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  1. Does Compounce usually run 2 trains? How long is a bad line with one train? Also, do those 2 parks allow re-rides? I know SF usually does and CF usually doesn't.
  2. I never got why Cedar Fair can't even maintain most woodies without trimming it. Do they know ANYBODY who they could hire to help with this? On another, non-HW note, why are steel coasters trimmed to speeds that make them BORING? I'm looking at you, Raging Bull!
  3. Holy crap! I was thinking a day at Quassy, a day at LC, and 3 at SFNE. How many times could I ride WW at Quassy in a day? What about Boulder Dash at LC?
  4. I love the idea of a Blitz or other LSM coaster. As for RMC, what about a mid-sized RMC with a one or two (NO MORE THAN THAT) inversions and a ton of small airtime hills? It would be set apart fairly nicely from Toro, especially if it wasn't right next door.
  5. If I go to SFNE next summer, are Quassy and Lake Compounce worthwile side trips? Do those 2 parks get crowded?
  6. Being March 2014 when that info was released, and not knowing exactly how many coasters RMC can pump out with their new track plant, it is still reasonable that some park could order a small or medium RMC for 2016. In fact, between March and now, is is completely inconcievable that a park has ordered a small RMC for next year and the info has not been updated? I think that RMC could pull off something Wooden Warrior sized fairly quickly.
  7. If Golden Horse made a giga or hyper, would it end up like a badly designed Magnum knockoff (coathanger shaping?) This isn't a jab at Magnum, by the way - I like it!
  8. Liseberg looks epic! I heard they run 5 trains on Lisebergbanan. Is this true? As for Helix, it also looks epic! Not to mention that the first half alone is longer than some Six Flags coasters of similar intensity (I'm looking at you, Goliath...) Seriously, though, Sweden has epic parks. Liseberg has Balder and Helix as its first-tier rides and Lisebergbanan and Kanonen as its second-tier rides. It's 2 Intamins, a Mack, and a Zierier-Schwarzkopf - all look awesome! Grona Lund has an un-neutered Zacspin, another Schwarzkopf (Zierier-Schwarzkopf?), and a GG woodie, along with all sorts of smaller coasters to go with them. Seriously, why are the small parks in Sweden able to compete with the big parks in the US with big, expensive coasters while operating them efficiently and un-neutered? As for Denmark's Djurs, I'm sad to hear about your opinion of Piraten. I've been on Maverick (favorite steel), have you been on it? How does it compare to Piraten?
  9. Just got back from SFGAm- -American Eagle - Only rode blue (I saw red running briefly, but it shut down before I got in line.) Nice ride here - classic, floating airtime and a really interesting layout. Also, ejector airtime right after the helix - I can only imagine this without the trims! 7.5/10 -Batman - Compared to a rather bad experience on the SFGAdv model earlier this year, this was awesome! It was very smooth an had the best scenery of all the B:TR clones that I've been on (SFMM both normally and Namtab, SFOG, SFGAdv and SFGAm.) It's interesting how the original is so good. For an invert, I guess this is a solid 7-8/10, although I am not the biggest invert fan. Fun fact - The wheel covers for Batman are stored to the left of the train right before it enters the station. They kinda look like giant bike helmets... -Dark Knight - I love the scenery on these rides. Compared to SFGAdv, the SFGAm version does not have the preshow video (well, it does, but they just queue you through it.) The upper switchback deck is identical to SFGAdv's, but the theming on the rest of the ride is better than the SFGAdv version. I wish they would apply this great scenery to a better coaster... Scenery is 8-10/10 (By SF/CF standards, it is pretty damn good), but the ride is, of course, 5-7/10 (goes OK with the scenery, but is a Wild Mouse REALLY the only thing they could think of to turn into a dark ride?) -Demon - This blows the CGA version out of the water. As far as I know, this version does not have a neutered first drop (doesn't CGA's have a neutered drop?) and has more lights in its tunnels. Really, though - the drop is intense in the back, the loops are smooth, and the corkscrews... well, they aren't good, but the ride is a pretty great loop-screw! I love the rock formations, but I really wish that the waterfall would run, bloody or not. I'd rather still have the original Turn of the Century layout, though, maybe with the better Demon theme... did anybody ride it back in ye olde days and remember if the airtime hills compared to the one on CP's Corkscrew? 6-7.5/10 -Goliath - The new hotness is here! Also my first RMC. This ride is short, but quite intense. I was a bit underwhelmed at first, but soon fell in love. It lights a fire under El Toro's ass for best woodie, that's for sure! However, Toro has the edge with its multiple extreme airtime hills and length. I did love Goliath's large variety of elements, but I think that they should have tried add some more airtime hills to go with the unusual parts. As a short, rather overweight person, I liked the restraints - they are much more accommodating than El Toro while being as secure or more secure. Being short, the shin bar does next to nothing in terms of discomfort. Seriously, NTAG and IRat should get these trains - it would help relieve the rampant safety fears around post-accident NTAG and be generally more accommodating and comfortable. Be warned - this ride is still going through its "new ride unreliability" and frequently does not open with the park and will transfer trains off only to have them go right back on. It even may shut down early! Nevertheless, a 9-10/10 -Little Dipper - Fun large kiddie/medium family coaster. Not rating it, for we rode it only once. -Raging Bull - I have a love-hate relationship with this ride. On one hand, it is unique and fun. On the other hand, THE F**KING TRIM BRAKES. If the ride was untamed and untrimmed, it could easily be intense. Rather, the ride is neutered, giving me the opportunity to call it names like "Sleeping Steer" and "Calm Cow." (Yes, I know "cows" are technically female, and steers are castrated bulls, if you don't know.) You have an insane first drop (for a B&M hyper, anyways - it is one of only 2 drops of its kind on a B&M hyper, guess.) The trim before the drop doesn't go off, luckily. However, the first trim ruins the first airtime hill, the MCBR turns some intense-looking hills into moderate hills, and you very well may be trimmed entering the ride's final figure-8 section. Fun ride, but it could be absolutely insane if the trims were turned off and the block brake didn't act as a trim unless it needed to. 7-8/10, would probably be 7.5-9/10 without trims. Sprocket Rockets - Didn't ride S:UF - Just a normal Superman clone. Pretzel loops are still one of the most intense coaster elements. I really wish B&M could fill the middle of this ride with more than just turns, thourgh. 7-8/10 V2 - After seeing me fit on Wicked Twister with a bit of room now that the buckles are further forward (I think they were modified), I was a bit concerned about this ride's buckle, which is two "holes" further back. The belt must have been longer, for I fit on it with just as much room as the newer Twister belts. The ride is an average impulse clone in a good setting, although the holding brake does not work. I recommend you ride it at least once, because it is unusual to float all the way on the tower. 6.75-7.75/10. Viper - Another love-hate ride, much like the Bull (steer?) nearby. It is very smooth, but the "fan-shaped" rising-and-falling turnarounds and spread-out layout make the ride essentially forceless. The double-down is only good in the back, although you get some floater on most hills in the front. Georgia Cyclone, while bumpy, is a lot more compact and intense than this. Its turnarounds are fan-shaped going up, but and with steep drops (where the double-down is on Viper is where an insane drop is on Georgia Cyclone.) Also add the fact that Viper has a rather long line (I don't know why, bad crews?), and you get a rather underwhelming experience. You should still ride in in both front and back to see if you like it. Smoothness is 8-9/10, but ride experience is 5-7/10 for intensity. Whizzer - While it does not have airtime or knock-your-socks-off intensity, this ride was designed for a relaxing ride through the woods mixed with moments of Schwarzkopf intensity. While it has a rather low capacity. it is worth riding for its sheer uniqueness. You are restrained by a seatbelt alone, adding to the thrill. A solid 6.75-8/10, really depending on what you are looking for in the coaster. X-Flight - Much like Gatekeeper, you can get a good ride on this or a forceless ride. While it does not have the infamous "bumpiness" of GK, it does have spots of severe bumpiness at parts. It also has locking vests and non-functional special effects. Still a nice ride, and a fairly decent capacity. It is really hard to compare with Gatekeeper - the two rides are so different, and both rides can offer completely different experiences in different seats. The theming is nice, with all the props, audio effects in the station (and some kinda-dramatic music on the lift), and ride ops dressed in ground crew style suits. If it had it's splash and mist running, it could approach Dark Knight's scenery. 6.75-8/10. Flats - The park has many more flats than some other SF parks. These include a very intense Frisbee type ride, a good Intamin drop tower, and a Top Spin which runs a fairly intense cycle. Issues with my visit- -Operations were all over the place, ranging from good to horrible. Raging Bull usually ran 3 trains, but sometimes ran 2. Goliath's seatbelt checking system is sort of tedious, but does RMC require it? American Eagle almost always ran one side (blue), and I never got the red side "credit." And the story of the ride ops on rides like Raging Bull hauling ass after closing to get home sooner? That appears to be true at times, though not always. -This is mostly out of SFGAm's control, but Goliath has a lot of "new ride unreliability." On 2 out of 3 days, it didn't open with the park. It would transfer trains off only to have them go right back on. One day, they even shut the line down early! I hope this gets fixed, as Goliath is an awesome ride. -The park was crowded. This is not SFGAm's fault, but I felt that the park could have been more efficient with operations on these days. Good things about the park- -They do a good job of keeping the park reasonably clean, which the park takes great pride in (look at the signs for "cleanest park." -The water park looks EPIC, and I wish to go next year. -This is my "home Six Flags", just 5 hours away from me, and I can't believe I haven't been here before (although we did drive by it on our way to Wisconsin Dells a long time ago.) -Despite being, well, a Six Flags in an urban area, the people that I met were quite nice. At the food court, I was able to have people help me hold a table while I helped my mom carry food to the table. There were a few incidents, such as a couple in line for Carousel Columbia that was cussing like sailors in normal conversation and at least one parent screaming at their young child in public, but the people there were overall a quite good group. Verdict - A great park which could be managed a bit better. Goliath's maintenance problems give it a bad image this year, but I do realize this is mostly out of SFGAm's control. Operations could be sped up quite a bit, honestly. Despite the crowds, I was able to get all credits except Sprocket Rockets in, and I got quite a few multiple times. I plan to go next year to ride the rides I didn't go on or didn't go on a lot.
  10. ^Well, corporations CAN run a ride decently. Shivering Timbers is an example - does it even have any trims? And it runs fairly smoothly except for its trick-track. And independent parks can be total nightmares - Mt. Olympus is an example. But with 3 woodies, the odds are one would be neutered in some way if CF or SF had HW. Good job, Holiday World! Hopefully someday I'll make it out there to ride these rides!
  11. Is the shirt a bit offensive? Yes. Are the shirts that the park sells saying "Size matters", "We're so high", "My favorite position is upside down", and "I like it rough" offensive? Yes.
  12. AND they just put the orange train back on 20-30min later... wheel replacement or what?
  13. SFNE tweeted this pic of a slow hill partially demolished- SFNE Twitter
  14. Are all RMCs as unreliable as Goliath? I heard its wheels have issues.
  15. Guess what brand new woodie didn't open with the park today... AGAIN? A security said this happens every morning with Goliath. On a side note, what happened to X-Flights special effects? It has no mist or splash fountains anymore.
  16. A guard in front said it may reopen today and probably will tomorrow, and my friend said he saw it testing.
  17. I caught Goliath running one train... Don't the trains have issues?
  18. At the park on a overcast day with rain... Lines are 30-90min on rides, even Viper and Whizzer. Even Demon has a 5-10min wait. Is this above or below average? And is this because of SF ops or just pure crowds?
  19. Around the time the first batch of Windseekers was built, CF trademarked Stratosaur but never used it. Maybe Fury is to trick us, or Centurion is. Could they trademark just to mess with people? Would they waste their money on that? Stratosaur is dead now, by the way. http://www.trademarkia.com/company-cedar-fair-lp-222594-page-1-2
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