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  1. Okay I was at the mountian today and here is a few notes some might be interested in. - one of revolution's trains has a new decal on if for the new "Grown Ups" movie coming out. - were running 2 trains on riddler with no train on the transfer. - and the terminator and goliath operators were great today, whereas tatsu's were abnormally slow. But got on every coaster and water ride with rerides on x2, termy, tatsu, and goliath. pretty moderate crowds dispite alot of kids being out of school now. I was actually with a friend of mind from school who had not been to the park since 1993. And even then he was too short to ride anything, so this was his first real experience of the park. Not bad for a first time visit in over 17 years, just to be able to get on everything thanks to going with a coaster nerd like myself.
  2. My "drive-by" opinion of the show from watching the video, is that I still think Fantasmic is better just based on the live action and props for the show, which is generally what I prefer when it comes to live entertainment. Though WoC looks really cool, I feel the show just seems way to long (time wise) to just have fountains and lighting effects. But I have not seen the show live yet so that opinion might change. I might be going this mon or tues. I will be my myself and from my history of seeing Fantasmic by myself, being just me I can wiggle my way into a small good viewing spot without worrying about other people in my party.
  3. It shouldn't be that crowded. You might get hit with a large group of school buses droping off school kids. But the park should be around moderate levels. Depending on the times you hit them X2, Tatsu, and Termy might be in between 40 min to an hour wait.
  4. Hogsmede is the town that the main characters spend alot of time at in for the last 5 books. And from what I remeber every time they were there something bad happened there because it was away from Hogwarts. As for butter beer it was just a drink that the characters drank a whole lot of but they never went into detail on what was in it. I take it Robb you never read the books or watch the movies too much. My thoughts from seeing the pictures about the area, is that I think people who never followed the harry potter series really won't like the area a whole alot. But those who were fans of the series will love. Lets just say I think Universal put a little too much detail into the area. At least that is my opinions from pictures. BTW could sombody out there please show some pictures of the FJ ride vehicles.
  5. There is a good moment of airtime right when you crest the 2nd hill right before you turn. I only find it rough at the bottom of the hills. As much as I look forward to the upgrade, I would greatly miss the current version which is one of the most iconic coasters in the world.
  6. ^Pretty much every day in July is crowded. Expecially the weekends (fri, sat, sun). If you want to go on every ride you will need a Flashpass.
  7. I just googled Iggy the Iguana and got this. http://www.star-telegram.com/2010/06/01/2231739/iggy-at-the-fw-zoo.html I agree Robb, forget Six Flags.
  8. I stopped and took a look at them, and I found it be annoying when you would be reading then it would suddenly change screens. So I don't think the GP would really like it.
  9. ^I think if they were going to have it they would start right now, when summer begins. Hey did anybody who very recently visit the park notice the new TV price boards on the ticket boths. Instead of the sign with the ticket and pass prices they now have a TV showing it. And it works like a slide show where it will show the 1 day ticket prices on the screen then 20 seconds later it swiches to the season pass prices. Then 20 seconds later flips to another screen. Personally I think it was a waste of money for six flags to install them when I found nothing wrong with the sign board that they had. Also the park is apparently working on installing a Mrs. Fields cookie food place at the waterfront food court, which will sell cookies, cookie ice cream sandwiches and dessert stuff like that.
  10. I grew up going to Disneyland all the time with my parents. Normally you would think that the park you grow up going to never gets old for you. But no I have grown to get sick of the park. Just from hearing the same music over and over again, to riding the same mild trill rides over and over again, to finally dealing with the same disneyland crowds over and over again.
  11. When I went on wedsday they were running 2 trains on riddler and I don't remeber seeing anything on the transfer tracks, of course I usually don't make a note on every visit on how many trains are present on each ride. But I had just assume the other train was in rehab.
  12. Does anyone know if they are planning have a soft opening for annual passholders? Just curious.
  13. ^Mabey he jumped and landed behind home plate. The two promotional videos that have come out so far I find to be really weak. This video expecially, all it seemed was music playing and showing the kong's foot prints from different angles. I think it would be better if they showed tiny bits of clips from the movie or the attraction film. And also show a few shots of people cowarding in fear on the studio tour trams.
  14. So Xcerlator's red train was scraped after the incident? I find it interesting how pieces of the body are just lying around under the coaster, because it still fits the theme of the ride. It makes me wonder if knotts is going to buy another train sometime in the future.
  15. I see exactly what your saying. But I think for Mr. Six or any new ride that has been annouced already to the public and has ads running for it, shouldn't the employees at least know enought about it to give responses to guest who see all the ads and want to know about it for their next visit. Because not all the people that see "new family coaster opening this summer" ad are all enthusiasts. I didn't mean to bring this topic up now, I was just now pointing out how funny it was that he turned out to have given me the right response.
  16. I totally agree that he was problebly right by pure accident. Like I had mentioned back a month ago on April 27 on here that he didn't really know what I was talking about at first. Then gave me what seemed to be a safe answer.
  17. Its funny but about a month ago I was talking to an employee up in the sky tower, and he said that Mr. Six wasn't suppost to open until next year. At the time I thought he was just an employee that wasn't informed about the park to well. But now with all that is now coming out he was actually right.
  18. Just a side note that I noticed during my visit today was that the parking toll booths were in the process of being painted red. Now there is something that needed a paint job almost as much as Scream.
  19. Mabey the problem with Mr. Six was that there was something wrong with the location they selected for it. BTW right now I am posting this from the cyber cafe, this is so cool. Today was relative light day in terms of crowds, but there were alot of school buses here today so it was crowded for a weekday this time of year. I had gotten on every roller coaster and water ride today so one good day at MM.
  20. So that is why superman is no longer on the top of the tower, so they can do what ever ^ that is. Now that is true airtime.
  21. ^Thats funny using the can that had the universal ad on it. But I remember years ago before I became a pass holder I had given them a can with nothing on it and they said I needed one with the ad on it, but even though the guy said that to me he still gave us the free ticket and just said next have one with the ad on it. But I thought they had stoped doing the promotion because I never see any of the cans with the label on it anymore, nor do I hear any advertisements on it anymore.
  22. What? I've not ever heard of any coaster that requires three operators in order to run a 2-train operation. In fact, I've actually seen a 2-train operation on a B&M Floorless run by a SINGLE operator once! --Robb I thought I had heard something like that before where somebody would always having to be stationed at the control panel at all times when running multiple trains. So then they wouldn't have just one person checking restraints with multiple trains. At least that was always a theory of mine when there was 2 ops and only one train with one train that appears useble on the transfer track on a sunny day with a 30 min wait. Well I guess it shows how someone like me who has never worked as a ride op really doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about. BTW you got feel sorry about that lone operator on a B&M.
  23. Alot of times the reason for a one train operation is just do to the number of operators they have working at that time. Some rides would only would need 2 operators when doing a single train. But to run muliple they would need at least 3 operators. Also at mainly the parks open year round, some of rides like Silver Bullet or Xcelerator only have 2 total trains. So they would have to do a preventative maintenance or rehab on the trains at some point. And finally another thing I like to think is a reason particularly at six flags parks now a days, mabey they want you to take the time and check out the advertisements.
  24. ^^I sure hope not. I don't know about the costs to maintain it but there is not much that can be put there so I think it is safe for now. With one train if the line is just to the bottom of the ramp it is still only a 15 minute wait at the most. Expecially with the kick-ass crew working on it. I always find it funny how so many people waste their time for the front. Alot of them I think don't realise what line they are in till they are about to get on. I always shake my head when the front car line goes down the ramp farther than the rest of the train line.
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