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  1. Just a reminder if I reach my goal (200 dollars) I will donate 100 dollars of my own money and if I reach 500 dollars I will die my hair pink for the event anything helps


    You know man I love your spirit and all but I kinda think that goal is a bit too high. More power to you if you can make it though!


    It's suppose to be hard but reachable which I think 500 is since once I hit 200 it will jump to 300 with my donation. I think I can do it and u know u wanna see me with pink hair lol. I really hope it's not top gun we ride I just don't like that ride lol but who cares it's for a good cause

  2. So I don't know if someone was talking about me or not cause the comments have been deleted but either way I'm sorry if it comes off as me wanting to win cause I say "donate to me and I will die my hair pink" or something like that it's not cause I wanna win it's cause I wanna help these kids just like we all do. I'm a creative guy and look for ways to get the most out of things. Even if those comments werent about me like Robb said we're in this together. Sure the prizes are cool but I'm pretty sure none of us are doing it for them. We are doing this for the kids let all remember that

  3. I decided that if I reach my goal (which is 200 bucks) I will donate 100 bucks of my own money so if anyone wants to help me reach my goal it would mean alot.... I'm Chris and I have been riding coasters for over 10 years. I also have worked at CGA. I'm doing this for the kids and to have a great time if anyone wants to add me on Facebook please do so I love meeting new people


  4. We are just prepping for when great America really becomes a "ghost town" lol jk. Nibbler how do u know that it wasent a child? I'm just going by what my uncle has said. They even claim to have seen him one night. I believe their is a thread for ghosts in theme parks somewhere on tpr, I know for sure I saw it somewhere online with all these great stories about theme parks and ghosts. Showtime theater being on of them. As for drop tower the boy fell out of cabin 3 and that's where it happened. Me and my friend are still talking about that.

  5. I had a weird experience when I was working drop zone. A penny fell from the seat that the kid had fallen out of after we had cycled 6 times with empty seats (we were opening the ride) it would have fallen out after the first time and their wasent even a penny when I checked the seat right before it happened. Weird. However I don't think drop zone is haunted. They say ghost haunt places they are connected to so I feel like no guest who have died here would haunt the park. Unless they loved coming here the only other connection is that this is where their death happened. The showtime theater is haunted by a little boy. The story goes before it was great America a house was there and it burned down and the boy died. My uncle has told me many stories about this ghost. If anyone wants to hear more let me know

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