh well, maybe next time! Did you ride Spooky 3D?
  6. No food. What's worse than not being able to ride rollercoasters because of an illness that will last a lifetime?
  7. All I can think of is the roar of Nemesis. It's extremely loud. With this expansion we'll hopefully see the rise of a new maze for fright nights. If there is enough space.
  8. ^ That's mean. The Title Fairy must be more polite.
  9. Stealth at Thopre park a few weeks ago. One of my favourite rides!
  10. Has happened to me many times! The last one I saw was of that looper in Eftling. ( I knew the name at the time)
  11. ^ I know its horible, how could they have done that? It's called the rant thread. Not the OMG * POSTS!!! thread.
  12. This caught my eye... The man in the front row that had probably just been teased by spectators.
  13. But wouldn't that be unfair to the people who have worked hard all their life and made such a profit. Trust me, money works! I would buy a nice house and buy cars, guitars and travel the world of all it's wonders and of course, Ride Rollercoasters! If only
  14. Doctor Who - BBC FamilyGUY - (I watch it on BBC Three) South Park - Comedy Central Top Gear BBC
  15. The park is very flat. Perhaps you might consider terraforming it a bit.
  16. I like the location of mine swing however on the lift hill and brake run you need catwalks. This is a great addition to the park aswell! Just right!
  17. Source: GCI Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/GreatCoasters Taking shape.
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