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  1. I, for one, think this is a fantastic start. There's an ordered layout to the park that as I can see would work well in a real park scenario. The Arrow coaster in the foreground has a brilliant layout and at first I thought it was a CT. The first drop is exceptionally well composed.


    I see the creativity you have with the game in the very right where you have a stadium. Using the paths to elevate the 'seats' works very well, although a little sparse.


    There is also a good ratio of flat rides and roller coasters aimed at both families and thrill seekers, something that a lot of rct3 park makers don't think of. I see you as a very mature player who thinks critically about what your theme park should include, restraining ideas you may have that would have been awesome but would not have worked in this scenario.


    There is also a great range of coasters between wood and steel, and to what people they market towards.


    Speaking more critically, you may want to use more of a variety of trees in your park. They really spice it up and add colour to the park. Your pathways are also rather bare which can be improved by adding benches, bins and other items the game has to offer, but don't go over board!


    The park is also very flat. Maybe try raising some ground and using terraforming more, especially on the log flume (to possibly create a mountain) or where the mine train is. Also, terrapainting goes a long way in making your park look good which I see throughout your park, however more use of it would improve the look of the park.


    This park has a lot of potential.


    Well, there's not enough images right now, so I am unable to critique.

    Yes, unable to critique....


    Also, answering your question which has seem to be discarded, my vote will go to District of Fun.

  2. A cigarette? Really? Well, talk about carelessness, move all of the designated smoking areas at least 400 yards AWAY from Hercules. Also, I never knew in the peep designer you could have people smoke. I question how this game isn't rated T. Ha, Trojan is looking awesome.
    Holy crap I didnt know the launch went through the centre of the town area, it looks amazing!


    Two years late but thank you guys.


    I really miss this park.


    I've realized how much I have grown up more than anything looking back over these very few pages. The Park file is long gone. Lost on another computer long forgotten. And the people who helped me by commenting and helping out, which have proved to be great friends, a tremendous thanks to them. After this file couldn't open due to lag, I went about making a new Marine World which would be better in every way. Although I couldn't find the inspiration to complete it after I first posted it on another rct3 site. Maybe finding this thread again will give me new inspiration to build something new and stick to it. Something I am a complete stranger to. Who knows?

    But all in all, thanks to everyone.


  3. I had a very odd one last night. It was me and this random woman on Montu. But it only had two seats per row. Also, the layout was completely different. A zero ge roll was the first inversion followed by the loop. The Batwing was still there though and as I came up to it I screamed BATWING! And the woman next to me looked at me and laughed.

    The strangest part though was the break run. It went on for what seemed forever. Also, the shoulder restraints were able to release and the car then looked like a sit down car. (Four seats per row now). Then the train continued along and then went past lots of army guys. This was extremely odd. Then ofcourse I woke up but I actually got to ride it!

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