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  1. Sounds like one side will resemble the original a bit more. Could we see a more "gentle" Iron Horse for that side, or topper? Or is SFMM just doing a Cedar Fair style diversion? Maybe "Twisted" will be an inversion-filled Iron Horse and "Classic" would be an airtime-focused Iron Horse.

    What in the he are you even talking about???


    The link redirects. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

  2. http://sixflags.com/node/16115


    This page redirects you to https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/twisted-colossus/overview




    This page redirects you to https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/twisted-colossus/media




    This page redirects you to https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/twisted-colossus/news-release




    This page redirects you to https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/twisted-colossus/images-and-logos




    This page redirects you to https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/twisted-colossus/video




    This page redirects you to https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/twisted-colossus/facts




    This page redirects you to https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/special/twisted-colossus/classic-colossus


    Sounds like one side will resemble the original a bit more. Could we see a more "gentle" Iron Horse for that side, or topper? Or is SFMM just doing a Cedar Fair style diversion? Maybe "Twisted" will be an inversion-filled Iron Horse and "Classic" would be an airtime-focused Iron Horse.

  3. Gosh, we enthusiasts are getting pickier and pickier. Never in a million years would I have expected somebody to say a 325 foot tall coaster looks "boring".


    I'm sorry that I don't think this coaster is amazing. I just think Intamin would done way better if they done this project. Even though I highly doubt Cedar Fair will ever build a Intamin again, I still think they could have done way better. Now I think if Cedar Fair wanted to be original they would have made the first B&M "Giga Twister". Something Raging Bull, but 10x better. That just my opinion though.

    I never said "You must say this ride is amazing". All I said was that calling a 325 foot tall coaster boring is ridiculous.


    But I don't want to get into a battle over this, so moving on...


    I absolutely love the color scheme. That shade of blue is amazing and the green and white compliment it so well. I do like the color choices Cedar Fair are choosing for their new rides.


    When I saw the track at the plant I thought it was gonna look extremely ugly, but the animation definitely changed my mind. That track looks beautiful.


    Same! I don't really love the colors in theory, but in practice it is beautiful!

  4. That's a good question (that I doubt we'll ever know the answer to). I've just assumed it's an insurance reason; in the same manner that increased car accidents raise your premium, regardless of how safe a driver you are and what vehicle you drive.


    Cedar Fair is self-insured, right? They have more control than a normal company does.


    If I remember correctly, the story was that a few guests at Kings Island randomly questioned the safety of the coaster (they said they don't feel safe and anyone can fall out).....then to make sure this didn't affect anything, the seat belts were brought in (even though I honestly think seat belts do nothing on roller coasters, you'll still fly out)


    Is it that hard to explain, oh, that no coaster from this manufacturer, or at least this model, has ejected somebody? Ever? If only parks were to respond this quickly to things like removing trims from coasters...

  5. ^But why? As far as I know, B&M hypers have not experienced an ejection accident related to weight, restraint failure, or any combination of the 2, while I don't even think B&M has ever experienced an ejection accident. The fact that you need to spend money and possibly increase dispatch times to calm the GP's fears about an accident that hasn't happened (and probably won't happen) on that kind of coaster is idiotic.

  6. I hope those last hills have some nice airtime. I love the ride, although I wish they could put a bit of airtime (like a speed hill) near the beginning. Otherwise, I love this. Does that turnaround look to you like it is designed for "sideways airtime" or is it just me?


    I wonder if this will have the "GP Pacifier" seatbelts... the renderings don't show them,= in shots that show the trains, but I doubt they'd render those in. Doesn't rumor have it that Leviathan will get the belts? I understand safety, but those belts are sort of bull crap - nobody has been ejected from a B&M hyper/mega/giga/whatever you want to call it, or any B&M as far as I know. They are among the safest coasters in an industry where even the "unsafe" (not really) models of rides are countless times safer than driving to the park, and likely safer than even flying on a plane!

  7. ^They let you bring cameras on rides? Even Lynet? Do other parks in Scandinavia do that?


    As for the "never in America" trees, they can happen in the US by accident. For example, my friend hit his hand on a tree branch in Maverick's horseshoe roll while holding his hands up. They hadn't trimmed that tree, probably due to the fact that it was closing day.


    Of course, then you have the polar opposite, namely the rampant xylophobia (fear of wood) that SFMM seems to have after the Ninja incident.

  8. On NoLimits-Exchange, somebody pointed this out. Remember that RCDB doesn't put up coasters unless they are essentially confirmed-




    It is confirmed. There is track on-site.


    Yeah, I know. It's just unusual. Probably because no track usually comes on site until post-announcement with some rides. With rides like I305, RCDB listed an Intamin as coming to KD before the announcement because of the track on site.


    On another note, Carowinds' B&M isn't on RCDB even though there is track on site for it.

  9. This might be a bit off topic but when I went on the Texas Giant recently they said my girlfriend couldn't get on because her clothes were too thick. I was a little confused it was a very thin jacket although we suspect they meant she was too large to ride. Is it likely similar rules will be enforced on Iron Colossus? I want her to experience the fun of a RMC!!


    After what happened on NTAG, I hope all parks choose the safer rout. It stinks that your wife is too big to ride certain coasters, but remember its for safety reasons. That's why children or pregnant women cannot ride certain rides. And yes in our society of political correctness they probably said your clothes were too thick instead of being honest and saying she herself is too big.


    Hey, maybe this will be motivation to drop a few pounds. I have seen lots of success stories on here from people that were motivated to lose weight after they were turned away from a ride.


    Also, pregnant women can't ride for safety of the child, not just size, right?


    The new RMC restraints seem much more accommodating from word of mouth. Despite this, Goliath at SFGAm is secure even when it is loose and I can rise up - I see no way even a loose bar could let me out. I hope all RMCs eventually get this restraint, especially if walk of shames become issues with the Gerstlauer bars. Does anybody here NOT like Goliath's restraints, for the record?

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