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  1. ^Looks awesome, thanks for sharing the pictures! I'm seriously excited about this addition to Liseberg!
  2. Well, I thought this was pretty cool so I figured I'd share it here. Every winter they open Hunderfossen Vinterpark on weekends in February and early March, where the park turns into a winter wonderland filled with magic and fairytales. The park put together a lovely little video, showing what they have to offer during this event. For a small family park it looks like a really cool event! (pun intended) You can book an overnight stay in the snowhotel... ...or you can even have a marriage in their ice cathedral.
  3. Interesting. I just assumed that they would retrack the whole thing, but it looks like most of the first drop will remain other than the top bit??
  4. My dishwasher isn't working properly. I think I need to call Alan Ford...
  5. Definitely surprised about this change, but I'm also very happy about it. I hope they make it into a far more immersive experience than what it is today.
  6. Put clothes in the washing machine. Didn't turn the machine on. Bloody hell I'm a genious!
  7. A little? That new track design looks rather bulky, but I like it! It will be interesting to see how well it rides once it reopens.
  8. Trying a couple of new beers this week. First was Toxic Alevenger Pale Ale from Norwegian brewery Cervisiam. Very cool name and can design, but the citrus flavour was too strong so there wasn't much other flavours. Not bad, but just a bit bland. Right now I'm drinking "The Haze Craze IPA" from Danish brewery To Øl. Once again a very high-quality beer from this brewery, for me this beer has a perfect look and the taste is not far off from being perfect either. This one I'm definitely buying again!
  9. ^Looks great! Liseberg also posted a video on their facebook page. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  10. Wow I definitely didn't see that coming! While not a highly memorable ride, I thought Robin Hood had a fairly decent and fun layout. I didn't have any particular issues with roughness either, but during my ride back in 2016 the lapbar tightened during the ride which made it highly uncomfortable. I'm definitely curious to see what they will do with this one, how much height they will add, etc... that second hill seems perfect for an outward banked hill like the third hill on Steel Vengeance! (just smaller of course)
  11. I would love to see a ride themed to The Neverending Story. I loved that movie as a kid, and just seeing it mentioned here brings back memories.
  12. Oh yes, these are always fun! 1. What is the best park visit you had in 2017? Disneyland Paris (the main park) 2. Have you ever traveled to a park with a specific ride in mind only for it to be closed all day? No 3. GCI or Gravity Group? Pick one. I've only done a couple of GCI's, but I really like to look of some of the Gravity Group coasters so I'm going with GG. 4. How many different parks did you visit in 2017? Four 5. How many times did you visit your home park in 2017? None (but I consider Tusenfryd my 'home park' and it's 300 miles away) 6. What was the first RMC you rode? Wildfire @ Kolmården 7. Best view from the top of a lift? Wildfire @ Kolmården 8. What new-for-2018 roller coaster are you most anticipating? Pick one. The Intamin hyper at Energylandia 9. RMC or Intamin? You can only choose one. Intamin 10. What was your favorite new-to-you ride of 2017? Schwur des Kärnan (with honorable mention to Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris) 11. Money is no object. You can travel to any park in the world right now by snapping your fingers. Where are you going? Tokyo DisneySea 12. Have you ever made out with someone in a queue line? No 13. What is the last coaster that changed your top 10? Schwur des Kärnan 14. Disney or Universal? Disney 15. When is the last time you witnessed someone puke at a park? I actually don't think I ever seen it happen. 16. How many new credits did you pick up in 2017? If you don't count, take your best guess... 10 17. You're at Magic Mountain. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... Twisted Collosus 18. Name a coaster or ride that you passionately dislike. Wild Arctic at SeaWorld Orlando. Never in my life have I wanted more for a simulator ride to be over! 19. What is the most amount of money you've spent on a Fast Pass? Whatever the Six Flags Fast Pass cost back in 2008... 20. Skyscreamers or Windseekers? Skyscreamer 21. What is your most recent B&M credit? Dueling Dragons (RIP) 22. Best adult beverage at a theme park? (under 21: whats your favorite beverage you can only get at a park?) As much as I love beer, I never paid any special attention to it at the parks I've visited. 23. Most irritating coaster nickname/abbreviation? SteVen 24. Butterbeer or Dole Whip? I haven't tried Dole Whip, but Butterbeer was great. 25. Favorite steel coaster *under* 100 feet? Piraten 26. What's the best bathroom at your home park? I don't have any recollection of any of the bathrooms at Tusenfryd being better than others. 27. Nighttime ERT on Lightning Rod or all-you-can-eat Cinnamon Bread? You can only choose one. Nighttime ERT on Lightning Rod 28. If it were in your power, what coaster would you relocate to Knoebels? I have been to Knoebels back in 2008, but it's so far away that it would be the same as for me to ask you which coaster you would relocate to Tusenfryd... 29. What is the last thing you remember eating in a theme park? A glazed donut at Disneyland Paris 30. Your favorite coaster got equipped with on board audio x Spotify. What's your hype track? Offspring - One Fine Day 31. Name the most disappointing ride you took in 2017. Dragekongen @ Djurs. I know it's a family ride, but it's still quite a large coaster and I was just expecting a little bit more... 32. Airtime hill or Zero G Roll? Airtime hill 33. What is your favorite coaster/ride built before 1970? Phoenix 34. What's worse - splashed by malaria lake flume water or dripped on by chain lift grease? Chain lift grease, more difficult to clean off 35. Name an Intamin coaster on your bucketlist! Expedition Geforce 36. You just won a 3 day trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is you have to choose between Disneyworld or Cedar Point. Which do you choose and why? Cedar Point. I love Disneyworld, but I've been twice to Orlando and never to Cedar Point. 37. Floater or Ejector? Ejector 38. What was your worst park experience of 2017? Didn't have any really bad ones, but it's no doubt that Walt Disney Studios Park is not a great park (unlike the one next door) 39. Name your favorite coaster under 41 feet tall. According to RCDB, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has a 41 ft drop. I suspect the ride might be a little bit taller, but I cannot think of any others worth mentioning. 40. End your post with an aerial shot of one of your top 5 coasters
  13. That was great! The backstage tour looks really cool. I absolutely LOVE Liseberg and I cannot wait to go back this year!
  14. Did a couple of changes to my list from three years ago. Changes are highlighted in bold text.
  15. Burnt two fingertips while cooking dinner today. Incredible how just a small burn can hurt so much!
  16. This month alone would be my definition of a very busy year lol...
  17. That's the first time I've seen a knock-off of a Pinfari ZL42. I'd be curious to hear how it rides compared to the Pinfari version.
  18. Poland is definitely an interesting place to go for coasters in 2018. Energylandia and Legandia are only 60 km apart, making it perfect for a weekend trip!
  19. I just had to google what the tide pod challenge is. Bloody hell what an insanely stupid thing to do! Just stop telling people not to eat it, let natural selection do it's thing and maybe we'll end up with a slightly less horrible world...
  20. That looks fantastic! It's crazy to think how far Toverland has come since they opened the doors in 2001.
  21. I'm kinda torn when it comes to the can design from To Øl. They make very nice looking cans, but at the same time I like my cans/bottles to have some kind of easy identification on them to what type of beer it is without having to read the small text on the back. But hey, they make good beer and that's the most important part!
  22. While this year is not an option, I would love to be able to join for one of your trips one day! Your approach to these trips, compared to the "regular coaster clubs", is much more tempting to me.
  23. I'm seriously excited about this addition. Last visit to Liseberg was in 2015 so it's definitely time for a new visit!
  24. That looks great! We get Sierra Nevada Pale Ale here in Norway, and I quite like that one. I haven't seen anything else from Sierra Nevada here though. Right now I'm having a "Garden of Eden - Fruit IPA" from Danish brewery To Øl. Quite good stuff!
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