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  1. the Space Star It seem like an horrible ride, but belive me, it's awesome!!! There's also some airtime during the ride.
  2. stickers like this... it's our site logo...
  3. sorry for my bad English... now they have changed the movie in the 4d cinema, the new one is quite good! (not so much the story, but the quality of images are cool!)
  4. best:Black Mamba, Crystal Wings, Katun (only the queue) worst: Scream! the parking theme is really horrible...
  5. Italy... Rimini... nearest park... Fiabilandia (small family theme park) 40 Km from Mirabilandia (Katun)
  6. Katun, katun ,katun, katun, katun, katun, katun, katun, katun, katun, I've tryed only this B&M inverted.
  7. Sierra tonante at Mirabilandia became a bit better if rain. But it is always a rough coaster.
  8. My first coaster was Sierra Tonante in Mirabilandia (not a very good Rc). Second (very good): Katun I live only a few Km from there
  9. I don't know english very well (so sorry if I don't write well),I'm from Italy and this is the first message that I write here. I do this effort becouse this is a GREAT WORK. In Italy we said Complimenti!!! I have loved tower of terror since I went last year to Disneyland CA, now I can't wait that TOT in Paris will be complete. If the final project will be the same as your draws (but this is only a dream) we certainly see one of the best attraction in the world.
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