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  1. I agree that there are other more important things to complain about than food. It is just us southern california's are spoiled so we need to find something to complain about.
  2. According to the ride's wikipedia page, it is no longer there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenge_of_the_Mummy_(Universal_Studios_Hollywood)
  3. I understand that they are trying to make as much money as they can on food. But it is just frustrating to see whenever I go to the food place at a Costco, and I can get fast service with good tasting food for very little money. All ask for is that the park does at least one of those three, because all three are horrible.
  4. Alright 1500 pages! Anyway when I first saw the superman colors on the anouncement video, I was a little unsure if I like it. But now looking at it almost done and I love it so far.
  5. ^I Agree, most people would give a big new roller coaster more attention if it is introduced after the whole Cars land and Transformers maina blows over.
  6. Yeah sorry I ment that to be a joke. I should have put a smilie on there.
  7. ^No they didn't rebuild it. They just gave it the Terminator theme and told everyone that it is a new ride.
  8. When I was a kid I had watched these videos called "There goes a.....", and each video was based on different things like planes, police cars, and fire trucks. Well this one video was called "Here comes a roller coaster", which toke place at SFMM. And they just ran around the park riding all the roller coasters. It was filmed in 1994 so they made batman and viper seem as they were the greatest coasters ever made. I laught so much whenever I watch it again and just seeing how much the park has changed.
  9. Its like when Tatsu was comming to the park. When word started circulating that the park was going to build the world's tallest and fastest flying coaster. I had literaly had no idea where they were going to put it.
  10. I hate it. I guess it is just because I am so use to the original teen voice they had. Did they change the station audio to? Because I will really miss the teen voice saying "lets get ready to roll". But I do love the "not ready, too bad" lol.
  11. With the trim brakes they might as well just rename it Top Thrill Dragster. Because it would really do what a real top fuel dragster does, amazing quick acceleration and then pop out the parachutes.
  12. If you leave by 9 you should be there in time for opening if you take the 5. Unless there is a major crash or something.
  13. So the tin can who hates space travel is going to be flying the ship. Even Rex would be a better pilot.
  14. I have ridden Aera 19 during the daytime and it was alright. They just theme the queue to be like Aera 51. And the on-board audio is different, during the actually ride part the play Let the Bodies hit the Floor by Drowning Pool, which I think fits the ride better than Beastie Boys. They might have other stuff at night.
  15. The Scat-A-Bout location would have been great because it would be on the top of the hill, if only there wasn't that dang height limit. But based on Angry_Gumball's idea I can't imagen them just taking out half of the midway there, becuase think of the bottle necking that will happen with big crowds. And It would be really stupid if they took out Cobra. I wonder if they could possibly fit it in Medusa's track aera. There is a couple of aeras that look big enough. But I don't know how much ground space the ride would require. ^BTW welcome to the forums.
  16. Speaking of helicopters, wasn't the park going to get a helicopter tour attraction this year. What ever happened to that?
  17. To be honest. I always forget that Sierra Falls is there. It just seems so out of place to be there rather than in HH. So I guess I won't miss it, if it will be taken out completely.
  18. Yeap your right. Basically all they do is have the Six Flags Plaza area decorated a little with reefs and lights, but nothing major like Disney, Universal, or even Knotts. I had always thought they should do a holiday in the park like SFDK, SFOT, and SFFT. But they seem to not want to compete with the other socal parks. From my experiences of visiting at that time I don't remeber it being very crowded (cold though). If the park is closing at 6, its not because the park jamed full of people. So you should be perfectly fine.
  19. I really don't think that the statium would be much of a problem. I mean SFOT has the Ballpark in Alington right accross the street and Elitch Gardens has the Pepsi Center practically on their doorstep.
  20. Reading this topic made me want to go out this weekend and take this picture of SFMM (with the colossus spider). If you are familiar to the area around the park, this was taken from Newhall Ranch road, just north of I-5. I really like this view with the mountains in the background and just seeing all the rides on top of the hill. Also in this shot I count a total of 11 coasters. (soon to be 12) Six Flags Magic Mountain
  21. I agree the purple circle should be were it goes. Its not like Batman needs its extended queue anymore.
  22. ^^Well the season pass ads at the park are advertising 3 new coaster experiences. I bet Kinzel is waking up right now in the middle of the night sensing a disturbance in the force.
  23. ^^^Mabey they are going to repaint Scream and advertise it as a new coaster. The GP would think its a new coaster, hence 3rd new coaster experience.
  24. Of course Cedar Point is good from any angle around the pensula. And SFDK looks good when you are exiting 37 after getting off I-80, it gives me major goosebumps seeing Medusa right there. And its really good seeing it from the parking lot (if leaving parking lot wasn't so bad it would be my most favorite lot). But I would say the best view is of SFMM when your are going southbound on I-5. Just seeing all the big roller coasters in one shot sitting on top of the hill. It is a complete heart break having to drive down that road when you are not going to stop there.
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